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The most brutal, murderous, and monstrous gang of all time was the Communist regime in Soviet Russia, the U.S.S.R. According to noted historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, sixty-six million people perished in the Soviet gulag concentration camps and in the liquidation of the farmers and small businessmen.1
In contrast, the notorious Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were pikers. The real holocaust happened in the Soviet Union, and many of those deaths and torments occurred before the Nazis had built a single camp. Hitler and Himmler must have been green with envy.

ED Noor: I do not support the author’s opinions of men such as Hitler, but this is what he wrote in the book and I never edit such things out.

What is most surprising ~ at least to the uninformed general public ~ is that few today are even aware of the Soviet Holocaust. Because of the Jewish ownership of the Western media, all the emphasis is put on the crimes of the Nazis. The horrors of the Red Terror are neglected. Maybe more remarkable, in many media and academic circles, the monsters who committed the atrocities in Soviet Russia ~ led by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kaganovich, Beria and others ~ are often adored, being cast in a favourable light.

This is especially true of Lenin and, to a lesser extent, the theoretical, so-called "founder" of Communist ideology, the German Karl Marx.

Communist Leaders of Jewish Bloodline
The reason why the Western media, owned and run as it is by Jewish interests, fails to expose the Communist butchery is easy to discern. The instigators and leaders of Communism were virtually all of the Jewish race and bloodline! The Lenin Museum in Russia today admits that Vladimir Lenin was a crypto-Jew (a "crypto Jew is a Jew who keeps his race hidden from public knowledge).

Trotsky, his deputy in crime and mass murder, was a Jew who had lived in the Bronx, New York under his real name, Lev Bronstein.

Stalin, the third leg of the Soviet troika, was half-Jew, and Yiddish was the only language spoken in his boyhood home in Georgia. Stalin's real surname was Dzhugashvilli ~ Jewish.2

Karl Marx was a German Jew whose grandfather was a rabbi, and the entire Communist Bolshevik revolution was financed by the Jewish Rothschilds and Jewish Warburgs in Germany, in partnership with the Jewish Warburgs and Jewish Schiffs in the United States.

Communism was Jewish from the ground up. Marx's view and his classic texts, The Capitalists and The Communist Manifesto, were ideological expressions of the Jewish Cabala, which is also the basis for Marx's theory of dialectical materialism and economic class evolution, specific throwbacks to Hegelian dialectics and Weishaupt's Illuminism.

Albert Pike's writings in Morals and Dogma are also right out of the Jewish Cabala aquarium. It seems that the piranhas, the killer "fish" of humanity, all swam in the same polluted pond: Jewish Cabalism and rabbinical magic and despotism.

From Lenin to Putin, we have a straight-line succession of Jewish Cabalism under the guise of Communism and now, "Democratic Capitalism" under Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin.3

Writing in his provocative, fact-filled expose, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, researcher Fritz Springmeier reveals how incestuously Jewish the rulers of Russia have been, including their spouses. First, he notes that Stalin married the daughter of his number 2 man, the Jew Kaganovich.

The wife of Boris Yeltsin is the daughter of Joseph Stalin from Stalin's marriage with Rosa Kaganovich. Rosa's father was Illuminati...Boris Yeltsin and Rosa are secretly Jewish. 
Lenin was married to a Jewish wife, Krupsakaya. Molotov married a Jewess, too. And Stalin was married to Jewess Kaganovich. Kaganovich's powerful brother Lazar is in the Politburo, and Lazar's son, Mikhail Kaganovich, married Stalin's daughter, Svetlana. Boris Yeltsin's original (Jewish name) was Baruch Ellia. He in turn is a good friend of David Rockefeller.4

Communism the Invention of Jews

So dominant was the Jewish influence in the Communist regime and its bloody Red Terror that Sir Winston Churchill, in the London Illustrated Herald newspaper, stated that, "Communism was solely the invention of the Jews."5
And, he added, it is not a new thing, for the Jews are historically the people who have fomented bloody revolutions and horrors. Churchill said the Jewish global revolutionary plot can be traced back to the days of Adam Weishaupt and his Bavarian Order of the Illuminati (1776).

Churchill went on to emphasize that this "worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization, and the reconstruction of society...has been steadily growing." Now, he warns, this band of thugs and murders "have become the undisputed masters of the enormous Russian empire."6

Solzhenitsyn records that over 60 percent of the Commissars who headed Gulag camps in the U.S.S.R. were Jewish. Other historians estimate the number at 80 percent. Every leader of the dreaded Checka, KGB and secret police was Jewish, including the butcher Beria.

It is interesting to note that that Adam Weishaupt, infamous founder of the Illuminati, founded his group on May 1. It was exactly that day that the Communists under Lenin celebrated. Annually on May 1, the huge May Day parade is held in Moscow.

Is it a mere accident that the most holy day of paganism and witchcraft, Beltane, is also celebrated on May 1? On that day, in pagan Europe, children and adults celebrated around the phallus symbol known as the May Pole, even as witches howled at the moon.7

Of Wolves and Freemasons
In his expose of Communism, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, Swedish writer and researcher Jiiri Lina, writes how in his last months, a mad Vladimir Lenin, his body and brain racked with the sexually transmitted disease syphilis, demanded each night to be taken out on his balcony in his wheelchair. There, for hours, the angry Lenin would howl and bay at the moon like a wounded wolf.8

Lenin, Stalin, Marx and all the other top Communist leaders were all Freemasons. Gorbachev, too, and Yeltsin were Masons, members of the Grand Orient Lodge of France as well as the Soviet Consistory.

Albert Mackey, 33°, former Sovereign Grand Commander, in his authoritative Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, states that Alexander Kerensky (Lenin's immediate predecessor) and the other plotters of the 1917 revolution against the Czar were Masons:
"The first Revolution in March 1917 is said to have been operated from these (Masonic) Lodges and all the members of Kerensky's government belonged to them."9
All Masonic organizations throughout the world are secretly run by Jewish masters operating behind-the-scenes.10

I also have documentation to prove that Marx, Lenin, and most other Communist leaders were homosexual perverts. Most, like Beria, were pedophiles as well, and they all enjoyed brutalizing and degrading women. The wives of these homosexual deviants led miserable lives. One of Stalin's wives committed suicide.11

Signs and Symbols of Communism
Seeing as how the Communist founders and leaders have all been apostate Jews into Cabalism, Freemasonry, and blatant satanism (Marx was an official High Priest in a satanic church), we can be sure the signs and symbols of Communism are also of cabalistic/Masonic/satanic origins, as is the color red so fanatically adored by the Communist wackos.

Let us now examine these signs and symbols of the Red Murderers, e.g. the Communists.

The Clenched Fist
In all nations where Communist politicians and insurgents operate, these evil men and women invariably identify themselves by making the sign of the clenched fist. Some biblical authorities say that, "The clenched fist represents the (rebellious) attitude of the people of Babylon toward God."12

The closed, or clenched fist is, in the Illuminist Philosophy, the symbol of secrecy, dissimulation, and hermeticism. It veils and conceals secrets from the "profane" and the "vulgar" (the non-Illuminists). Interestingly, the meaning is the same in the canons of Buddhism.13

Dr. Peter Ruckman, in his fascinating study of things occulticly black and evil, mockingly titled Black is Beautiful, comments about the raised, clenched fist: 
You will find this 'salute' being given by all members of the Communist Party in New York, in the 1920s and by the (Stalinist) Abraham Lincoln Brigade, during the civil war in Spain in the 1930s.

By some quirk of 'fate,' this salute was adopted by the Black Panthers in America during the 1960s...the followers of Martin Luther King called it the 'BLACK POWER'salute.14
Liberal Afro-American leaders continue to employ this salute to this day. Jesse Jackson does it almost as an automatic response.

The clenched fist salute, or hand sign, is well-known in Freemasonry. The First Sign, or Due-guard, in the ritual of the Select Master Degree is the holding up, or raising, of both arms in an "L" (square) position with the fists of both hands clenched. The lecture for this degree in Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry states: 
The signs of a Select Master are then given as follows: The first is similar to the sign of a Master Mason. The fists are both clenched, in allusion to one of the penalties of the obligation, which is to have both hands chopped off to the stumps.15
How interesting. Ironically, according to the Masons, the symbol of the clenched fist relates to having the hand chopped off at the stump. Communists out there: Maybe you should listen to what your cronies in Freemasonry are teaching you.

In the initiation for the Secret Monitor Degree of the Lodge, the sign of the clenched fist is given in remarkably similar fashion to the Communist salute, with one hand and arm.  

Hammer and Sickle
The sickle is a universal symbol of the Grim Reaper; that is, a symbol of death. However, the Communists would maintain that the hammer and sickle represent workers, or laborers, the proletariat, or common people whom the Communist leadership represents.

Perhaps the hammer has other relevant meanings, however, which are concealed by the satanic Illuminists who sponsored ~ and continue to sponsor Communism. The Herder Dictionary of Symbols says the hammer "symbolizes power and strength" and notes, "In some cultures magical protective powers against evil are ascribed to ritually forged hammers."

Every Masonic Lodge has a gavel, or hammer, wielded by the "Worshipful Master" or other potentate in charge. In her celebrated dark work, The Secret Doctrine, Theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky reveals that the God of forces (Lucifer) renders the "divine hammer" and it is the "mallet or gavel of the Grand Masters of Masonic Lodges."16

Sarah Terry, a member of the Masonic-aligned group, the Eastern Star, traces the gavel, or hammer, back to the hammer of the Nordic sun God, Thor, and says it is an emblem of power.17

Red Star
The Red Star is perhaps Communism's best-known symbol. I have examined the occultic meaning of the five-pointed star in previous chapters, so I simply reiterate here that the star is a sign of false Gods and specifically of the God of Illuminism,

In the Perfect Master Degree, the Masons assembled in the Lodge all simulate the drama of lamenting the mythical death of their "brother," the false Christ-figure, the Grand Master Hiram Abiff. Observe the red star on the coffin here. ~(From Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry, p. 134) 
Lucifer, the solar deity who comes disguised and is worshipped by the deceived Illuminati as "Angel of Light" and as the "Blazing Star."

Incidentally, so popular is the Red Star in Russia that in late 2000, under pressure from military brass and segments of public opinion, Vladimir Putin, Russia's President, brought back the Soviet red banner as the military's flag and agreed to reinstate the Soviet-era red star as the Russian military's official emblem. 
"The star is sacred to all servicemen," said Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, who spoke at a meeting of Putin's top generals attended by Putin.18
Oddly enough ~ or understandably enough for those in the know ~ the red star is often seen on U.S.A. military vehicles and uniforms. It became a staple during World War II, under the direction of the Pentagon's "red brass" leadership put in place by Zionist fanatic President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his ever watchful guardian, Jewish financier Bernard Baruch. (No wonder General Eisenhower's West Point yearbook called Ike the "Swedish Jew.")

The Color Red
But why the color red?

Could it have a relationship with the Bible's identification of the whore of Babylon as the woman in scarlet?

Also in the Bible, we find that Esau was born red (Genesis 25:25), and God says,

"I have hated Esau."

The color red has a long and non-illustrious history of whoredom and violence. In pre-Vedic India the people worshipped a primitive form of Shiva as the "red God" and as "the howler."
The God and planet Mars was known by the ancients as the red God.

In Scandinavia, the major God, Odin, had clothing, shield symbols and runes of red color. A hero Viking's death became celebrated on the calendar as a "red-letter day," and thus we have this phrase in common use today.

Robin was the God of witches in the forest and when human sacrifices were made, they were dedicated to Robin redbreast, or the slain Cock Robin.

Updated to more recent times, we find that in her occult book, A Treatise On The Seven Rays, Lucis Trust director Alice Bailey taught the occult importance of colors. "The three major rays," she said, "are red, blue, and yellow." The color red, Bailey explained, has to do with "Will, or Power."19

In The Symbolism of Color, Faber Birren points out the primacy of the color red. He notes:20
In ancient Egyptian religion, the God Shu was red, and red animals symbolized Seth. 

The red poppy was sacred to Ceres, the Goddess of the harvest. 

The face of the wine-God Dionysus was sometimes painted red. 
In my researches of occult traditions, the color red is always the color of fire and blood, of evil and destruction, and of immorality. Even the Devil is sometimes conceived of as a red beast.

And isn't that what Communism has proven to be—A red beast? Even a Red Dragon?

Earl Browder, head of the United States Communist Party for sixteen years (1931-1946), giving the Communist salute at the 1936 convention. Browder was a friend of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and worked behind the scenes to get President Franklin D. Roosevelt reelected.

Standing before a U.S. flag displayed for propaganda effect, presidential candidate John Kerry gives the classic Communist, clenched fist salute.

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry at annual meeting of NAACP.

U.S. Senator John Edwards, 2004 vice presidential running-mate to Senator John Kerry, gives Communist salute during political campaign speech.

General Wesley Clark giving the traditional clenched fist salute of Marxists at a political rally in Texas. (Photo: Austin American-Statesman, September 30, 2003)

President Bill Clinton giving the Communist fist in 1993.

From boyhood, the elite managed and groomed the young Bill Clinton for stardom.

How many young men at age 16 got the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. and have the photo opportunity of shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy? A few years later, college student Clinton marched in communist protest demonstrations.

Bill Clinton, an Illuminatus, was made the youngest governor in the history of Arkansas. Here he is in 1982 with Hillary after winning the governor's mansion.

The late New York Congresswoman Jewess Bella Abzug was a hardened lesbian, a feminist, and a dedicated Communist. Abzug and Hillary Clinton were dear friends.

South African leader Nelson Mandela, a devoted Communist, with Communist radical wife, Winnie and the head of the Communist Party.

Nelson Mandela and wife, Winnie, give the Marxist salute.

Winnie Mandela was known to participate in torture sessions and directed a number of "necklace parties"— events at which a tied up victim has a tire full of gasoline around his neck which is lit by fire. (Photo: from book, In The Words of Nelson Mandela, edited by Jennifer Williams, Carol Publishing Group, 1998, p. 43)

"Black Power" symbol.

The Communist Party's International Brigades fought a bloody civil war in Spain.

Here are some of the merciless Red thugs at a rally in Barcelona in 1938 (Photo: Vanity Fair, September 2001, p. 302)

Islamic cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, his hand clenched in the Communist style in this poster, led the nation of Iran until his death.

Performers of the Cirque du Soleil give the clenched fist salute. Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) is a big hit with their dazzling theatre in shows in Las Vegas. The demonic influence in their performances is thick.

Communist hatred of Jesus and of Christianity is evidenced by this disgusting Soviet depiction of The Last Supper, with Jesus and His disciples having a drunken orgy.

The Soviet leadership was made up of Revolutionary Jews.

The resemblance of the monstrous Communist butcher Leon Trotsky (right) to the shadow devil creature created by the hand of British satanic high priest Aleister Crowley (left) is remarkable. The drawing of Trotsky is from a Greek publication while the photo of Crowley is found in an unrelated British-published book.

In fact, Trotsky, whose real name was Bronstein (Jewish) was a satanist, which is why he was so thrilled to see countless thousands of Russian and other Christians arrested, tortured, killed, or sent to gulag concentration camps. Trotsky was himself murdered in Mexico City by an assassin wielding an axe.

Star God of Communism? This 1920 propaganda poster by a Communist artist depicts Trotsky as Saint George slaying the dragon of capitalism.

In reality, Jewish capitalists, the Warburgs and Rothschilds, were the ones who put Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin and their Red Terror in power in Moscow in 1917. Trotsky and his cohorts were servants of the dragon!

Vanishing Comrades: The Illuminati throughout the centuries have falsified history. Want proof? Check out these two sets of Soviet-era photographs. Compare the first photo in each set with the corresponding second photo. Notice someone missing?

The second photo is the touched up, "remaking of history" photo. Having purged and killed off certain "comrades," the Illuminati inspired Soviet leaders felt obligated to remove all traces of the disgraced comrades from history. Textbooks, library archives, press accounts all had to be changed, much like Orwell's 1984 black hole procedures.

Today, in both the East and the West, the same historical falsification process continues, with the true accounts of cardinal events like Pearl Harbor attack, the JFK assassination and the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster being doctored and retouched by the elite's media puppets.

(Note: For the eye-opening account of Soviet Communist falsification of history, see the book, The Commissar Vanishes, Metropolitan; Also see Newsweek, November 10, 1997, p. 80)

General Vo Nguyen Giap was North Vietnam's legendary guerilla leader whose rag tag armies successively drove the Japanese, the French and the Americans out of Vietnam.

Giap co-founded the Vietnamese Communist Party. (Note: The design of the Vietnam flag is a 5-pointed star against a red background.)

Russian President Boris Yeltsin displays the fist of Soviet Communism while speaking in 1992 to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. The Senators and Representatives responded with prolonged applause. (Photo and story: The Washington Post, June 18, 1992, p. 1)

The Communists adopted both the hammer and sickle and the red star for their official logos, or symbols. The ancient God Saturn, depicted here in a 15th century drawing, was said to carry the sickle as the symbol of death.
Note also the radiant star in Saturn's genital area, the horns of the goat (Satan) and the water bearer (Satan's astrological Age of Aquarius). Occultists view the planet Saturn as representing Satan, because it is the sixth planet from the son and because of Saturn's role as taught in the mythologies.

The similarity of the USSR emblem and the United Nations emblem is undeniable. A friend tells me a resemblance is also found on products and in commercials for Cadillac automobiles, Lenox china, George Dickel whiskey, Winston cigarettes, and on the design of "wheat" pennies.

The Shriners, an Islamic-oriented Freemasonry organization whose members take an oath at the altar of Allah, erected and dedicated The Peace Monument in Toronto, Canada in 1930. Observe how the globe, the angel's arms position and the sheathes in the angel's hands are elements found in both the U.S.S.R. and the U.N. emblems.

The statue is called "Lady of Peace," just as the U.S.S.R. called itself a peace-loving country and the U.N. proclaims itself to be devoted to world peace. (Photo: from book, Parade to Glory—The Shriners and Their Caravan to Destiny, by Fred van Deventor)

In his thoughtful, eye-opening book, Scarlet and the Beast, knowledgeable Christian author and conspiracy researcher John Daniel illustrates the communist connection with Freemasonry. The most prominent emblem of universal Freemasonry is the square and compass with the letter "G" inside the internal triangle. Daniel notes that this represents the tools used by the Lodge's Great Architect (false God) to create the heavens and the earth. In reality, the letter "G" represents Gnosticism, the core doctrine of Masonry, and the Generative process (sex act). Masonry is, as Daniel notes, a sex cult.

However, English Freemasonry (the United Lodge of Britain) substitutes a human arm wielding a hammer in place of the "G." This arm and hammer represents the Mason as the Builder, as "man at work" creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes God. The arm and hammer is of socialist/communist origins. The same symbol is found on a bestselling brand of baking soda. Noted communist financier and oil corporation CEO Armand Hammer was given his name in honor of the communist movement. Note, too, that the arm and hammer symbol inside the square and compass is configured as a "G."

Finally, we come to the modified square and compass of French Freemasonry and its Grand Orient Lodge. This Lodge and its membership are decidedly anti-Christian and are markedly pro-communist. In 1877, the Grand Orient Lodge declared, "There is no God but humanity." Embracing Reason as their God, they replaced the "G" with the now-familiar communist symbol of the hammer and sickle. This represents collective common man, the proletariat.

John Daniel points out that the French Lodge's substituted symbol inside the typical square and compass forms the letter "G" backward, "which is symbolic of the negation of God." It was Albert Pike who wrote, in Morals and Dogma, that there is no real person or entity named "Satan." Pike claimed that Satan is simply a Force, the negation of God. (Illustrations: Scarlet and the Beast, by John Daniel, published 1994, JKI Publishing, P. O. Box 131480, Tyler, TX 75713)

In a vain and failing effort to lionize and deify their bloodthirsty founder, the communist Jew Vladimir Lenin, the U.S.S.R. planned to build this gigantic memorial to the dead Soviet dictator. Josef Stalin, Lenin's successor, in 1931, commissioned architect Boris Iofan to do the design work. It was to be the largest building in the world and was to be called the Palace of the Soviets.

The design favors that of Mayan pyramids and the ziggurats of Babylon. The site chosen for the Lenin monument was a piece of land on which a closed-down Christian church building sat, the 19th century Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Stalin ordered the church blown up and the debris removed, and it was. However, World War II intervened and the gargantuan, monstrous structure was never completed. At the top of the planned monument, a statue of Lenin was to tower above the people and landscape, his right hand and finger vertically pointed upward toward the heavens.

The occult magic of the Czar is also back! Or did it ever leave? In The European (May 5-M, 1995, p. 4) was found this story reporting on "Black Magicians" among the highest ranks of Russian military and political circles.

Among the magic techniques common in the Kremlin: Mantras, meditation, astrology and horoscopes, mind powers, telekinesis, spinning saucers, coded messages, remote viewing, tarot cards, and energy fields.

Actress holds up an iron of Vladimir Lenin during Russian occult stage production, The Fourteen Red HUTS.

The Scarlet Island, another Russian production.

Gorbachev Red Star" trumpeted this cover of Vanity Fair magazine (February 1990). Ink type, appropriately, was colored red.

The red star is universally recognized as a sign of hard-core Communism. So, why has Macy's department stores adopted it also as its logo, as shown on these Macy's plastic shopping bags?

In what is clearly a staged photo in Newsweek magazine (January 4, 1999), then U.S. Senator and later Attorney-General, John Ashcroft is called "The True Believer."

In the photograph, Ashcroft sits in a red chair with golden stars emblazed on the fabric. On the wall behind him are a series of framed United States flags. Each has the same gold star prominent inside the blue field of 50 white stars of the states. The star and the colors red and gold have special significance for Illuminists.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald playing the part of a Communist secret agent when he displayed the clenched fist shortly after his arrest for the alleged assassination of President Kennedy?

Senator John Kerry, failed presidential candidate, giving his favorite hand sign.

When Bush nominee John Ashcroft, a Freemason, was sworn in as Attorney-General of the United States, he did not swear on the Bible.

In this revealing photo published in Criminal Politics magazine, Lawrence Patterson, foremost authority on the global conspiracy and on secret societies, points out that Ashcroft—whom the White House and the press promoted as an "evangelical Christian"—placed his hands and swore on a mysterious stack of books. Were they law books or books of the Jewish Talmud or...?


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