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ED Noor: You may need a very strong stomach for this video, dear readers. I had to turn it off half through just to take a deep breath. Yes, it IS that painful but it certainly does teach you more about the Jewish obsession with Israel and themselves from their very own perspective. This is the kind of speech that, until recently, wound never have fallen into the hands of gentiles. Perhaps that self-destructive natural hubris (they call it chutzpah) is kicking in again. 

As the author puts it, 
“One face for the goyim, 
quite another here”

By Kev Boyle
April 21, 2013

I often listen to the BBC Radio 4 breakfast show 'Today' on the way to work. It was always amazing to hear the UK's ex-Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Friday morning contributing his two-minute 'Thought for the Day'.

What a wonderful speaker. One struggled to imagine Christ Himself doing any better. Human compassion and idealism wonderfully expressed.

It was, however, an impossible struggle to square this with the hate-filled racist drivel that fills the Talmud, the 'Holy Book' used by Orthodox Jews.

You know ~ the one that has Christ in hell, drowning in boiling excrement.

This man is an Orthodox Jew. He makes his religion sound absolutely universalist. When he speaks he expresses love for all humanity, not for Jews alone, as his 'Book' demands.

What was going on here?

Surely he isn't just saying these sweet things in order to (as logic dictates) deceive us?

Watch the video below of Sacks' speech to the AIPAC conference in 2013.
One face for the goyim, quite another here. 
Apart from the very fact of his fervid support for this bunch of fellow racists (who clearly control the US political system) he, theologically, lets the Talmudic cat out of the bag towards the end of his delivery (at about 12:20).

He says the following: 

"Three years ago atheists paid a fortune to put a logo on London buses saying 'Probably There Is No God'" 
Sacks then goes into an impassioned tirade about "improbability" ~
"How probable is it that the Jewish people, less than one-fifth of one per cent of the world's population should have outlived the world's greatest empires, (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian etc...lists them), every empire that stood up to destroy us.
“How probable is it that after 2000 years of exile our people should have come back to their land having stood eyeball to eyeball in Auschwitz a mere three years earlier, eyeball to eyeball with the angel of death, in 1948 and said 'I will live'. 

“Israel is the greatest affirmation of life in the whole of Jewish history. My friends (swings fist) Judaism is the defeat of probability by the power of possibility. Nowhere will you see the power of possibility more than in the state of Israel today.

“Israel has taken a barren land and made it bloom again.

“Israel has taken the language of the bible and made it speak again. 

“Israel has taken the west's oldest faith and made it young again. 

“Israel has taken a shattered nation and made it live again. 
“Friends, let us not rest until Israel's light shines throughout the world. The world's great symbol of life and hope."
Deconstructing this passage we can see that Sacks, by use of the word 'probable', conflates the idea of "God" with the idea of "The Jewish People".

Here, right here is the blasphemy that Christ condemned. Here is an (almost) open admission that the charge often made against Orthodox Judaism is true.
This is quite literally what the Talmud asserts and, quite literally what Orthodox Jews, including Lord Jonathan Sacks, believe.

It has been said before. They fight Lucifer's war. Their intention is to usurp God and take all God's powers to themselves.

To dominate the earth and all non-Jewish mankind.

Exactly as their 'Holy Book' decrees.

Is this not now the obvious meaning of Sacks' words?
"......Friends, let us not rest until Israel's light shines throughout the world....."
And they are close to completing their task.

Everybody needs to understand that Israel's light is non-Jewish humanity's darkness.

Ask any Palestinian. 

PS. Note, too, the way that Sacks, while admitting that he has never experienced anti-Semitism himself, nevertheless defines it anew:
Yea, right....

ED Noor: The Canadian government has legalized the above sentiment concerning anti Zionism and anti semitism. How on earth did a RABBI become a member of the British royal establishment?!


  1. Fine, if that is how they want to define anti-semite, then it has nothing to do with Semitic people. It just means anti-Zionazi. Wear your anti-Zionazi flag proudly.

    Modern Anthropology and genetic population research (non-invasive and nothing to do with Mengele) has shown that the Middle East is peopled by what the scientists call afro-asiatic. There are a huge number of different nations and tribal groups thereby connected.

    So call me pro-Afro Asiatic and pro-freedom loving Western and proudly Anti-Zionazi.

    - Fritz

  2. The Rabbi sounds like he immersed himself in Nietzsche's and Heidegger's existentialism -- and decided to put a "Sabbatean" Jewish "spin" to Dasein.

    About Nietzsche, Heidegger, Dasein, existentialism, nihilism : for that is what the Rabbi is truly preaching, though he'd probably never admit it;

    "Nihilism and Weak Thought" ;

    For more information on Nietzsche, Heidegger, Dasein, existentialism, and ultimately, nihilism -- which is the logical and necessary result of Dasein/existentialism,use Search Term :

    "Nihilism and Weak Thought"

    From : Joe

  3. Did you notice Sacks stand up comic approach just in time to prevent any plain continuity of what he was saying. Then the punch lines. At 10:38 he begins to speak about the British Empire and then at 10:46-48 he says "...1776, don't think we have forgotten." The reference is to the best laid plans of empire building colonial Rothschildian Jesuit Illuminati Vatican Bank Guelph-Ghibelline British Royal Freemasonic control over the American colonies, who despite the presence of Deists and Masons and the rest, took control over their own lands and destiny - until the assassination of Lincoln at least, or even until the Fed [1913], and in fact, still in great part until the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Notice this is AIPAC - the modern political arm of B'nai B'rith ADL JudeNazi subversion of American self rule, freedom and decency. Most of it is accomplished already, and the United States is now just a mercenary thug in the world working for Vatican II Zio-VaticaNazi Transnational Crime Cartel Banking (Aldobrandini, Windsor, Rothschild etc. summed up in and controlling world macroeconomics {trade flow between nations} by London LIBOR). That is the meaning of Sacks saying, "...1776, don't think we have forgotten."

    Sachs speaks of Hebrew - but not any actual Biblical Hebrew with its actual real meaning, but Masoretic corrupted, Yiddish leaning gibberish, just like the Talmudic gibberish of the Devil they invoke instead of real theology of God.

    Of course Our Lord Jesus Christ said of the Jews,
    John 8:43 Why do you not know my speech? Because you cannot hear my word.
    44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
    45 But if I say the truth, you believe me not.

    Here is some real Biblical Hebrew, Abraham would recognize it immediately.

    Shalom Aleichem beth (bayt) Baruch Adonai Yahweh Eloheiunu Yahweh echad dérekh ben Yahweh Abba bar Elohim Abba, Adonai Yeshua ha Maschiach b'tókh Ruach Elohim Yahweh Adonai; Dam Kadosh bet Yeshua ha Maschiach kanawn anawim

    Moses would recognize it instantly as well as it is of the same God he witnessed to, especially when he taught the Shemah: "Shemah Yisrael, Yahweh Eloheiunu Yahweh echad." Hear O Israel Yahweh God Triune is Yahweh the One God.

    The above that translates as:
    Peace be to you of the Most Blessed Lord Yahweh Triune God Yahweh the One God through the Son of Yahweh Father (who is the same, the) Son of God the Father, the Lord Jesus the Christ in the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Yahweh; Holy Blood of Jesus the Christ have mercy upon Your faithful.

  4. Me me me...Feel bad for me boo hoo! I am a victim and my poor daughter feels sad and cried after she came back from her prestigious elite school which probably is filled with Jews like herself.

    Hey i want the author of snippits to investigate this...
    I went on different sites which have the Hebrew scriptures..Torah, Tanech, Misnah etche...And I translated it and in English it comes up with a very different version then the Bible. In fact it makes no sense and is filled with evil thoughts ...Try to if you get a chance look it up and translate it by google and see what comes up. Its only some so check out a few sites and you will see what type of people these are.

  5. Wow. I ventured onto this site while I was doing research on the Holocaust, but beside the fact that I care about the people who died--Christians, Jews, gypsies, gays, etc--that fact isn't relevant.

    What's relevant are the assumptions made in the above article. I am Jewish. No harm, no foul, I'm NOT out to get you guys.

    I need to explain something about Jews and our Bible: We are not deifying ourselves, greedy, or evil. How do I prove that to you? (Well, I could give you tons of examples...)

    The only way for you to see that, to see a Jew for what a Jew truly represents, is to look at one with UNbiased eyes. We are real, breathing, living, CARING people. And we do not just care about ourselves. We believe that one of the three things the world rests upon is ACTS of KINDNESS. That is a form of giving. We do not just take for ourselves. We give back. That's what we call "Chesed."
    Anyone ever researched that?

    One of the ten commandments is to not covet what is not ours. We are givers, not evil and greedy takers. And the second commandment (see Parashat Jethro, AKA Chapter 20 in Exodus) is to not make any other gods for ourselves... THAT INCLUDES NOT MAKING OURSELVES OUR OWN GODS. Yes, the human race (including you and us) was created in the image of G-d--that's because G-d blessed us and all other people on the face of this Earth with the attributes and the abilities to emulate Him. But those are toned-down versions of the qualities He possesses. We are certainly not gods. If all Jews consider themselves gods, then how are we to believe in only one god? That doesn't exactly make sense...

    The fact that there are certain modern/Talmudic/biblical examples of Jewish sinners does not mean that the Jewish people are a bad people. Please, do not judge a religion by its worst.

    Rabbi Chief Lord Jonathan Sacks is an extremely knowledgeable, respectable man. Yet here on this site you are not only criticizing him (which is fine) but doing so disrespectfully (not fine at all). You should know that any word you speak badly about another person ultimately reflects badly on your own soul. Come on, you're monotheists. You should understand that already.

    Look, this is my real point: Don't hate on Jews because we're Jews. There's no point in hating--that's what destroys the world. Fundamentally, ALL human beings deserve to be treated equally. (And, no, Jews are not devils and we do not have horns. Sorry, Angelo.)

    On another note, thanks for this quote. You all are interpreting it incorrectly. It's a beautiful quote if you truly know what in the Torah he is talking about. But you aren't all spending your lives uncovering the infinite depths and truths of the Torah, so please, I advise you NOT to make assumptions before you know your stuff.

    Good day.

  6. Anonymous, thanks for your lovely note. I appreciate your input and time. I agree with you, things are not black and white and there are many shades in between. It is so for all religious sects. But the evidence so far is that, on the whole, the chosen ones are, according to the Talmud and the Orthodox, superior. Until I hear a Jew swear off Israel and its actions and speak the truth of the Talmud, and tell the political truth of Israel upon the world, well then these are pretty words. At this point we need more than words. Great Jews such as Jack Berenstein or Benjamin Freedman are highly respected and were good Jewish men. Please tell me that you truly do not support Israel and its policies and see Netanyahu for what he is (and fill in the blanks) these are just lovely words. I know there are also many activists in Israel who fight with their brothers and sisters in Palestine. These are good decent people if their hearts are pure and that is not for me to judge.

    I am also aware that since the origins of Islam in the area, Jews, Christians and Muslims got on famously. I have seen many photos and films of lovely exchanges between families. It was the arrival of Zionism that changed the picture.

    So no this is not black and white. But until I hear denunciation of the words of the rabbis and the Talmud and admission of Israel's reality....

  7. Thank YOU for responding so politely!
    I should be clearer: The Tanach is not just an intelligently canonized 24 books of beautiful words. The Qur'an and new Testament are also written in beautiful language. What I mean by the word "beautiful," which you seem so puzzled about, is the evoked feelings when a person finally understands what the words really mean. Look, words aren't everything--humans just communicate by mouth when their souls can't speak out--but when the soul feels something inexplicably good, spiritual, beautiful, refined (not enough description, see?) that's what I mean by it.
    I wish I could bring you into my Jewish high school. There, some of the greatest rabbis display the truth of the Talmud and Israel with more than just words. They may not be known worldwide for their sought-after speeches, but their actions speak volumes. Hear? ...Probably not.
    I should also explain something about the IDF that cannot be stressed enough: We are NOT out to get you. Brothers and sisters is a nice way to put it. You are right: no reason to judge.
    In other words, any violence is not out of hatred. It's out of defense. Out of response to the terrorism (I don't mean the regular Palestinian, I mean bombers and Hamas), out of hurt of their families being killed. Not out of hatred toward Palestinian culture.
    Although many religions were based on fame, I don't believe it applies to all religion. The different sects of people were... but we can't judge a religion by its people, either. The photos and films are meaningless productions. I really believe that peace is still possible without either of us forfeiting much of what we want.
    How do you view Zionism changing the picture?
    I don't want to get too far into politics--please don't question me, I don't know enough yet about them to defend the Jewish politics--in fact, I do not care much for politics other than the emotions behind them. I do want to bring up one point, though. We would LOVE peace. We would LOVE a TWO-state solution. But there's a common feeling among the Jewish people and the Muslims: we are stepping on each others toes, and neither one of us thinks it fair of the other to do. Oh, well, life isn't "fair" all the time, is it? What is your opinion on the two-state solution? I'm just curious what most people actually think.
    We do not promote the Palestinians leaving Israel for good. We just don't want to fight about it. There are actually MANY laws in the Talmud and Gemara about letting a gentile live in peace in quarters near to you, fair laws that treat gentiles equally. I guess I’m not one to talk to about "denunciation of the words of the Talmud." …rabbis, either, because who am I say to say I know as much as them?
    But I cannot even begin to guess where they would begin to explain to a grown gentile, except saying to begin again with unbiased eyes.
    Unfortunately, as human beings we tend toward assumptions and bias. We jump to conclusions quickly about statements and other peoples. I admit to that mistake. I understand if throughout your entire lifetime you never understand the Jewish perspective. I know that, being a Jewish soul, I will never understand the true workings of Muslim perspectives. If I were to show you what I thought was the most inspiring piece of Torah I could find, you would either hate it or see it as a useless old sheet of paper. I cannot teach you the words of the rabbis.
    Like we grow from innocent, impressionable children into strong, opinionated adults, our bias grows. I'm not even going to bother trying to teach you. There's no point, simply because of that.
    ...and, honestly, I don't care if you live your life unconvinced. Believe what you believe.
    One thing that really puzzles me about this site, though: Why are you so friendly, yet the site GROUNDLESSLY HATES Jews? How do the two go hand in hand?

    1. Why am I so friendly? Because I believe that uncalled for rudeness is not necessary, there is enough of that already in the world. I am inherently a decent woman and, you are right, we do not agree on many things. Courtesy is very important; I do not refer to hypocrisy. Why pour more gasoline on what is already a roaring fire? Rudeness solves no purpose. Although the actions of Israel do rouse one to anger at times.

      In the past, when I wore hijab, although I do not follow Islam per se any longer, and in the past was employed as a housekeeper in a Jewish home. I bought the bacon and cooked it up for those Caesar salads many years. As such I also participated in some of the family celebrations so I have some little personal experience.

      It may seem strange but I just try not to blanket judge every individual I come across. There are always conceptions to any rule and the same goes with your peoples. All my life I have said that every culture has good bad and indifferent individuals. I don't like the idea of judging or alienating any potential ally.

      It is not the individuals I have a problem with it is the overall movement that happens to be composed of individuals and some of these folks may already be compromised enough.

      Oh and I do live by the adage that you get further with honey than vinegar, in most situations anyhow.

      Anyhow, please do take care.

  8. Again, thank you for being polite. I was not against you being friendly--I'm all for it!

    Can you please explain to me why you don't like the Jewish people and/or Israelis (or however you like to call us) as a whole? You can use whatever kind of speech you want. I just want to understand your perspective. But please, do not be afraid to be blunt. Again, you don't have to use any euphemisms to describe your opinion.

    (That you served in a Jewish home is intriguing... I wonder what your experience was there.)

    I want to know why Israel arouses anger in you, why you don't like the overall movement...
    I understand that rudeness has no purpose and that courtesy is very important, but what do you mean by "hypocrisy?"

    Please, be clear. I am not asking for words to feed a bigger fire of hate, I am truly just interested in what you think.

    And by the way, nice metaphor at the end.

    Have a good weekend. :)

    1. <>
      I have been political all my life ... well since I was 13 or so... 50 years ago. But nothing made sense. Never. Until I became ~ by total fluke ~ what we call “Jew wise” shortly after 911. Then with my eyes opened I began to review what I had missed in the past. My personal life. I thought of various times of trauma in my life and, dang it, there was a Jew or Jewess behind almost every single instant. From age 15, my best friend Shelley (“the only thing Jewish about me is my nose”) seducing both my boyfriend and my girl friend after leaving me alone with a bottle of Manishevitz. I had never drunk before and lost a lot that night especially my trust. (Still get a little turn of nausea at the thought of any sweet red wine) Then there was the man who hired me as a therapist in a legitimate clinic and, unknowing to me, used my licence to run his bawdy houses. He had so many aliases we did not know what to bury him under but his actions ruined my career and again... hard life lessons.
      Romance to loss of career due to several events set in motion that naive me had no clue about until it was too late. No I am not crying victim but all lawyers and causes were primarily Jewish. Just over a decade ago it was the family doctor who watched me slowly dying before her eyes for 5 years and who LIED to me over the diagnosis of tests I insisted upon. It was her Christian husband partner who accidently let the truth slip out otherwise I would have been dead within months. It was my half (but human first, Jewish way back on the list) sister in law whom I adore dearly for many reasons that found me the Jewish surgeon who actually listened to her before me but did eventually save me with almost immediate surgery for the very simple thing that I had known was the problem all along. Very mixed blessing and some nasty physical affects from starvation that I have permanently.
      <<(That you served in a Jewish home is intriguing... I wonder what your experience was there.)>>
      It was a mother and son. I was her housekeeper and we got on very well because I forced myself to be submissive around her. In fact, there were times when I literally told myself, “This is what slaves endure. They cannot respond.” She was verbally abusive at times and so egocentric it was unbelievable but in her arrogance was clueless about how she insulted those around her. I saw this all the time and it cost her some mighty fine gentile men who could not handle her dominance. She taught anger management but took her temper out on me. Hmmm and anyone else she could I suppose. Since I was raising 2 young children and needed the work I kept silent.
      I organized and decorated her home for her Channukah parties ~ huge parties to celebrate the various holy days of Judaism. I prepared but very rarely stayed. She was not intentionally anything but herself. I swallowed a lot of words to keep that job and worked darn hard for her, she was very demanding right down to phoning me at midnight if her underwear drawer was not colour coded properly. So despite her niceness at times, she also displayed what I now see as many of the less positive human tendencies which she displayed in a Jewish manner.
      The day of 911, I had watched the incident before I got there. The son was watching tv when there was a newsflash and they looked. Without a word she got on one knee to him looked him in the eye and said... very seriously... “You see, son, that is how much the world hates us Jews.” I was appalled.

  9. I apologize but I wrote a great deal more and for some reason this Comment section will not accept it. I have saved my response (there were 2 more parts) if you can find another way to get them. FOr now it is 2 am and I have had enough. Good night.

  10. I had the same problem with you about not publishing anything with more than 4096 characters, so I’m publishing this in 2 parts:

    PART I:
    All I could think of while reading this was "wow." I'm really sorry that you had such bad experiences throughout your life. I hope you don't have to deal with more of that from anyone. I'm also very sorry that the people who affected your life most negatively are Jewish people. It makes me extremely sad to see that there are Jewish people who call themselves pious but are not yet on the level of acting like an amiable human being. I hope you know that not all Jewish people are like that. Most Jewish people aren't horrible people, I'm telling you because I really mean it. From the 1000+ Jewish people I have known throughout my life, many of them have welcomed everyone with warm hearts and nicer language...AND nicer actions. I don't know why G-d would have set you up to have many of the bad events in your life correlated to Jews, let alone set you up to have so many bad experiences in the first place. Specifically one nation of people instead of a variety... just, why?
    This is why they teach me in school to love your neighbor like yourself. (I know this phrase is often misinterpreted or seen wrong by many people, so allow me to explain. Of course one should love himself, because if he doesn't then all his lifelong he is abusing himself. But just as much as he wants to keep himself healthy and be treated with respect and honor, he should treat others that way and hope that for others.) From what you've said so far about these people opposes that phrase. Like the woman you worked for, someone should not treat their employee like an animal.

  11. PART II:
    ...But I hope you see that there are Jews who truly strive to follow the 613 mitzvoth (commandments), and there are Jews who do not falter in the commandments that they succeed in following. Those Jews I don't think deserve judgement. R' Chief Lord Jonathan Sacks is an example. He may have sinned privately in ways we do not know, but who will ever know and who are we to judge the relationship between man and G-d? Who knows if he even has? I think you were seeing him with darkened glasses because your lenses have been stained by the Jews you've worked with. The fact that I, a Jewish Orthodox woman who is learning to follow the mitzvoth myself, recognizes the wrong in what these people did should at least show that Jews are not inherently evil. Please consider that: We are not bad people. We are human, though... so sometimes we make harmful mistakes that affect not only ourselves but others as well… the way those people have acted goes against the giant concept in Judaism of respecting your relationships between man and man.
    Even so, though, any kind of person (Jew, monotheist, pagan, anyone) could posses the negative character traits you mentioned in your response. I do not want to seem like an "apologizing Jew" (a Jew who apologizes for being born Jewish) because that is not who I am, but I really am sorry for the experiences you have had as a result of some really stupid decisions the Jewish people you have worked with have made.
    Again, I feel a lot of sympathy for what you've been through. It seems like you've had a really tough life. I hope that in the future, though, you see life with brighter eyes. No, I am not blaming you for the perspective you have molded because of your experiences. I'm just saying that when life gives you sour lemons, you should make sweet lemonade. And even if you don't like lemonade, I hope you see that there is always the silver lining. I fail to see the silver lining in your experiences, and I'm NOT saying that there is anything good about what those people did. I'm just saying that maybe G-d sees something we don't. Everything ultimately happens for the good, whether or not it is possible for us to see why. I hope you can remember that.
    I also hope that you can remember to try your hardest to see the good in people--which can be really hard sometimes. We really shouldn't judge someone until we've been in there shoes. I hope the rest of your life does not reflect the sadness you've had up until now.
    Have a great day.
    And a good life. :)


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