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Today, April 20, 2013, Marks the birthday of the great leader Adolph Hitler. Over the years I have learned that the more a person is vilified in the mainstream … often the more they have simply stood up for what matters to their people and in so doing bring down the wrath of the international powers that be upon their heads. We have seen this same scenario acted out over the past few years and see it still going on in Syria, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. 

There is no one in history so demonized as Adolph Hitler.  No one! Mass murderers such as Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, Kissinger ~ the deeds of such men go unpunished and barely mentioned in history. But Adolph! Name your child after Adolph Hitler and watch social services take it away from you!

The best way to celebrate the life of this man is to learn the truth about him. Below are a few posts I have done on Hitler in the past. They are not your usual political posts.  Finally, the last film, The Greatest Story Never Told, is a movie that cannot be stressed enough. Set aside the time to watch it, you will never look at WW2 the same again.  THIS is the truth, the forbidden history. It is not about Hitler, but it does put everything into the proper perspective not taught us as part of our modern education.


  1. Taken from 'Mein Kampf', Ralph Manheim translation, because it was kinda funny and I live in the northern Canadian trenches of beautiful British Columbia:

    'Existence impels the Jew to lie, and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of the northern countries to wear warm clothing. (Page 305)'

    So, Happy Birthday, Adolf, and please no ph if you could, Noor. My name is Silvia with an i not a y, just as 'Anne of Green Gables' insisted on an e at the end of her name. Okay, I quit being picky.

    Nevertheless, I have been poking around and really like your blog.

    1. Glad to meet ya, fellow BCer... and ty for the compliment! Keep poking. The book I am slowly putting up now, Chapter by chapter, The Curse of Canaan is a great read too.

  2. I ama student of real history and its taken me almost 68 years to find out the truth of this great man, thankyou for posting this

    1. Welcome to the truth! Not always tasty but always good for what ails ya. I hope you enjoy The Curse of Canaan by the wonderful Eustace Mullins. It is an excellent eye opener as I am discovering.

  3. Hitler was a dictator like Stalin, his crimes should not be pardoned. He was probably a tool of the zio-masonic cabal and used to advance the agenda of NWO. There seems to be strong evidence, that he won the elections in 1933 with jewish funding from NY. The Tannenberg group, strongly opposed to zio-masonic control and meddling, was declared illegal by Hitler, one of his main ideologues went by the name Rosenberg (hardly of muslim background) also his doctor Morell was a member of from the tribe..

  4. Nazism comes to us from the same people who gave the Muslims "The Muslim Brotherhood" and Islamic Jihad -- Sabbatean Jews. The Muslim/Islamic Jihadists are fomenting war and killing their fellow Muslims in the Middle East just like the Nazis fomented war and killed their fellow white Europeans during WW2.

    Search Term :

    " Sabbatean Jews + Nazis"

    Very informative article about Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews, Nazism, Zionism, Islamic Jihad, and the Sabbatean plan for a New World Order.

    The Third Reich was yet one more step towards the NWO.

    Hitler/The Third Reich was a complete disaster for Germany, Europe,and the white race ; The Nazis started the bloodiest and most destructive war in the history. WW2 was a blood-bath for the white race : An internecine-genocidal war.

    Hitler played a role in starting "The Muslim Brotherhood" in 1928 :

    "Nazis + The Muslim Brotherhood"

    " Hitler's Muslim Legions"

    Looks like the Banking-Sanhedrin plan a massive internecine-genocidal war amongst Arabs/Muslims now. The Muslims in the Middle East who become Jihadists are going to bring massive misery and death to their fellow Muslims, just like the Nazis brought massive misery and death to Europe.

    There's a nexus point where Nazism, Zionism, and Islamic Jihad meet, and at that very nexus point stands the Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews.

    As it is, Wall Street and the City-of-London created, built, and funded the Third Reich [ via the IG Farben cartel] :

    " Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam pdf"

    " Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street + The Rise Of Hitler pdf "

    " Guido Preparata + Conjuring Hitler pdf"

    " Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

    " Hitler's Jewish Army"

    The Third Reich was satanic to-the-core. The Nazis hated Christianity with a passion. Christians opposed to Nazism were thrown into the IG Farben work/slave camps and/or brutally murdered in Nazi occupied areas of Europe, especially the devout Catholics. Many devout Catholics were brutally murdered in Nazi Europe.

    The Catholic Church was opposed to Nazism/Fascism : That's left out of both the Zionist and the WN "narratives" concerning Nazi Germany.

    I was born in the Italian seaport city of Livorno [ Leghorn] in 1956. The city was greatly bombed during WW2. The pain of the war - the pain of all the death and destruction that had taken place there -- still hung in the air to a degree. WW2 originated from the pits-of-hell.

    I was born to a long line of devout Catholics from Tuscany. My family, like so many other devout Catholics in Europe during WW2, greatly suffered.

    Hitler/Mussolini, Fascism/Nazism, are NOT the answer to our problems. Nazism made the world a worse place than it was before the satanic Hitler bestrode Europe. Hitler brought nothing but internecine-genocidal war on a scale never seen before in European history, even worse than WW1, and that's saying a lot.

    From : Joe

    1. Oh, such hubris, Joe. You must be from the Canaanite branch of the Catholics from Tuscany. In a war everyone suffers. Hitler did not want war. You'll find the info if you apply yourself. Speaking of Livorno:

      And I think the bombs were dropped on Bari, just happens to be on the other side of your little boot.

      Are you sure, you're not hiding in the vast folds of papal garments? And, isn't that called crypto?

      Sorry, Noor, if I went out of line. Just can't suffer the fools no more.

    2. Fill your boots my darling! I thoroughly understand where you are coming from. About 35 years ago a dear friend with the vision told me that when I was older no one would listen and that would be the most frustrating experience. If you are familiar with the priestess Kassandra from the history of Troy, you might understand why at in the beginning I had considered calling this Kassandra's blog. No one listened .... in my life very few do. My family tolerates me... and they are a well educated lot. I just don't discuss these things much because they are right into the media buzz.

      So yes... discuss and defend. Just don't let discussion revert to arguing cos that always defeats our case. You cannot cast pearls before swine.... not that I am calling Joe swine btw. I refer to the general crowd out there.

      Men run in herds but come to their senses one by one.

    3. There's a nexus point where Nazism, Zionism, and Islamic Jihad meet, and at that very nexus point stands the Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews.

      Joe that is one of the best insights I have come across in awhile. An excellent summation of everything if you already know a few of the key factors. Thank you. I may quote you with that some time. In fact, I might add it to the list of quotes at the bottom of the page! It is just that valuable, I don't want to lose it.

      It surely illustrates and explains what is going on with Israel and Turkey these days....

  5. @ MachtNichts

    I was born in Livorno,Italy -- a "Jewish" city -- to a very long line of Catholics. I can't honestly say what tribe my ancestors came from 5,000 years age, nor do I care, to tell you honestly.

    5 years after being born in the "Jewish" city of Livorno, to a long line of Catholics, my Catholic family immigrated to the US : To New York City, another "Jewish" city. I'm still Catholic, however, always was, always will be. I still know what happened to Catholics -- especially devout Catholics -- in Nazi occupied areas of Europe.

    The Nazis went after :

    1: Low-level Jews who were opposed to Zionism.

    2: Catholics, especially the devout Catholics who offered assistance and succor to the low-level Jews being brutally persecuted, to the Catholics working for peace.

    3: Sincere Protestant Christians who offered the low-level Jews assistance and succor, to the Protestant Christians who were working for peace.

    In the meantime, the Third Reich was full of die-hard, intense Zionists and Islamic Jihadists:

    Search Terms :

    "Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam" pdf "

    "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

    "Hitler's Jewish Army"

    "Hitler's Muslim Legions"

    "Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

    "Catholic Resistance Movement + Nazis"

    "Rupert Mayer + Catholic Resistance to Nazism"

    "German Confessing Church"

    Italian opposition to Fascists and Nazis :

    About Hitler, the " great man of peace", and his plan for Eastern Europe :

    Hitler and Sabbatean Jews :

    Search Terms :

    " Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

    "Rabbi Antelman + Sabbatean Jews + Nazis"

    Hitler, Nazis, the Third Reich, and Satanism :


    All the west-coast seaport cities of Italy were bombed, by the way, from Genoa down to Palermo.

    From : Joe

    1. Dang it all Joe! That is an amazing letter and thank you for sharing your family history. I always feel that no one can truly say he is one culture or another until he knows his own personal roots.

      However, Joe, methinks I could shoot you for all those wonderful looking links. There goes another day reading! Some of them I already have, and some of the search keys I have used, but there are quite a few that look very very juicy.


  6. Hitler, Nazis, and the Occult :

    The Third Reich as one step towards the New World Order :

    From : Joe

  7. You're priceless, Noor.
    "And Priamos' daughter with blowing hair, driven by her god (gods) given vision, ran out of the king's palace and screamed: "You unlucky fools, can't you see we are walking down the path to Hades? ... I see the city drenched in fire and blood; it's coming out of the belly of the horse which you, in your delusion, have allowed entrance to our city!" Loosely translated from one of my cherished books about Greek mythology. Don't underestimate yourself.

  8. @ MachtNichts

    "Consider your origin : you were not meant to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."*

    *Dante Alighieri,the great Italian-Tuscan poet ;

    From : Joe, from Tuscany,Italy.

  9. @ MachtNichts

    Learn more about your hero/avatar Hitler :

    "Black Terror, White Soldiers : Islam, Fascism, The New Age"

    by David Livingstone.

    About the New World Order, Zionism, how Hitler and the Third Reich was a step towards the Zionist NWO.

    About the ontological roots of Nazism : Nazism/Dasein-existentialism comes to us from Medieval Sufism via Sabbatean/Donmeh Jews. Sufism is not true Islam, and even the Sufism the Sabbatean Jews brought to Europe was greatly distorted : Distorted as to serve the Sabbatean New World Order :

    Hitler and the Nazi story starts at Chapter 16. Being the Hitler aficionado that you are, MachtNicht, you may want to start at Chapter 16.

    Search Term :

    "Sufism + Sabbatean Jews + Dasein"

    Dasein is the philosophical basis of Nazism. Heidegger himself was a member of the Nazi Party. Heidegger and Sebottendorf, another Nazi "philosopher", got their philosophy from the Sabbatean/Donmeh-Jew Freemasonry Halls of Turkey, to a very large degree ;

    Also : Following Search Term will access a lot of interesting information about the Nazis, and where the Nazis got their "Aryan religion" :

    " Sebottendorf Was A Jew"

    From : Joe


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