Thursday 4 April 2013


Grab yourself a cup of tea, get cosy or whatever you do while listening to a broadcast, and listen to this very important talk by our beloved Sheikh Imram Hosein. Everything regarding Syria gets put into true Islamic perspective ~ human perspective that has not been judaicized. 


  1. Noor, great, great talk. Very important. thanks!

  2. Thank you for the video. Very informative. Sheikh Imram Hosein is very intelligent, and truly patriotic for his people.

    I don't know much about Islam. If Sheikh Imram Hosein represents true Islam, than Islam is very beautiful. It's sometimes difficult to learn the truth about other faiths and cultures -- especially with so many around with agendas, especially war agendas.

    Around the time of Usrael's invasion of Iraq I wanted to read the Koran. I wanted to learn more about this Faith/Culture that is being so severely attacked. I went to the bookstores here in California where I live. Every Koran for sale was "abridged". Not growing up Muslim, and not knowing Islam well, I have no idea what was abridged from the Korans for sale in the bookstores. I have no idea if the abridged Korans for sale represent true Islam or not.

    But now I know the true spirit of Islam. The true spirit of Islam without all the trouble-makers in the way, the true spirit of Islam without abridgement.

    Thank you for the video. I learned a lot from Sheikh Imram Hosein, and not only about the politics of the Middle East. I learned a lot about true Islam. Very beautiful.

    I stand amazed at how much money the mercenaries for Zionism are being paid. I knew the mercenaries were getting paid for their services,I didn't know how much : I'm astounded. There's always so much money for war, and hardly ever any money for peace.

    I learned a lot from the video. May the Holy Creator watch over Sheikh Imram Hosein and his people.

    I was in Egypt about 20 years ago, a 3 week vacation. The Egyptians were very friendly and very hospitable. The peoples of the Middle East are under a very intense satanic attack. Hosein is correct. Only a strong faith in God can protect us from the "horns of satan".

    I'm greatly ashamed so many of my fellow "Christians" are Zionists. They're on the wrong side of history. You don't want to be on the wrong side of history ; Hosein is correct about that also. In fact, Hosein is correct in everything he says.

    Excellent video.

    From : Joe


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