Thursday 18 April 2013


ED Noor: In this instance, methinks Kriminal Kissinger actually slipped the truth out in this quote. After all, it is part of the agenda of our dear friends to be able to say they warned us when things go bad. This way they can claim a sort of innocence from the fallout of their own actions upon the gentile world.

"Those who understand the way of the world 
and the Dark Power
that has the Earth and its people in a Satanic Grip 
know that nothing happens by accident. 
Nothing in politics 
or in the financial markets 
happen spontaneously. 

Everything is planned and orchestrated 
including the Global Financial Crisis. 

It is designed to bring the financial system into ruin 
and the world into chaos 
so that a "new financial order," 
a New International Order can be created 
under the direct and absolute control 
of the Invisible Money Power. 

In other words, 
the looting of the world economy by the Power Elite 
is a prelude to the coming World Bank and World Currency 
of the coming World Government." 

~ Henry Kissinger Jan. 5, 2009. Interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange aired on CNBC on Jan. 5, 2009.

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  1. Heinz is doing a typical double speak of the Devil. Half supposed factual truism with half assumption they want you to assume is a foregone conclusion for those in the know.

    None of it is true at all.

    The Devil (the Satanic dark power) does not have anything in its grip.

    God controls all.

    Those who want to apostatize from God, He allows to do that for His own purpose of judgement.

    Those who apostatize from God are allowed, not commanded, to conjure the Devil and its works, if they are so stupid and heedless of their own eternal peril, if they choose to do that - like Heinz Kissinger, the butcher of Southeast Asia and South America, for instance.

    While you are alive, if you can still hear your conscience, if you have strayed from God, you can return to Him if you choose to.

    God bless you Noor.


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