Sunday 14 April 2013


Ed Noor: So far, in this blog, I have managed to avoid using the name Justin Bieber. But there is always a first time and it is today. Justin has sparked off a huge controversy over our favourite authoress, Anne Frank, the Jewish girl whose autobiography was primarily penned by her father using an invention (BIC pen) that had not even been invented at the time her saga allegedly took place. But that is another story altogether and has nothing to do with the pop star.

I have opined in the past of the rising exploitative danger of Holocaustianity replacing Christianity as a world religion in the West. What goes without saying is that Anne Frank would be possibly the highest ranking female saint in this new religion.

Whilst visiting the shrine that is now a museum in her honour, the house in which the family is said to have hidden for so long, Justin naively wrote something in the guestbook that has enraged thousands of Jews and fans of Anne to the point of hysteria.

Noors analysis: Much ado about nothing.


April 14, 2013

Justin Bieber has caused outrage after leaving a 'tasteless' comment in the guestbook at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

The 19-year-old singer ~ who is currently on tour in Europe ~ visited the famous home where Jewish wartime diarist Frank and her family hid from Nazi persecution for two years during the Holocaust.

After spending an hour touring the home on Saturday, which opened as a museum in 1960, Bieber wrote a message in the guestbook, which read:
'Truly inspiring to be able to come herel Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.'
Comment chaos: Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Saturday and left a comment that has Facebook and Twitter fans outraged

The Anne Frank House staff-run Facebook page shared the singer's comments.

But since the museum updated its page with Justin's words, the Facebook post has garnered hundreds of comments expressing dismay over the young pop sensation's presumptuous remarks.

Many described it as 'disrespectful,' 'disgusting' and an 'embarrassment to Canadians.'

ED Noor: PUHLEEEEZE! Enough already! Canada’s embarrassments are much bloodier than a thoughtless comment by a popstar. Get a grip on reality folks!

Belieber battle: Hundreds of people left comments on the Anne Frank House's update about Justin that expressed disgust

Hundreds of people took to Twitter to express outrage, branding the singer a 'moron' and 'douche,' leaving several to question whether he actually wrote such a shocking message.

Buzzfeed reports that BBC reporter Anna Holligan received confirmation from the Anne Frank House press office.

The press office commented: 'He was very interested in Anne Frank.'

Handling the situation with grace, they said of his odd note:
'He's 19, it's a strange life he's living, it wasn't very sensible but he didn't mean bad.'
People on Twitter seems to disagree, some even saying it's time to take Bieber to rehab.

One person even tweeted:
'When life gets done with Justin Bieber, I have a feeling it isn't going to be pretty.'
Another wrote in regards to Justin's note in the guestbook:
'I weep for humanity.'
Further driving the point home, an additional shocked Twitter commenter said:
'He has no right to say this.'
Anne Frank wrote her now-famous diary while residing in the house, with the teenager describing it as luxurious compared to other hiding places she had heard about.

The Frank family moved to Amsterdam from German in 1933 - the same year the Nazis gained control over Germany.

By 1940 the Nazi had occupied the Netherlands, leaving the family trapped in Amsterdam.

Not happy: People took to Twitter to express their dismay over the pop star's disrespectful comment in the Anne Frank House guestbook

In 1942 the family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of Otto Frank's office building, as persecution of the Jewish population increased under the Nazi regime.

But after two years the group were anonymously betrayed and were sent to their deaths at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where Anne died of typhus in 1945.

Otto Frank, Anne's father, returned to Amsterdam after the war and discovered her diary had been saved. It was published in 1947, leading to her posthumous fame.

Monument: This statue of Anne Frank stands near her home in Amsterdam, where Justin visited on Saturday and signed the guestbook


  1. Justine Beaver attacked by Holocau$tinites? The horror of it all.

    Saw a video of some Christians on a bus in Stolenland and they were headed to some site in Jerusalem. Their guide/pastor was telling them that when they got to the site, to leave their Bibles on the bus and when walking around, do NOT say Jesus Christ in public, as this can irritate the locals.

    Damn near all the heads in the bus were bobbing up and down, like those dolls.

  2. Noor, you nailed it good! Bieber is not worth the mention...and is destined to self-destruct early. Anne was used by her father Otto to sell the 'diary' and had a ruling against him to that effect as a fraud by a Swiss court. Along with Elie Weasel's non-tatoo, this whole saga has been used to browbeat the world into supporting the indefensible, 'israel' (spit!) And now the Harper regime has dragged Canada into that anti-intellectual sewage pit.

  3. Anne Frank's diary was written with a ballpoint pen. Therefore it is 100% fake. Just as the 6 million gaschamber holocaust story. 100% fake.
    The International Red Cross gave 271,301 total died in all WWII work camps, most from sickness and starvation, none from gaschambers.
    ZyclonB was used to kill lice which were transmitting typhus.

    Whoever the singer is doesn't matter one jot.

  4. Put the "Jews" in the Ovens.....Jesus [Matt. 13]

    hold on to your seat....

    Prime Minister: Terrorists are Subhuman

    Netanyahu castigates supposed "men of morals" who fail to denounce enemies who kill innocents.

    thank you for your comedy relief...some days are more diificult to endure than others...

    but maybe you'd agree with me that we need less mollycoddling and more CASTIGATORS...

    everyday I wake up and THINK :



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    and the goy jew worship in MURKA today by voluntarily surrendering what they earn to support Jewish terrorism to be exported abroad for torture chambers and baby killing businesses right here in MURKA....and of course the poppy fields in Afghanistan...

    RIP Charlie um Forrest Gump

    go figure


  5. I know where his next apology concert will be. by the way who is
    Anne Frank :)!!!:)

  6. Unbeliebable.

    - Aangirfan

  7. Hard to believe that old holocaust fairy tale is even spoken of in the 21st century. The museum should be changed into a hamburger joint.

  8. Which religion is superior -- Christianity or Holoko$t?
    Which religious cult can be denied and ridiculed --
    and which one cannot be?


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