Saturday 6 April 2013


ED Noor: The commentary and film I found over at Northerntruthseeker. NTS, a fellow Canadian, speaks quite well for me as well. And as always, Snordster is chillingly accurate in his work.

I have been like everyone else in this, the real truth movement, in watching with great dismay how our economies are collapsing.   I have for years, in many articles at this blog, been warning readers that this collapse has been imminent.  It is truly sad that the majority of people have not reacted sooner to this horrific collapse, and have done nothing to go after the criminal Jewish bankers responsible for our demise. 

I came across a very important video today that I want to share with everyone here... It is a narration by none other than Patrick Willis, aka "Snordelhans", of a very important article by Doug Hagmann, from the website: "We'll Kill The Dollar" and gives both a very chilling and ominous view of what will be happening very soon as we watch the American economy, and most of the world economies as well, disintegrate right before our very eyes. Here is that video, and I do have some further thoughts and comments to follow:

Here is the link to that important Canadian Free Press article that this video is based upon:

I put out several articles a few years back that showed how these criminals had long planned to destroy the American dollar as the world's reserve currency, and introduce here in North America their sinister monetary unit called the "Amero". I do still believe that they are indeed plotting for this introduction after they implode the US Dollar, which will almost certainly occur later this year.....

It has been said for quite some time that these criminal Jewish bankers want their "New World Order" as they have long laid out in their sinister Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.   It will be just one of their steps towards a "One World Government" with them, of course, being the masters of all mankind, and most of us nothing more than their slaves for all eternity.

Please take this video and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves exactly what is in store for all of us...... I have always had hope that we can still stop this criminality, but that time for action is very much running short...

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