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Posted March 6, 2011
Revisionist Conference May 26-27, 2007,
Hillsboro, West Virginia

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honored to have been included among such distinguished speakers. I am Danish and I live in Denmark. I’m trained as a lawyer, although I am not practicing as such at the moment. I have been interested in history for many years. Obviously true history, meaning revisionism. My name, as mentioned in the program is Knud Eriksen. “Knud” is spelled with a “D” and not as done in the programme, with a “T”, which is the Swedish equivalent. But you might call me “Ken”. That worked fine last night down at the “Stumblin’ Inn”, where I made some good friends, under that name, and it worked fine, when I hitchhiked around Europe as a young man.

Especially the French mutilated my name so badly that I couldn’t live with it. They called me something like “Gny”. Well, I could probably be called many things, but not a holocaust revisionist, as I don’t deserve that, knowing so little about it. All I have said publicly on that subject has been to quote one or two revisionists and to air some skepticism about Jewish statistics. Of course that has been sufficient for the leader of the Danish Jews to label me a “Holocaust-denier”, even the first one on his list.

But that must again be something about my name, and not my accomplishments, since my family name “Eriksen” is early in the alphabet. Certainly I am skeptical about Jewish statistics, which I find to be a wild subject, where millions appear and disappear. Figures from Jewish sources ~ always Jewish sources! ~ may show more Jews alive after World War II, after 6 millions had disappeared, and maybe then some Jewish rabbis have put an extra “0” in there, so that 6 millions should really be 600.000, as some revisionist research indicates.

On the other hand a total of perhaps 20 million Jews in the world today, has possibly forgotten a “0”, so that the real figure should be 200 million Jews in the world. At least that would explain why they seem to be everywhere!

With such skepticism I feel, that I am in good company, since Mark Twain, when presented with the figure of how many Jews lived in the United States then, said:
“You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. When I read in the Cyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population in the United States was 250,000 I wrote the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000 ……”
If he could correct two zeros, I suppose I am on the safe side if I question one zero. 

“But what does a Dane come all the way to America to tell us about at a Revisionist Conference?” Many of You must wonder. Well, I wondered a lot myself, to be honest. Should I talk about the Mohammed cartoons that put Denmark on the map for many who had until then thought, that we were the capital of Sweden, or should I talk about how Denmark has been used repeatedly in Zionist causes, lately as Mr. Bush’s lapdog in Iraq.

Or should I talk about the draconian “hate laws” of the European Union, where little Denmark still holds out with at least some freedom of speech or might you be interested in how Denmark is said to be almost as unique as the Holocaust itself, by saving the Danish Jews from the Holocaust during The second World War, as Jewish organizations celebrate and promote again and again. Well, I thought I could best talk interestingly about that which interests me the most.

Therefore I have chosen to talk about The Worlds Foremost Problem as it was called by Henry Ford in his newspaper The Dearborn Independent”. It is a sad subject, and I will not embellish it. Also I will have to stick rather mechanically to my manuscript, as my English is not good enough for me to improvise.

So when I want to analyze what has today been rather uniformly termed ”The Jewish Question” or ”The Jewish Problem” I obviously do not pretend to have a full explanation of it ~ and certainly not a guaranteed, workable solution to it. But I do think, that my considerations over the years could be of help in seeing better what we are up against, and how we ought to proceed, if we really want relief from the problem at some point in the future, as opposed to just putting labels on bad human conditions, which we basically believe to always remain with us, or to pointing fingers at scapegoats.

As non-Jewish societies have had trouble with the Jews living amongst them since we first heard of Jews more than two thousand years ago, to the point where these Jews have been persecuted, murdered and expelled, from country after country, it must be reasonable to state, that there has, indeed, been a problem.
Seen from the side of the Jews, this has been called hate of Jews, anti-Semitism and persecution.

Seen from the side of non-Jews, it has been described repeatedly as domination, disloyalty, treason, hatred, usury, criminality, immorality, perversion and destruction of non-Jewish values and societies, and creating a Jewish state inside non-Jewish states.
Most leading Jews today see, or at least profess to see ~ the problem as an irrationality amongst non-Jews, actually a mental illness, stemming all the way back from early Christian times, where the main complaint against the Jews was said to be, that they were the power behind the crucifixion of Christ, or, since the problem in reality reaches much further back, it is supposed to be a mental illness inexplicably existing in all non-Jews.

The leading Jews today, being spokesmen and directors of powerful Jewish groups and organizations in the USA and elsewhere in the world, apparently believe, that indoctrinating the masses today through mass-media, and inducing a guilt complex in westerners for their collective guilt in the alleged killing of six million Jews in the last Great War, will protect them from the effects of this apparently incurable mental illness in non-Jews, if they also arrange to jail, murder or otherwise destroy the most “incurable” opposition leaders, the ringleaders of this so-called anti-Semitism.
This is called by themselves: “teaching the public and combating racism”.
From the other side, our side, the non-Jewish side, the problem is seen in different ways, and I will try to go into that in this talk.

First of all, many have said and will say today, that there is no Jewish problem per se, (that is: by itself), but only a gigantic 20th ~ and now 21st Century problem for all of humanity. We are all in the same boat, or on this same globe, which we can today wipe out in a split second through atomic bombs or other so-called weapons of mass destruction, and we are all responsible for letting a problem grow to such life-threatening proportions, without being able to solve it.

It was also the viewpoint of the author of the book The Zionist Factor, Ivor Benson, and it was the viewpoint of former Times correspondent and author, Douglas Reed before him, as expressed in his most famous book, The Controversy of Zion ~ ( a book, I have placed on the internet, and if I have done nothing else of value, I consider this one simple action to be very important and valuable, and I hope Douglas Reed is pleased with it, wherever he might be in the universe today.

I subscribe to the viewpoint just mentioned, that we are all responsible, and therefore value very much individuals, such as Douglas Reed and Ivor Benson, and now also David Duke, who want to awaken Western man to his own responsibility in the matter, while describing and drawing attention to the Jewish and Zionist factor, and therefore I also value this important organization, National Alliance, with its leaders and members, because it wants to do the same.

It is not fair ~ also not workable ~ to put all the blame on Jews, for a “Jewish problem”, for that is not correct, since the problem had not grown to such proportions if we had been awake and aware, and just as importantly: that explanation does not empower ourselves.

We Westerners need to wake up and become empowered. To take responsibility for our own past, present and future. And in so far as a specific Jewish blame or role is isolated and postulated by me, I want to make it very clear right now, that I do not blame all Jews for the state of the affair.
“Let the chips fall where they may”, is the principle I follow here, quoting David Duke, whose definition of “Jewish Supremacists” I will be referring to, when I say “Jews”.
An analysis will give better understanding, if it is at all an analysis worthy of that name, and if it is a good one, it is likely to bring action as well, because it unblocks the ~ sometimes hidden ~ reasons for inaction.

I will take a closer look at what could be called three different models or explanations of the Jewish problem ~ or Jewish question, as seen from our side, the people of the West, who have had to live with it for so many centuries.

I will discuss the models, their value as an explanation of “The Jewish Problem”, and compare them with a view also to how they might point in the direction of a workable solution. Whether the Jews are considered a nation, a people, a race or just individuals adhering to a religion, Judaism, I think it is permissible and sufficient for the purpose of this discussion to view them as a group, with a core of persons, devoted to a cause, to some rituals and to fellow-Jews, and an outer group with varying lesser degrees of attachment to the cause, the fellow-Jews and the rituals and philosophy of Judaism.
1) The first model is The Jewish Conspiracy to rule and enslave the world.

2) The second model is The survival method of a minority Jewish community amongst non-Jewish societies.

3) The third model is Mental states and shortcomings in Jews and non-Jews which need to be understood and improved, whether they are genetically based or not.

For short let me call them
    1. “Conspiracy to Enslave”,
    2. “Survival of the Fittest” and
    3. “Mental Illness”.
Authors, who have dealt with the question through the last hundred years usually touch on all three models, maybe without stating them as such, but then choose one of them as the best. Over time one may revise his viewpoint on the problem, but it probably remains within this framework

I let the three models be represented or personified by three men whose lectures I have listened to or read a lot. Maybe the three men, if brought together, would not themselves agree that they could be compared, especially in this matter, but for my purpose of comparing the three models of ”The Jewish Problem”, I find it relevant to do so.

The first person (representing or personifying the ”Jewish Conspiracy Model”), is Douglas Reed, the former British foreign correspondent of The London Times and author of ~ among several other books ~ the now famous book The Controversy of Zion. He saw himself as a traveler and discoverer in the political realm.

The second person is David Duke (representing or personifying the ”Survival Method Model”). He is well known as a politician, world famous activist for rights of European mankind, and author of My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism. He sees himself mainly as a discoverer and missionary in the social and racial realm.

The third person, (representing or personifying the ”Mental State Model”) will be less obvious. It is L. Ron Hubbard. He saw himself as an explorer of the mind and soul of man. He was the founder of the Scientology movement and author of many books on mental states and mental self-improvement.

You, sitting here, may also think that those three persons are a strange mix, but let us have a closer look at them, at what they each say or said. Of course Reed and Hubbard are no longer with us. Reed died in 1976, Hubbard in 1986, and David Duke is very much alive. Ron Hubbard also, by the way, never mentioned Jews and a Jewish problem as such ~ but I see his philosophy and mental techniques as very relevant to the problem.

Deception and hidden hostility are central Jewish Supremacist traits and also something, Hubbard had many observations and techniques about. These traits were central characteristics of, for instance,
the secret Jews, “marranos” of Middle Age Spain, where the Inquisition was the direct reaction,

also the central characteristics of the personalities, techniques and activities of Jewish Communism,

where the Second World War was the reaction, and particularly the Jewish holocaust.
Hubbard, most importantly, explored techniques for making ordinary people more aware, self-determined and happy, which is something pertinent to this discussion, and he had very interesting observations about psychopathic behavior and its effect on other people.

Actually it might seem very appropriate, right here, to turn the tables on the Supremacist Jews and ask: If Jewish leaders and intellectuals dare to define “The Jewish Problem” as an irrational hate or dislike of Jews, or as a peculiar mental illness in Gentiles, would it not be much more to the point for Gentile critics of Jews to define classical Jewish behavior, as they see it, in this way, that is: As mental illness.

How could they better characterize behavior such as committing treason again and again, lying and cheating routinely, leading on in crimes and depraving and destructive activities, creating communism and other corrupt social philosophies with hundreds of millions of victims, spying and warring on friendly host-societies, setting peoples of the world against each other for major wars, stealing a country and killing off its inhabitants, and all the time believing themselves to be a people, chosen by no less than God above all others with a divine right to do all these things.

But I will get back to that in discussing the third model, and take the other two models first:


The first model ~ the Jewish conspiracy to rule and enslave the world, has been a classic model, based as it is in the ancient text of the Torah. But it was brought to the forefront and reinforced in more modern times with the enormous growth and spread of Jewish financial power and Jewish Communism in the 19th Century, and the phenomenal popularity of the text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion from around 1900.

It gained strength from disclosures of various secret societies, such as the Illuminati, with their secret papers, in the late 18th Century, and the revolutions of the 19th Century, where, as the baptized Jew and British prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, said:
“at the front of every one of these revolutionary movements for the destruction of authority, nationhood and religion, you find a Jew”.
Douglas Reed writes in The Controversy of Zion, that it seems, that the World Revolution movement had been taken over by Jews from around the middle of the 19th Century. Communism, which was to conquer the world, was created by the Jew Marx, and the Revolutionary, destructive, movement broke out into the open, dramatically, with the so-called Russian Revolution, totally dominated by Jews.

But also international high finance, had by this time become a mainly Jewish affair, as personified in the 19th Century by the Rothschild family, who were known or believed by many well-informed people to be the real powers behind the rulers of Europe.

The secrecy of the revolutionary movements and of international finance, plus the knowledge, that very few ~ Jewish ~ persons ruled the revolutionary masses through terror in Russia ~ and also commanded the vast sums of money in international finance, made the conclusion obvious, that there was such a conspiracy in the world.

Later research led to knowledge of such groups as The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission and other power groups, with heavy Jewish participation. They also involved a non-Jewish elite, but this did not diminish the impression of finance and revolution working together behind the scenes, in Jewish hands.

With the advent of the mass media in the 20th Century, their control of public opinion, and above all, the total dominance by Jews in Hollywood, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, and now also the internet, it is no wonder, that the image of a conspiracy by super-rich Jews has remained with us.
A conspiracy ~ that is: a design of (secret) co-operation for a wrongful act between two or more persons ~ is not invalidated by the fact, that many know or suspect one to exist.

It is not even invalidated by the fact that many, unwittingly or knowingly, take part in its plans, such as the creation of a world government, and admit so openly and maybe even believe it to be their own idea, and no secret at all.

The power behind, wielding the money and the brainwashing machine, does not inform us of their machinations. And they always need the useful idiots to assist.
For instance, it is beyond discussion that communism in Russia was Jewish in its origin, and dominated by Jews to the extent, that it had to be made punishable by death by the Jewish revolutionary masters to mention and react negatively on it. 

 The Jewish elephant in the room

It is also clear that the Jewish masters used a lot of secrecy, such as changing names and using cloudy class-war language and semi-secret Yiddish and Hebrew, apart from more conventional secrecy in plans and financing etc. And the mainly Jewish leaders of the early days of the revolution were quite few, compared to the masses, they terrorized, thus being a conspiracy by definition.

Finally it is clear that later expansion of communism in Russia and around the world had to comprise many non-Jews as well, but this happened without the Jewish grip being loosened much in the Soviet and Eastern European countries, where they long dominated in the Secret Police terrorizing apparatus, the leadership of the Gulags and the propaganda apparatus, and where they finally came out on the top of the Russian society in our own time, when communism had to be abandoned, stealing most of Russia, as so-called oligarchs, through international financial cooperation and various criminal schemes.
Also, it must be remembered, that today, in the confusing sea of news and entertainment, most people are overwhelmed by conflicting and superfluous information anyway, and unable to piece conclusions together, much less make it into a well-founded whole, that gives them reason to speak and act. A conspiracy does not need to be totally secret under such conditions.
I got into this line of thinking from being in the Scientology movement in the late sixties and through the 70’s. The movement was heavily attacked from the beginning, whether deserved or not, particularly from the psychiatrists, and besides studying the self-betterment techniques of the group over many years, I worked for a while in the intelligence section of the movement’s so called “Guardians Office”, where we got trained to find out about and counter the attackers of the movement.

The American section of the office later got into legal trouble because its operatives broke into government offices in the now scandalized Operation Snow White”, but when I was in the European section, we didn’t do such things, and my colleagues and I didn’t get into such trouble.

From this line of training I learned about the secret world behind politics and also such conspiracy literature as Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it Conspiracy, and we researched, in particular, the wing of the conspiracy that dealt with psychological control of rulers and pervasive control of masses through community psychiatry.

We found, that it was leading figures in the international World Federation of Mental Health, with its national chapters, which was at the center of the attacks on the movement.

Political psychiatrists were part of somebody’s conspiracy to rule, we also found, and their plan was to be able to know all about the world’s leaders and influence them in their capacity of mental health experts. This was said in their “Mental Health”-literature, sometimes bluntly, sometimes in convoluted language. Programs to quash political psychiatry were initiated by us and carried out.

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, once ~ in 1967 ~ stated in a taped speech, Ron’s Journal ‘67, that the world was ~ for all practical purposes ~ governed by a handful of super-rich people. The political psychiatrists, mostly Marxist in their worldview, were just the section of the conspiracy, which quite naturally dealt with Scientology. Scientology was a perceived threat to them for more than financial reasons, it was thought.

We were not focused on Jews at all then, I don’t think they were ever mentioned, and I certainly did not suspect then, that they had much to do with the problem of world unrest.

I remember now, however, that there were many Jewish-sounding names in the political psychiatry organizations, such as “The National Association for Mental Health” and others. Checking up on it today I find, that Jewish names dominate the entire fields of psychiatry and psychology.

I can see today also, that quite a few Jewish names were in prominent positions in even the Scientology organization already then. (Geoffrey C. Filbert in 1982 mentions many Jews on staff in Scientology in his two-volume book Excalibur Revisited, vol. II, 468)

It apparently got much worse with Scientology since, and the organization has today been taken over by a powerful, small group, and I think it is today probably in Jewish hands, as so many other activities, particularly in the field of psychology, psychiatry, New Age mental techniques and the like.

The sudden tax-exempt status at the exact time they attacked Willis Carto in Institute for Historical review, and the way they compared themselves with Jews, when Germany attacked Scientology there, indicate this.

Anyway, this is how I was introduced to conspiracy as a subject. Reading many, many books later on Jews and the powers behind the scenes, convinced me beyond doubt, that at least the driving force, the cohesiveness, the money and the brainwashing media of the world are so overwhelmingly Jewish that it would be as futile to call a world conspiracy other than Jewish, as it would be calling the “Russian Revolution” anything but “The Jewish Revolution in Russia”.

And everybody actually believes in conspiracy of one kind or another. We all know there was a conspiracy to kill Caesar once, the term exists today in ordinary American law: conspiracy to do this and that, and even Hillary Clinton said a conservative or republican conspiracy existed against her husband during the Monica Lewinsky sex-scandal in The White House.

We are just not allowed, by the all-powerful media ~ to believe one exists in politics today, especially not one to dominate the world, and most particularly not a conspiracy run by Jews. Although papers do exist, such as the old Illuminati papers, later voluminous Communist plans, and quite recent UN and other papers for World Government.
All these plans certainly are not democratic, and not meant to be presented to the people of the world before implementation.

And the oldest plan for world domination is a racist one in The Torah of the Jews. It is played down as such a plan ~ by the leaders of Jewry, and ~ again, by the all-powerful mass media of the world, being in Jewish hands, but the plan is still on and very much followed.

The secrecy and the lying that surround the Torah, makes it, and even more, its follow-up, The Talmud, a blueprint for a racist conspiracy, directed against particularly the Gentile, Western world.
Political Zionism is just the latest logical implementation of the racist, supremacist philosophy contained in them. Let me quote a passage from an early book by Douglas Reed, Far and Wide, from 1951, which in an interesting way describes the real aim of Zionism while quoting the central personality of Zionism during the 50 years that preceded the formation of Israel as a Zionist state, Chaim Weizmann, and his book, Trial and Error. Reed writes :
“‘Of those ‘first rank statesmen’ who in 1917 prepared the first triumph of Political Zionism, Lord Robert Cecil (Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs) is exceptionally important because he alone (Dr. Weizmann says), ‘saw in it its true perspective as an integral part of world stabilization. To him the re-establishment of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the organization of the world in a great federation were complementary features of the next step in the management of human affairs.’

I do not know, but doubt, if Lord Robert Cecil ever explained the matter to his own people like that, but in these words a much bigger nigger pops out of the woodpile.

In them the ‘National Home’ no longer appears as an all-satisfying end in itself, as it was first presented to be; or even as the basis of a future Zionist State, which it was denied to be.

The words contain the true shape of the whole ambition, as I believe it to be, for they speak of world stabilization, of a world federation, and of managing mankind.

If this future world federation is to surmount nations, why had it to begin with the creation of a new nation, the Zionist one, unless the ‘management of human affairs’ is to be assumed by that one?”
But what use is it really to say or establish, that a Jewish power-elite rules us through a conspiracy? As it is so difficult for most people to grasp such a situation, and as the mass media have succeeded very well in making ridiculous the concept of conspiracies, as something only lunatics and the extreme Right, the “neo-Nazis”, believe in, the likeliness of people waking up by these revelations alone is not too promising.

Therefore the usefulness of model no.1 is rather small for other than intellectual satisfaction and historical education, as I see it now. That does not invalidate its correctness, in my view. And it is very necessary for a newcomers understanding of the whole situation in the world.

Douglas Reed and his later book The Controversy of Zion sheds a lot of light on this model. And I think he has explained best of all the dual Jewish-led conspiracy of pressure from above by money, propaganda and perversion of governments and from below from excited mobs, be they red revolutionary or as today, large minorities of third world colored immigrants ready to make trouble from inside Western countries. It is not a conspiracy consisting of only a few Jewish “elders”, and also not one that includes all, or most Jews.


The most important proponent for the Darwinistic explanation of the Jewish Problem, as a more or less secret war waged by Jews, through millennia, against primarily the white race today, is, of course, professor Kevin MacDonald with his trilogy A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Separation and Its Discontents and The Culture of Critique.

His theory of how evolution has worked on group behavior over time to make up a distinct Jewish group survival mechanism that involves the various known Jewish characteristics is for many people the last word on The Jewish Problem, because it comes closest to the exact demands of natural science, and because it has been so solidly documented.

I have, however, for the purpose of my summary, chosen Dr. David Duke as the person to represent this theory, because he has popularized the theory through his book Jewish Supremacism, and has taken it as the basic understanding of what Gentiles are up against, in his many speeches on the problem (ex.: Aug. 22, 2005):

Judaism and the Jewish people are developed as a tribal survival mechanism, an evolutionary mechanism, or a response to being constantly a minority, developed over three thousand years, and it has to a degree become inborn in the individual Jews. To an extent their behavior is genetically governed, and they are also to be regarded as a race, because they have to a large extent remained separated ~ by their own choice, because of their racist religion ~ from the populations among which they dwelled for a very, very long period of time, thus developing specific Jewish genes, some of which influence behavior.

Just as importantly this evolutionary mechanism has worked on the Jewish group as a whole and created a particular cohesiveness and internal brotherhood, and at the same time a marked enmity and hatred against other populations, particularly the Christians of the West.

David Duke quotes (radio lecture August 4, 2005) a central text from Kevin MacDonald on this, it says:
“The present, judaized cultural Imperium in the West is maintained by a pervasive thought control, propagated by the mass media, and extending to self-censorship by academics, politicians, and others, well aware of the dire personal and professional consequences of crossing the boundaries of acceptable thought and speech about Jews and Jewish issues. It is maintained by zealously promulgated, self-serving, and essentially false theories of the nature and causes of anti-Semitism”
The Jews are the only people, which have managed to stay apart from other peoples of the world in this way, through the centuries, and genetic research in recent years shows, that say Moroccan Jews and European Jews are many times more like each other genetically, than they are like their respective host peoples of Morocco and Europe.

Because they have for so many centuries seen the Christians and then the white race as their main competitors, they are actually fighting a centuries old war against us, that they are not frank and open about, and which very, very few whites are aware of.

Their most effective weapon, of course, is to have taken control of our societies, through a group effort, which has for a long period, now, dominated mass media, government institutions, international finance, and also some sciences, movements and institutions which supported their efforts and gave them intellectual weight.

These movements were/are the communist revolutionary movement and later socialistic movements, the Frankfurt School, the psychoanalytic movement, Boasian Anthropology, the civil rights movement, or anti-racism movements, the opening of borders in the West, the New York intellectuals, and latest: the neo-conservative movement, that has led America into wars to “stamp out evil” and a ”crusade” to establish Jewish controlled democracy in the Middle East and across the world.

David Duke, and also Ivor Benson, have termed the racist, extremist Jewish leaders who are the overwhelming majority of the powers of the Jewish society: “Jewish Supremacists”, borrowing from the mainly media creation of “White Supremacists”.
These Jewish Supremacists are simply behind all the main destructive developments and occurrences in the world, directly, as lawmakers, government top officials, lobby-organizations in America and many Western countries or financiers of destructive and subversive programs, which for instance inundate Western countries with colored immigrants, or more generally as media-tycoons in the propaganda that opens up for these many destructive actions.

They do this out of a deep hatred of the white race, which since childhood has been ingrained in them along with a duty to love and help their own race-brethren. David Duke adds that it seems they are much more driven by hate of others than love of themselves. On top of this well-researched and plausible theory of Jews and Judaism, David Duke holds a very easily defended position on the solution of The Jewish Problem.
We, the European part of mankind are simply allowed to do all we can to preserve our heritage and freedom, our very existence, which are under attack from the Jewish Supremacists. And we have got to wake up our people to the very real danger of being wiped off the face of the earth as a people, in a few generations.

If Jews are allowed to subvert and try to destroy us, we are allowed to resist this and take back our societies. So: No blaming of anyone, really, just “the survival of the fittest”.


What the Jewish Encyclopedia says about Jews:
"Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews . . . The Mongolian type of idiocy is also very frequently observed among Jews . . . Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large . . . Jews are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than are non-Jews." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, (1904), p. 556, 603-04). 

"The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia apear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).
This leads me to the third model.

When we see, how anti-Semitism has long been classified by leading Jews as a mental illness amongst Gentiles, and when we see how psychiatrists in the old Jewish-created monster, called the Soviet Union, classified opposition to the communist state as mental illness, and put opponents in mental hospitals, we are warned, that it is dangerous to leave the entire field of mental science or knowledge to Jews.

They then take the power to define who is mentally ill, and what constitutes mental health and mental illness. Jews are already heavily over-represented in both the usual fields of psychology and psychiatry, as they are in the alternative Human Potential movements.
As I said in the beginning it might seem very appropriate to ask: If Jewish leaders and intellectuals define “The Jewish Problem” as an irrational hate or dislike of Jews, or as a peculiar mental illness in Gentiles, would it not be much more to the point for Gentiles to define classical Jewish behavior in this way, that is: As mental illness.

How could we better characterize such behavior as committing treason again and again, lying and cheating routinely, leading on in crimes and depraving and destructive activities, creating communism and other corrupt social philosophies with hundreds of millions of victims, spying and warring on friendly host-societies, setting peoples of the world against each other for major wars, stealing a country and killing off its inhabitants, and all the time believing themselves to be a people, chosen by no less than God above all others with a divine right to do all these things. And the list is even far from complete!
This is one model of “The Jewish Problem” which has not been given so much attention in the last century, when the conspiracy model took over and now Kevin MacDonald’s model of group strategy, whereas it was the original model since before Christ.

For the Greeks and Romans commented on the many viles of Jews, and Christ says to the Jews (John 8:42-48)
“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do….”
Many other passages in The New Testament are no less anti-Semitic. And the famous church father Martin Luther, later in history, was quite bold about Jewish wickedness in his writings. His book The Jews and Their Lies” is without mercy and it was his last, well contemplated view of the matter, as the book was written shortly before he died. Many famous persons have since bluntly stated that Jews are evil or crazy in some way.

Both Douglas Reed and David Duke touch on this but mainly leave it alone for obvious reasons. It is so difficult and also dangerous to be specific about in the present Jewish-controlled public climate. It is the moral side of the question, the spiritual and mental dimension. For are we not dealing with evil? Are we not also dealing with some sort of mental illness, inborn or culturally based, when Jews have caused so many heavy problems in our societies for so long?

And are the techniques of domination on the part of the Jewish masters, in propaganda, finance, governments and the subversion of law and order, cultures and morals, not a wicked thing, whether Jews are acting on genetic impulses or following the tenets of their religion?
Are not a lot of lesser Jews ~ and also a significant amount of Gentiles, high and low ~ to be blamed for knowing very well about the Jewish-led policies of evil destruction, without doing anything about it, or even protesting it?

Isn’t it depraved, sick or evil to be living among a host people in the so-called Diaspora, pretending to be loyal members of the society, while carrying out subversive actions, being part of ~ or just condoning and knowing about such actions?

If we are to talk about human rights, are we not also in need of some human duties to behave in a minimally civilized and honest way with other people?

Are we not at the same time
dealing with a mental dullness
and materialistic superficiality
in the majority of Gentiles,
when they have let themselves be usurped
~ even over centuries,
and now even let themselves
become slowly exterminated,
through low birthrates,
vicious anti-white propaganda and laws
and heavy non-white immigration?

I saw, with my background in Scientology and other self-development techniques, for a long time, the main battleground of this war to be in the spiritual and mental arena. I saw, how the Western peoples let themselves be overrun by globalization and third world hordes, and succumbing to this without much more than a whimper.

I saw how they resembled the extinct bird of Mauritius, the Dodo bird, and therefore named my first website after it. It is still on the net at

I saw how the techniques of Hollywood in creating a different reality for the world resembled magic techniques, even black magic, and I saw how, progressively, magic persons, events and plots took hold in the movies and cartoons ~ often meant for small kids growing up on this stuff.

I remember reading Neal Gabler’s book An Empire of Their Own about the Jewish owned Hollywood, and how it has gradually replaced the American reality by its own synthetic reality, which they are now working at making the world’s common reality ~ with a lot of success.
Jewish leaders boast that given enough MTV even radical Moslem youths can be turned into docile pop-addicts like western youths. This current of magic creation of a reality goes way back in Jewish life, and is therefore not a coincidence, in my opinion. The basic definition of magic is to create by will a reality (thing or occurrence) in the physical universe.

Also I saw, how Jews had for long dominated the Sciences or attempts at sciences of the mind, they were very much over-represented among psychiatrists, psychologists, mental therapists, and I could add: in the New Age wave. Also in the systems I got better acquainted with, Scientology and Landmark Education, two very well known phenomena in the USA. And of course, the psychoanalysis movement stemming from Freud was Jewish, as demonstrated by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.
Also Ivor Benson mentions in his book The Zionist Factor, p.95, how the covert antagonism of “a tightly knit inassimilable (Jewish) minority” has been practiced in innumerable forms.
Always it has been for destroying the Gentile societies they lived in, never described better than in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion no matter the controversy about their authorship. He says, also referring to the book The Myth of Psychotherapy by the (Jewish) psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Szasz:

“One of the major factors in this process of culture distortion, without which the rest would have been impossible, has been the falsification of all those academic disciplines which have to do with the study of man, like anthropology, psychology, ethnology, human genetics, political science and history.

The malevolent corruption of scientific doctrine is nowhere better exemplified than in psychology, that science which per definition concerns itself with the operations of the psyche, and it is precisely where most damage can be done that the anti-Semitic smear, or the fear of it, has exerted a major influence in our century…”
The crux of the matter is,
that just as the Boas school of anthropology,
the Freudian school of psychoanalysis,
are “not a matter of science at all,
but of Jewishness”
so are the many other mainstream schools
in disciplines that deal with the study of man,
and here comes also the dogma
of the six million Jews gassed by the Germans,
which is not at all history, but Jewishness.

Complaints about Jews have often been their lying, falsity, hypocrisy: Whether these are understood as camouflage technique like those of the chameleon or they amount to a conspiracy of some sort, they are undeniably traits which bring others in deep trouble continually.

As these others have usually been the host peoples among whom Jews lived through the centuries, it can be said, that hospitality, or at least tolerance, often to an astounding degree, was rewarded, routinely, by enmity treason and usurpation through centuries.

Hypocrisy and double standards
to the point of advocating a racially segregated society
~ Israel ~ for oneself,
and a multi-cultural society for the rest of humanity,
is of course hypocrisy on a very large scale.

Hypocrisy to the point of advocating equality
and human rights for all peoples and races,
and racism and a status of being chosen by God for oneself,
is of course hypocrisy on a very large scale too.

Hypocrisy to the point of advocating
internationalism and international treaties for peace,
binding every country in the world,
while letting one country ~ one’s own
~ get away with any criminal breach of international law,
is of course hypocrisy on an enormous scale.

And of course the trouble is not only the hypocrisy, which would be difficult enough to live with all by itself. It is hypocrisy about a persisting goal to destroy the host nation and its people, using all conceivable underhanded methods.

David Duke has said in a radio-show how Jewish supremacist and deceitful behavior comes just as naturally as when the jaybird appropriates another birds nest. No conspiracy-theory needed.

Dr. (William L.) Pierce stated in a radio-show, Great Masters of the Lie how it was the Jewish ability to lie convincingly that had persuaded him that the ability lay in the genes

But, in any case, when hypocrisy ~ falsity ~ lies ~ and lies about persistent aims to harm and destroy those, in who’s homeland you came as a guest, when such lies are perpetuated for centuries ~ even millennia ~ in a particular people, whether this behavior then becomes ingrown in the genes of the people or whether it is merely regenerated by cultural and religious tradition and command, it seems in any case certain, that it leaves this people in a very unhealthy mental state.

If a person is habitually involved in Orwellian double-think and double-speak, he ends up in a less than sane state. He must at the same time hold two opposite realities in place for himself: That what he says is true, just because he is actually saying it and wants to be right/or because he is right per definition, being of a superior race, while at the same time knowing it to be a factual falsity, an untruth, a lie, a ruse, a trick for the stupid Goyim, he then fits the description of a split personality, or a schizophrenic.

If a group of people behaves this way over many centuries, the end result cannot be other than an accumulation of these less than sane behaviors. Both George Orwell and Ivor Benson, (p. 115-117) comment on the way double-think welds together reality and unreality in the experienced practitioner.

The Jews seem to be able to somehow live with the strains of this better than Gentiles. An example was Whittaker Chambers, witness in the famous ~ or infamous ~ Alger Hiss Soviet espionage case in 1948-1950). He had been broken by living in two different mental worlds and now had to cleanse himself of the (Soviet) influences which had, he now found, been almost completely Semitic (p. 116)

Several times during his radio-lectures, David Dukes says about some specific Jewish scheme “it’s simply insane”, as when the Jewish neo-cons create a war for Israel in Iraq and are now building up to a new, much larger war, against Iran. Or as when they want to sell a major American oil company to China in their frenzy to further their beloved globalization agenda, with no genuine thought for America.

There is probably no better way to characterize leading Jewish supremacists who are behind or support such schemes, which are truly insane. Not mentally sane. It is even more obviously insane when a war against Iran could very possibly involve nuclear weapons, and possibly mean a new world war, and this time a nuclear one.

To reign in a nuclear desert, which would be the vision for these neo-cons, could only make sense if they were extraterrestrials, having themselves no need for non-polluted air, water, food and environment. Otherwise they will finally have no-one and nothing to ruler over, and will even die themselves. This utopia is insane.

But that is as nonsensical as the authoritative version of the Jewish Utopia, as it is described in the Torah and Talmud. The Jewish Utopia ( see The Jewish Utopia by Michael Higger) is of a materialist, cloudy nature. It comes down to a simple story of solely the so-called “righteous” surviving on the day of judgment, when the Jewish Messiah comes.

The righteous are those Jews who have piously followed all the Jewish laws and regulations, including the murderous ones, and the righteous non-Jews are simply those who submit themselves to the Jews and understand that they are the chosen masters of the earth. The Jewish king will then rule the world from Jerusalem, where gold and diamonds will adorn all the streets. All wealth will be directed toward Jerusalem.

This is the entire vision. This is what comes after all has been destroyed in bloody war and revolution.

That is all.


It seems to me that both the conspiracy model and the group survival strategy model are of great value, that they are supplementary, and that it is mainly a question of tactic, which one is preferred.

I think Douglas Reed in The Controversy of Zion has proven the existence of a conspiracy very well. Obviously it goes on at the top of society, in government, international finance and media, mainly. And obviously it is more apt to call it such at the beginning of some activity than later, when it has become a fashion.

A conspiracy can still exist today at top levels and through the built-in secrecy in Judaism and the Jewish community, stretch down to lower levels in this, without giving these Jews more blame for the activities than maybe saying and doing nothing about mischief, when they ought to speak out. And maybe getting some advantages from belonging to the group. This is what Gentile masses are also guilty of.
Many occurrences, both through history and in recent years, point to conspiratorial activity.

The way “Holocaust-denial” has gradually been criminalized and routinely been grouped with child-pornography,

the way the media have kept Jewish pre-knowledge of 911 out of public scrutiny.

The way the media as one voice demonize the present Iranian president, using the exact same lie, that he plans to wipe out Israel.

Or the way Solszhenitsyn has been made a non-person a la Douglas Reed after writing his two-volume work about the Jews in Russia, a work which has not even been translated into English, although he is a Nobel Prize winner.
If one chooses the group strategy model, it makes many more Jews involved than if one limits the implicated persons as in a conspiracy, at the same time you might say, Jews in a way become “innocent” of the various damages, “they” inflict, because they just can’t help being that way, maybe even having the urges in the genes, as a cat must catch mice.

And it may come closer to the truth.

The way so many fields have been taken over by Jews and the large number of Jews involved, for such a very long period of time, speaks against the secrecy of a conspiracy. And the behavior makes good sense as a group survival mechanism of a minority, if you leave the moral aspects alone, as you must in this explanation.

The thoroughness of the trilogy written by Kevin MacDonald is without peer in any study of this kind, and the many proofs of what has happened is, in my view, the main strength of this work.

Both of these models, however, only offer hope of a solution by letting people know what has happened to them, so they can cleanse themselves of the Jewish domination and subversion. This ought to be done non-violently, as both the moral way and the only feasible way, say both Douglas Reed and David Duke, but some, such as Hamas in Palestine, do not have the patience, and advocate violence.

Some modern phenomena, i.e. phenomena of after The Second World War, make a reappraisal of the “Mental Illness Model” interesting. And in this light I will compare it with the other two.
1) The first is the advent of a research line ~ or a so-called “Science of Evil” – called “Ponerology” after Greek “Poneros”= evil (or “lousy”), and “logia”= study,

2) The second is the surge of superstitious, supernatural and magic movies and cartoons from Hollywood.

3) The third is the advent of many mental self-improvement techniques and the New Age wave of an alternative psychology.

4) The fourth is the incredible growth in mass media, and the concentration of international big and anonymous money, in Jewish hands and supporting Jewish agendas. But happily, also the advent of the internet, as an exploding and ~ yet ~ fairly free medium.

5) Finally the invasion of colored peoples into white countries, led by Jewish propaganda and subversive laws, forcibly and dramatically changing social realities in these countries and leading to the disappearance of European mankind in the long run

This is a very interesting new subject. It is, in other words “The Study of Evil” (or “Lousiness”) or “Science of Evil” or “Science of psycho-pathology”.

Five researchers, Raine, Hare, Cleckley, Lobaczewski and Stout, have over the last 15 years attempted to describe what constitutes the conduct, that religion has called “evil”, or what is commonly called the psychopath or sociopath.

They have isolated about 30 traits as psychopathic and if an individual has say “4 of these in a very pronounced form, there are grounds for concern”~ then watch out (see “The Barnes Review” jan/feb. 2007). On the other hand it does not make one psychopathic to have a few of them and momentarily.
The key traits are: he (usually male) is radically self-centered, slick, lying, manipulative, ruthless, sadistic, focused and, sometimes insanely fearless.
L. Ron Hubbard (who has himself often been accused off being one of these psychopaths, which however doesn’t make his observations invalid) included the trait, that such persons did not respond to any betterment-techniques. Some would say that these traits correspond very exactly to an “anti-Semitic” stereotypic view off the Jewish behavior through history ~ and today.

The researchers however have found that these psychopaths or sociopaths exist in the same proportions of all mankind, all ethnicities, they are seldom in mental institutions, and the researchers find that
they constitute around 4 per cent of the general society, and a much higher percentage of the top strata of society, because these types seek power, and apparently often get it.
Here is where the Jewishness comes in. As Jews are so overwhelmingly represented at the top of Western societies, it is quite natural, if many of the most powerful and dangerous psychopaths are also Jewish, and no wonder, if Western societies and people are being victimized by psychopathic Jewish types seconded by just as psychopathic Gentile boot lickers.

Douglas Reed mentions in chapter 1 “The Start of the Affair”, in the Epilogue and in the Chapter “The Destructive Mission” of his The Controversy of Zion how being a “good Jew” following all the rules of Judaism, automatically means a destructive Jew, and he says that during the writing of the book he felt “evil” existing tangibly in the events he described, he thought, the Jewish people would eventually turn their back on Judaism and Zionism and the racism, he said had begun with the creation of the racist Law of the Jews, 500 years BC.

He thought the truth about what had happened would wake up people, Jews and non-Jews, and therefore he wrote the book about the conspiracy.

A learned friend of mine has explained to me, that Jewish scriptures possibly date only back to the time of Alexander the Great and that anything earlier is made up, just as most of the stories are. The learned Jewish high priests were envious of the flowering Hellenistic culture, so overwhelmingly around them, and so they took many Greek writings, places, gods and especially values and turned them upside down in sheer envy and hatred, in their own writings, the Torah, to gain control of their tribe.

In this way, for instance, the Greek love of beauty and knowledge was turned upside down ~ and into the tale of Adam and Eve, who were expelled from Paradise, for eating of the forbidden fruit of wisdom/knowledge. This may be the root of the misery, if so ~ no wonder then, if 2.500 years of envy, hatred, deception and self-deception have left a trace on Jews as a people.

David Duke and Kevin MacDonald also describe what has happened to the world via the Jewish influence, and David Duke makes an immense effort to wake up Western people to the danger, that they are being ethnically cleansed by the Jewish Supremacists of today. He does not accuse Jews of evilness, but says whites are entitled to defend themselves against these Jewish attempts.
Duke says, that he thinks “One can defend his own heritage without destroying that of others” and leaves it at that. This is a very defendable position and should therefore be advanced.
But understanding the element of psychopathy is very important, too, for our defense. Maybe techniques can be found to help these psychopaths ~ Ron Hubbard actually advanced a whole section of techniques dealing with this, and as I remember, with quite astounding effects on the not too hard-core types. In the meantime the more normal part of mankind does well to understand and to see such behavior for what it is.


Because the age-old vision of the Jewish Utopia was so poor and nonsensical, and the Messiah never came, there was always, in Jewish life, a strong spiritual/magic undercurrent, which compensated for the lack of messianic rescue and common sense in the message. It existed as a conspiratorial Jewish mystique among learned rabbis and it broke out at intervals among the lower Jewish classes as sheer superstition and belief in witchcraft, and has so much been a part of Jewish life, that, in my opinion, it much better characterizes Jewish ideology than anything else: magic and superhuman abilities (see Paul Johnson A History of the Jews). ~ it is now having a dangerous and, in my view, very influential comeback in many of the movies and cartoons from Hollywood.

It is also having a revival in the growing interest in Jewish Cabbala, and I think that magic power is a reality for many Jews who lead or undertake mental training in the New Age movement. Possibly also for many others. But extremist Jews really believe they are superhuman. (see “”Chabad Lubavich” movement homepage or quotes from these by David Duke).

Whether magic abilities do exist I do not know, but I will not rule it out, just as the soul of man is not ruled out, to my knowledge, no matter how many mental traits seem to have genetic foundations. I think it is very much a question of definition, for I do believe that a power of will exists, which certainly has results in the physical universe.

And great discoveries in this field are probably awaiting us. We must not leave the field to Jews because it seems spooky. The way we have seen Jewish efforts change the realities of our society, utilizing mainly the weapon of mass media, is such a phenomenon.

Communism was actually a piece of black magic. It was rape of reality. They also rely on the weapon of mass media propaganda to keep up the Jewish victimhood and religious status of the Six Million gassed. And generations growing up in a sea of magic cartoons and movies, where the line between reality and unreality are blurred, will be easy victims for any new creation or reality, the Jewish Supremacist may like.


We do need help, techniques or systems to get people to wake up from their suicidal, materialistic slumber, and it is in this field of the mind, that the battle for the minds and hearts is waged.
This is the basic understanding of Douglas Reed, Ivor Benson, David Duke and the leaders of National Alliance and similar groups, and they are all frustrated because it is so difficult to wake up white people.
We should therefore accept, that a development in mental techniques has taken place and that it can be used both to better brainwash people and to help wake up people and make them happier and more effective. I have tried a few systems myself, Scientology, thoroughly, Landmark Education and Knowledgism, less thoroughly, plus others, and I am sure many other self-development routes will work for people.

Let us not get lost in nonsense, but let us also not forsake workable help because of contempt of the whole subject. Let us realize that the study of man has been dominated by Jews, and let us get involved in the building off a genuine Science of man ourselves.

I am not involved in any self-development organization today. And the Scientology-organization not since 1978. But the field has always interested me, and I see it as the nucleus of a Science of man that we need. My point is, that many of the techniques, which L. Ron Hubbard presented to the public to be used for self-betterment, have actually helped thousands of people, I have personally felt their workability, and some of the effects are to make people wake up and take responsibility for their lives, to have more power in their lives.

Hubbard took from others, and since then many took from Hubbard. He has been called “the Henry Ford of the occult”, for bringing ~ possibly ~ occult techniques to ordinary people. He has been a milestone in the Human Potential Movement, and therefore I let him personify the “Mental Model” and the “Human Potential Movement” in spite of the many controversies surrounding him and his organization.

Whether some of these techniques have a long tradition in philosophy or in the occult, or whether they can be simply explained in terms of well-known, natural capacities in humans, we should use them actively for our cause of surviving as white Europeans and for ridding the world of the Jewish yoke.

In spite of the fact, that the psychoanalytic movement was dominated by Freud and other Jews, and in spite of the fact that we cannot prove whether we have a spiritual soul or not, we need and can profit from such techniques, and we would leave the field to the Jews at our peril.


The power of mass media has grown exponentially since Douglas Reed wrote about it (1953-56). The power to create a totally synthetic reality by these media, especially in the young and the coming generations, is great.

Jews can fairly easily create a reality, that Six million Jews were gassed, or anything else they might want to create, irrespective of truth, historical and physical reality, when they practically own and direct all mass media outlets, and slowly they are lowering both the moral standards and the ability to separate reality from unreality, and if “unreality” then rules, it will be “reality” and not a pleasant reality for the white people, as we know now.

We must counter this development the best we can by exposing the brainwashing-techniques, that are employed, and again, I think, we should encourage others to do some sort of “wake-up” courses, and take them ourselves too. Maybe it would be an idea to start exchanging experiences at forums like “Stormfront”.

The internet is the miracle on our side, our main weapon, But, gradually, as a boomerang the mass-medias’s power can be turned around against the brainwashers.

Everything goes so much faster today than 50 years ago, but worldwide eruptions of the effects of The Jewish Problem also bring many more groups against the Jewish world conquest.

Just see how Muslims are being galvanized for resistance and cleansing of Jewish dominance. The main object is to steer this fight free of violence and make it a “velvet revolution” against the Jewish yoke.

The censorship laws, the “human rights” and racism-accusations can be effectively used against Jewish Supremacists, and have been used successfully so in Russia and Ukraine. The themes of “evil” and “mental illness”, which are so widely used against Gentiles by Jewish Supremacists, can easily be turned around against themselves.

It must be done in a peaceful and civilized way. But as Douglas Reed explains in The Controversy of Zion ~ the chapter titled “The Destructive Mission”, a “good Jew” is bound to be a destructive member of the Western World. This seems to also be the understanding of the explosively growing internet-site “ZioPedia”, run by Andrew Winkler and his idea of starting a “Jew Anonymous” movement, like “Alcohol Anonymous” ~ to wean Jews away from Jewishness. We must help them in this while protecting ourselves from their schemes all along.


Finally, the colored invasion into Western countries is the most dangerous weapon the Jews have yet used, and must be used to wake up Westerners to the danger, before it is too late. This invasion did not exist at the time Douglas Reed wrote his book, but it is very well documented by Kevin MacDonald and David Duke, how the Jews have led this invasion into the West, and for what purpose.

It is supposed to be the final coup de grace against the white race, while all the other destructive programs are also put in “overdrive”: multi-cultural propaganda, consolidating ownership of all values in the West by mergers, take-overs, even mortgaging of private homes far above the chimney. And by urging on still more wars, now maybe one against Iran, while those neo-con insane individuals have a totally submissive American president who does their bidding for yet a couple of years.

Yes, we are in a hurry. Yes, there certainly is a conspiracy. Yes, Judaism and the Jewish people certainly has served well as a survival strategy for many years. But this must come to a ~ peaceful ~ end, for the effects on the rest of mankind have been truly psychopathic.

Knud Eriksen


According to Grama Rabbi Saadya Grama’s 2003 book Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (On the Exalted Nature of Israel and Understanding Its Exile)
“The differences between Jews and gentiles are not religious, historical, cultural or political. They are, rather, racial, genetic and scientifically unalterable. ... Jewish successes in the world are completely contingent upon the failure of all other peoples. Only when the gentiles face total catastrophe do the Jews experience good fortune.”
Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg, Maclean's Magazine, September 5, 1967:
"If anything, the law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods...But legislation cannot change the human heart. The only way we can accomplish that, the only we can achieve a Final Solution to racial prejudice, is to create a mélange of races so universal that no one can preen himself on his racial 'purity' or practice the barbarism to safeguard it.

The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. And it may be that time is growing short. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the colored. The sooner we adjust to this fact, the better it will be for our children.

For we might well acknowledge, even the most enlightened of us, that we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races."
Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957:
“In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in every walk of life, the professions and sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." 
Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor:
“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists……Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

A report from Europe carried the following speech of Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952:

"Greetings, my children; You have been called her to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years [They did not precipitate World War III but they did instigate the Korean War when on June 25, 1950 they ordered the North Korean army to launch a surprise attack on South Korea.

On June 26, the U.N. Security Council condemned the invasion as aggression and ordered withdrawal of the invading forces.

Then on June 27, 1950, our Jewish American President Truman ordered air and naval units into action to enforce the U.N. order. Not achieving their full goals, they then instigated the overthrow of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, Premier under Bao Dai, who deposed the monarch in 1955 and established a republic with himself as President. Diem used strong U.S. backing to create an authoritarian regime, which soon grew into a full-scale war, with Jewish pressure escalating U.S. involvement].

The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave (Applause from the gathering).

You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930's, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world. A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage while a nation-wide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America. This campaign is forcing all the smaller nations to choose between the partnership of Russia or an alliance with the United States.

Our most pressing problem at the moment is to inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans. The failure of the Universal Military Training Act was a great setback to our plans, but we are assured that a suitable measure will be rushed through Congress immediately after the 1952 elections. The Russians, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of Anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany.

We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to whip up indignation in the United States and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power. Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage Anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their largest cities.

This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which then can be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit. (Note: ~ Protocol of Zion No. 9, para. 2, states that anti-Semitism is controlled by them. At the time of this speech they had already commenced their campaign of anti-Semitism in Czechoslovakia).

Within five years, this program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israeli, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles.
We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions.
 Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites.
The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark race,
the White Men with black women
Thus the White Race will disappear,
for the mixing of the dark with the White
means the end of the White Man
and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory.
We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.

Question from the gathering: Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War?

Rabinovich: There will be no more religions. Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an after-life would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us. We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us.

(Note: Protocol of Zion No. 17 para. 2, states: 'Now that freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere (as a result of their efforts they have previously stated) only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that [Hated] Christian Religion. As to other religions, we shall have still less difficulty with them.')

We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace.

I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand lesser Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay. To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the White Man into weapons against him. His printing presses and Radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him.

Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Program (viz. Colombo Plan) for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.

And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israeli will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World." (Note: Every statement made by Rabinovich is based on agenda contained in the "Protocols of Zion.")

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In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom,freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. ~ Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29

These pro-Israel people like pledges: they tried to force me to sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel. When I refused, it was trench warfare, hand to hand combat every day I was in the Congress, and the U.S. people never knew that I was fighting to remain independent for them. To make real peace and to find real justice. Here, they have the whole of the U.S. government making pledges to them!!! Unbelievable. ~ Cynthia McKinney, PhD

“The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe ~ whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists ~ we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” ~ Herman Wouk


“Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the black colored people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” ~ Maimonides


“All of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther”. ~ Martin Luther



"If [Jews] are as wise as they claim to be, they will labour to make Jews American, instead of labouring to make America Jewish. The genius of the United States of America is Christian in the broadest sense, and its destiny is to remain Christian. This carries no sectarian meaning with it, but relates to a basic principle which differs from other principles in that it provides for liberty with morality, and pledges society to a code of relations based on fundamental Christian conceptions of human rights and duties." ~ Henry Ford


“It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 11


The real God of the Universe does not have “Chosen” in the first place because he is perfect as we understand and predilection is a human weakness. The Jews invented the OT to fool humanity as always. The real God of the Universe does not send any body to kill, destroy his own creation, to rape, to maim, to create misery and havoc on other people. Don’t you get it? the God in the OT is a monster, is another one of the many Gods in the dessert, those sacrifices offered to God are Satanic as their name and the Jews keep offering sacrifices to their God. Last year they immolated thousands of human beings in Gaza to their God Baal, Moloch, Azazel, Satan, Lucifer. ~Isaas, TUT


"I had been asked to sign a pledge for Israel when I first became a candidate for Congress and after refusing to do so my congressional career became trench warfare, hand to hand combat just to remain in the congress.

Ever since my refusal to sign that pledge for Israel the pro-Israel lobby let me know that my political net was in the hangman's noose it was the pro-Israel lobby they decided to tighten that noose." ~ Cynthia McKinney


"Himself a Jew, Marx has around him, in London and France, but especially in Germany, a multitude of more or less clever, scheming, agile, speculating Jews ~ such as Jews are everywhere: commercial or banking agents, writers, politicians, reporters for newspapers of all shades, with one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and with their arses sitted upon the German daily press ~ they have taken possession of all the newspapers ~ and you can imagine what kind of sickening literature they produce. Now, this entire Jewish world, which glut a single profiteering sect, a nation of blooksuckers, a single gluttonous parasite closely and intimately interlinked not only across national borders, but across all differences of political opinion ~ this Jewish world today stands for the most part at the disposal of Marx and, at the same time, at the disposal of Rothschild.


This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the largest banks? Ho-ho! The Communism of Marx seeks an enormous centralization of the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which profiteers from the labour of others, will always find a way to prevail. In reality, for the proletariat, this would be a barrack regime, under which the working men and the working women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work, and live at the beat of the drum." ~ Bakunin (1814-1876)


“We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General (Eisenhower)...The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result remembering it." ~ General Patton in Germany, diary entry Sept 17, 1945

The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the U.S. of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day.”

Marxism, to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere, was originated by Jew Karl Marx, himself of rabbinical descent and has been dominated by them from the beginning. Marx did not actually originate anything; he merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption.” ~ Elizabeth Dilling

Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.


The cruel canard ‘anti-Semitic’ does not apply for many reasons, not the least of which is the simple fact that the slanderous word itself is derived from language games for purposes of propaganda and in real world context has no validity. ~ Tom Valentine


Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.

Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy.

Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot'

than the stigma of conformity.

And on issues that seem important to you,

Stand up and be counted at any cost.

~ Thomas J Watson (1874-1956)


'There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.' ~ John Swinton, former Chief of Staff, The New York Times, 1953



Historically, Jews had always thrived in nations and empires with multicultural, pluralistic and tolerant environments, while they fared badly in strong ethnic or nationalistic societies. European Jews have always been the emblematic stranger or ‘other’. Therefore, by definition, a society where the stranger is welcome is good for the Jews, although they have not always appreciated this link. The future of European Jewry is dependent on our ability to shape a multicultural, pluralistic and diverse society. ~ Göran Rosenberg, Jewish author and journalist


American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief ~ one firmly rooted in history ~ that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of U.S. Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues. ~ Charles Silberman, Jewish writer and journalist


The Jew … Judaizes … he provokes religious indifference, but he also imposes on those whose faith he destroys, his own concept of the world, of morality, and of human life. The Jews detests the spirit of the nation in the midst of which they live. ~ Bernard Lazare


We will legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu


"Anti-Communism is Antisemitism." ~ Jewish Voice, July ~ August 1941.


We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own. ~ Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles. 1942.


According to the Talmud...."...When the serpent came unto Eve, he infused filthy lust in her (but) when Israel stood on Sinai, that lust was eliminated" ~ Talmud, Abodah Zarah 22b


As monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations ~ and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities. ~ Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003


"Some may call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism." ~ Rabbi Stephen Weiss.


It was hard for Satan alone to mislead the whole world, so he appointed prominent rabbis in different localities. ~ A Chasidic saying attributed to Nahman of Bratzlav, early 19th century


It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed." ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg


"The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts." ~ Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

"The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the the dog more than the non-Jew." ~ Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30

"Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form." ~ Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

Dear World, "I understand that you are upset by us here in Israel. Indeed, it appears you are very upset, even angry. So…it is because we became so upset over upsetting you, dear world, that we decided to leave you ~ and establish a Jewish State.” ~ Rabbi Meir Kahane, 1988


"A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." ~ Coschen hamischpat 405

"The souls of non-Jews come from impure sprits and are called pigs." ~ Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b

"Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human." ~ Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog." ~ Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b

"If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: "God will replace 'your loss', just as if one of his oxen or asses had died." ~ Jore dea 377, 1


"Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals." ~ Talmud Sanhedrin 74b


"It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile." ~ Sepher ikkarim III c 25

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah." ~ Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands." ~ Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God." ~ Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772


Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. ~ Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Magazine, Sep-Oct 2002


We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.

Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e., all Jewry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations ~ and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities. ~ Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003


Any trial based on the assumption that Jews and goyim are equal is a total travesty of justice. ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, June 6, 1989:


In 1492 CE, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion (after the fall of Muslim rule in spain).

This was the reply:

” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.
4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches. [Emphasis mine]
5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----
The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, La Silva Curiosa, by Julio-Iniguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608), on pages 156 and 157, with the following explanation: “This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.” ~ vide, photostat facing page 80. ~ The above was quoted from Waters Flowing Eastward by Paquita de Shishmareff, pp. 73-74


“[1] When the Lord your God brings you into the land that you are about to enter and occupy, and he clears away many nations before you ~ the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations mightier and more numerous than you ~ [2] and when the Lord your God gives them over to you and you defeat them, then you must utterly destroy them. Make no covenant with them and show them no mercy” (Deut 7:1-2).


"Compassion towards the wicked is really wickedness. It is along these lines that Rabbi Levi opened his speech in honor of Purim: (Talmud, Megillah, 11a): "If you do not uproot the inhabitants of the Land, and allow them to remain - they will become thorns in your sides, and will cause trouble for you in the Land in which you dwell." (Bamidbar 33:55) The mitzvah, then of wiping out Amalek [Palestinians], actually stems from the value of compassion and kindness - compassion on all those whom Amalek threatens to exterminate. This mitzvah is an ongoing one, and valid even today. Today, too, there are those ~ driven by a deep-seeded anti-Semitism - who desperately wish to kill us. These are the people whom the Torah commanded us to obliterate, to leave no memory of them." ~ Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed


Nachman Abramovic demonized Palestinian children stating: “They may look young to you, but these people are terrorists at heart. Don’t look at their deceptively innocent faces, try to think of the demons inside each of them. I am absolutely certain these people would grow to be evil terrorists if we allowed them to grow. Would you allow them to grow to kill your children or finish them off right now? Honest and moral people ought to differentiate between true humans and human animals. We do kill human animals and we do so unapologetically. Besides, who in the West is in a position to lecture us on killing human animals. After all, whose hands are clean?”


"Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet." ~ Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn


"The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism." ~ Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and Humanity, p. 143-144


If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there. ~ Moed Kattan 17a


The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the “children of Israel” will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands. ~ Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx.


"My opinion of Christian Zionists? They're scum, but don't tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now." ~ Bibi Netanyahu


It was hard for Satan alone to mislead the whole world, so he appointed prominent rabbis in different localities. ~ A Chasidic saying attributed to Nahman of Bratzlav, early 19th century


Gentiles exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world. Only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They are only here to work. They will work, they will plow. They will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” Rabbi Yosef, Sha Party, Jerusalem Post, 2011


"An example of the use of the Jewish code words Esau and Jacob is found in a sermon preached by Rabbi Leon Spitz during the Purim observances in 1946 (quoted here from the American Hebrew of March 1, 1946) : "Let Esau whine and wail and protest to the civilized world, and let Jacob raise his hand to fight the good fight. The anti-Semite . . . understands but one language, and he must be dealt with on his own level. The Purim Jews stood up for their lives. American Jews, too. must come to grips with our contemporary anti-Semites. We must fill our jails with anti-Semitic gangsters. We must fill our insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics. We must combat every alien. Jew-hater. We must Harass and prosecute our Jew-baiters to the extreme limits of the laws. We must humble and shame our anti-Semitic hoodlums to such an extent that none will wish or dare to become (their) 'fellow-travelers'.


This is what Trotsky, a Jew, was preparing for the Russians for the implementation of Communism, which Marx based on the Babylonian Talmud for Gentiles:

"We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color.

Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make the survivors shudder.


Remember my children, that all the earth must belong to us Jews, and that the gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing. ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed, 1812


The largest overseas banks will cooperate with us most closely. If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show the world what real power means.

By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being. So far our young men dressed in leather ~ the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza ~ oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!" ~ Secret Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, p 148


One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I’d had charge of executing Christ, I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a saviour out of mincemeat!”~ Rabbi Ben Hecht


The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks.”~ Al Goldstein (publisher of Screw Magazine).


"The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews ~ all of them in all different levels ~ is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle." ~ Rabbi Kook, the Elder, father of the messianic tendency of Jewish fundamentalism, said


"You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of every other major revolution in your history.

We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone." ~ Marclis Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926.


"The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World's immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N." ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Zionist, The Hidden Tyranny


Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency.

Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges.

They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.

After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.”

Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.” ~ American traitor, the Jew Edward Mandell House giving a very detailed outline of the New World Order plans that were to be implemented gradually over time to enslave the American people ... A PLAN THAT HAS BEEN REPEATED IN CANADA, AUSTRALIA, BRITAIN AND ELSEWHERE.


"You throw a little Jewish on top of that, you got trouble. You got a bunch of wild, crazy energy.

"Sorry that doesn't sound hippie. Sorry that doesn't sound like communal jubilant fun. Sorry I'm not a Pepper. Sorry I didn't pop out of a soda-pop ad, and life is just one big fucking cabaret, because a lot of what propelled Van Halen, what compels me and propels me is precisely this element. It's fury. If you approach me with anti-Semetic preconceptions, I'm not here to re-educate. I come from a whole different school of thought. If you don't get it on the first try, fuck you.

"I once heard somebody say to the Van Halens, "You guys play the music; the Jew sells it." Well, you're fucking right. And now that I'm gone, Van Halen stinks. Okay?

"Want to know why some of my contributions to Van Halen sound like they do? Didn't come from a smiling place in my soul. Not at all.

"Nobody ever said to Mick Jagger, "So, Mick, you're Episcopalian, aren't you?" Nobody ever took Jimi Hendrix aside and said, "So, Jimi, you're a Baptist, aren't you?" Much less start off the interview that way.

"Every step I took on that stage was smashing some Jew-hating, lousy punk ever deeper into the deck. Every step. I jumped higher 'cause I knew there was going to be more impact when I hit those boards. And if you were even vaguely anti-Semetic, you were under my wheels, motherfucker. That's where the lyrics came from, that's where the body language came from, that's where the humor came from, and where the fuck you came from. All equally as important. You want to know the ingredients? Don't ask if you don't want to know.

"What you get from repression and what you get from hatred is fury, and fury was one of the main trigger points for the great Van Halen. What you see now is a bunch of buffoons waddling around at the family barbecue, and their wives admonishing the children saying, "Don't worry, Daddy's just had a few too many Coors Lights and he's imitating what he used to do for a living when he played music, honey."

"What's missing is the testosterone. What's missing is the fury. What's missing is the passionate convicted commitment. And I got a lot of mine from my religious background. So y'all best stop imagining the way Dr. Zorba looked, or some defenseless Hasidic Jew with a little yarmulke on his head, 'cause that ain't here for you." ~ David Lee Roth


Rabbi Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America writes, “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end


“We infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out. A thousand years later the white race began to wake up ... we had to come up with a plan B ... so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish. Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath) Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein


Does worship of the Talmud pervade Judaism globally? Herman Wouk, Orthodox Jew and famed author of The Cain Mutiny, affirms, “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, ceremonies we observe ~ whether we are Orthodox, Reform,Conservative, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists ~ we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

From Jews Must Liveby Samuel Roth, pg. 22. “The organ is diseased. This disease is a sort of moral gonorrhea known as Judaism, which, alas, seems to be incurable. If you have any doubts, look at any Jew ridden country in Europe. If you need to be further convinced, take a look at what is happening in the United States.”


“Every synagogue we Jews build in a Christian country is a finger of scorn we point at our hosts; a sore finger we stick into their eyes, like the leering of a senile old woman who does all sorts of foul mischief before you, and feels safe in the knowledge that you will not lay hands on her for fear of contamination.” ibid., pg.


Sen. Al Franken: One of the widely disseminated stories was that no Jews died in the collapse of the Trade Towers because they had received calls telling them not to go to work that day.

To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul [September 11, 2001.].”


Tell me, do the evil men of this world have a bad time? They hunt and catch whatever they feel like eating. They don’t suffer from indigestion and are not punished by Heaven. I want Israel to join that club. Maybe the world will then at last begin to fear us…Maybe they will start to tremble, to fear our madness instead of admiring our nobility. Let them tremble, let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy, that we might go wild and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East, or that we might start World War Three just like that. ~ Ariel Sharon