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Freud's comfy couch, result of his discovery of the connections between comfort and the patient spilling his/her innermost secrets.
After my post the other day regarding “fear of government” now being legitimized as a “mental illness” I thought it might be interesting to pursue the subject a bit further. I discovered the following excellent article by the great Eustace Mullins regarding the criminal contributions of Sigmund Fraud (spelled Freud).



Freud’s success was courtesy of the efforts of his nephew, the equally criminal Jew Edward Bernais who not only bankrolled him in America but also applied many of Freud’s theories to his own rather diabolical ends of social manipulation to destroy the West.
November 5, 1997
Few Americans realize that the principal tool of Communist penetration in the United States is the pseudoscience of psychotherapy.
Not only have many patriots who opposed Communist subversion been imprisonedfor life without trial, but many others have been rendered helpless, their fortunes seized, and theirexposures of Communist treachery discredited by the accusation of “mental illness”.

In 1848, Karl Marx issued his Communist Manifesto, detailing the Jewish plans for subduing the gentile, but it was not until 1896 that the most workable system to achieve this goal, psychoanalysis”, was unveiled by his fellow Jew Sigmund Freud.

No one suspected at the time that Freud (pronounced Fraud) had invented the indispensable tool for the biological parasite in his quest to gain absolute control over the life of the gentile host.
Psychoanalysis became the instrument which the Jew used to probe the deepest recesses of the mind of the host, thereby learning his best secrets, as well as the hidden fears and doubts which could be exploited by a clever enemy in order to become his master.
Beginning his career as a medical student, Freud concentrated on the study of the nervous system, obtaining a degree in neuropathology. Up to this point, his education had been strictly scientific, conducted according to methodical Teutonic principles of study in the Vienna Medical School. He now abandoned these principles. For the rest of his life, he would be the typical Jewish adventurer, seeking one path after the other until he hit upon the one which would lead him to fame, riches and, more important than either of these to the Jew, power over the gentile host.

For several years, Freud experimented with “cocaine therapy” or, as a policeman might put it, drug peddling. The only outcome of this was that he himself became a convert, and continued to use cocaine throughout his life. Even today, cocaine is the favored drug of the wealthy and influential Jews in New York and Hollywood who control the minds of the American people through television and the news media. They are loyal to cocaine solely because it was the drug of their master, Sigmund Freud.

After Freud discovered that putting his patients on cocaine brought him no sudden wealth or prominence, he began to cast about for some quicker road to fortune. He seemed to have found it when he began to practice hypnosis on his patients. For more than a century, hypnosis had been the favorite practice of Europe’s most notorious charlatans, Mesmer, Cagliostro, and Charcot.

Freud now became the legitimate heir of these mountebanks. But how did he escape being branded by their well deserved reputations as necromancers and frauds? Early in his use of hypnosis, he made the fortunate discovery that it was no longer necessary to put his patients “under”, or to subject them to hypnosis in order to get them to reveal their innermost secrets. He had only to establish a suitable atmosphere of confidence and trust, and they would begin to talk about themselves.

As Thomas Szasz, the famed critic of this pseudo-science revealed in his book, THE MYTH OF PSYCHOTHERAPY,


Freud’s reputation as the great inventor of an entire new science rests solely on his discovery that he could get his patients to talk about themselves without the use of hypnosis. Nevertheless, much of the mumbo jumbo of psychotherapy was invented in order to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

Freud’s discovery freed him from the stigma of the charlatans of hypnosis, and put a great distance between him and his discredited predecessors such as Mesmer, the father of Mesmerism.
Nevertheless, the practice of psychoanalysis depends heavily on creating and maintaining a pseudo-hypnotic atmosphere in the psychiatrist’s office. The patient must be persuaded to relax, to place himself completely in the power of the psychiatrist, and to reveal his innermost self. Thus the pseudoscience of psychotherapy functions only because it is pseudohypnosis. No wonder that Freud is pronounced Fraud!
Once he had broken away from the unsavory reputation of his predecessors, and had put the stigma of charlatanism behind him, Fraud began to build an elaborate facade of intellectual supports for his new “science” of psychotherapy. This proved to be a difficult task, for, as Szasz has pointed out, psychotherapy is merely talk. It would not be easy to erect a vast superstructure of scientific procedures around the basic principle of a patient lying on a couch and chatting about himself to a listening doctor.

Nevertheless, Freud, exhibiting all of the talent of his race for bewildering and misleading the gentile host, proceeded to do just that.
He devised a “system” based upon incorrect and often obscene theories, using these theories to attack the basis of all family life by such developments as the “Oedipus complex”.
Not only has an “Oedipus complex” never existed, but Freud either completely misunderstood or more likely, purposely misrepresented, the entire basis of this “complex”. He based it upon an ancient Greek myth, the story of Oedipus. Although he first advanced the theory of the Oedipus complex in 1910, it was not until 1920 that he published three essays which purported to establish the foundations for this theory, the projection of “infantile sexuality”.
It has been said that the Oedipus complex is the nuclear complex of the neuroses and constitutes the most important part of their content, because this complex, appearing early in life, is the basis for all later neuroses. It represents the peak of infantile sexuality, which Freud claims appears in the first year of infancy, and forever after molds the nervous structure of the adult.
In fact, there is not the slightest evidence that “infantile sexuality” reaches its peak in the first year of life, or that there is even such a phenomenon as infantile sexuality.
Of course, this did not bother Freud. If there were no such thing as infantile sexuality, he would invent it. He built the Oedipus complex by tacking his pet sexual obsessions onto the myth of an ancient Greek King, Laius of Thebes.
When Laius consulted the Delphic Oracle to divine his future, he was told that a child born to him and his wife Jocasta would become his murderer. A son, Oedipus, was born to him, and he had the child set out to die on Mt. Cithaeron.

Years later, Oedipus, who had been rescued and brought up by a kindly shepherd who found him lying there, met Laius on a narrow path. After a quarrel as to who had the right of way, they fought, and Oedipus killed him. He continued on to the city of Thebes, where he met Laius’ widow, Jocasta, who was also his mother, and married her.

The shepherd then appeared, and revealed the true origin of Oedipus, who was overcome by remorse. He blinded himself, while Jocasta hanged herself. This legend, typical of its overtones of traditional Greek tragedy, had deep implications that we must become aware of our identity if we are to lead satisfactory lives, but Freud showed no understanding of this.
Instead, he completely distorted the legend by claiming that every male child, even in the first year of infancy, as it writhes in torments of infantile sexuality, is bedeviled by jealousy of the father, whom the child wants to kill so that he can have sex with his mother. Only a Jew could bring to a traditional myth such perversion and such distortion.

As Szasz points out, the Freudian elements, jealousy of the father and the desire to have intercourse with the mother, are completely lacking in the original myth.

Donald Wormell, writing in the Encyclopedia Britannica, notes that the Freudian interpretation has no similarity to the classical Greek story, because Oedipus as an infant had no jealousy of his father, whom he did not know, or any desire to have intercourse with his mother, whom he did not know.

Despite these inconsistencies, Freud claimed that much of the neurosis of the twentieth century was caused by the Oedipus complex. The frustration of the infant, being unable either to kill the father or to have sex with the mother, became “repressed”, and was thus mentally affected for the rest of his life. 
This tissue of distortions, falsities, and perversions became the cornerstone of Freud’s entire “science” of psychotherapy. Freud’s reputation as “the father of psychoanalysis” rests upon the Oedipus complex.

The second foundation of the Freudian system is Freud’s “theory of repressed homosexuality”.

Early in the course of his hypnotic treatment of patients, Freud had encountered a number of wealthy and dissolute aristocrats who, wearying of the usual vices of drug addiction, gambling and alcoholism, had taken up the practice of sexual perversion. After “treating” a number of these perverts, whose real problem was not so much their “homosexuality” as their boredom and their ability to spend as much money as they wished to purchase partners for their perverted acts, Freud decided that “homosexual impulses” were universal among men.

Why, then, did not most men engage in homosexual acts? 

Freud had a ready answer for this: 
They "repressed" their homosexual impulses.
Now that he had created the problem, Freud had only to erect a “scientific” foundation for it. This proved to be a simple task for one of his racial duplicity and lack of morals. He appropriated the greatest figure of Western culture, Leonardo da Vinci, to carry the banner of his new theory.

Freud decided that Leonardo da Vinci must have been a homosexual. Da Vinci had once been brought before a court on a charge of homosexuality, and had been acquitted. No other evidence existed that he had been a homosexual, and it had been several centuries since anyone had been around who could testify about it one way or the other. But Freud, the Jewish mountebank, found this important in order to denigrate da Vinci because he was great non-Jewish artist.

After a notable lack of success in his efforts to find any basis for his theory that da Vinci had been homosexual, Freud finally came upon a rather dubious recording of a faint childhood memory, in which Leonardo da Vinci wrote that a vulture came down to his cradle and struck him in the mouth with his tail. Eureka! Freud had found what he had been looking for.

He immediately interpreted this childhood memory, or dream, as an illustration of Leonardo’s “passive homosexuality”. Flimsy though this basis was, it became the cornerstone of Freud’s theory of universal repressed homosexuality among men.

Unfortunately, as Freud’s disciples have desperately sought to conceal for many years, Thomas Szasz reveals that Freud’s entire theory was wrong because of his defective scholarship. He had based his theory on a German text in which the translator had incorrectly translated Leonardo’s word for “toy kite” as a “vulture”. The tail of a toy kite had dragged across Leonardo’s cradle and brushed him. Freud, relying upon the wrong translation of the kite as a vulture, devised a complicated sexual theory by which Leonardo’s memory of the bird’s tail touching his mouth had been the conscious fulfillment of his subconscious homosexual desires!

From a wrong understanding, Freud now erected a vast superstructure of Leonardo’s entire art and, subsequently, the art of the Western nations being created from his homosexual nature.  
In so doing, Freud unleashed a terrible weapon against Western civilization.

Single-handedly, he created the enormous problem of the “gay” communities which plague America today. By identifying the greatest artist of Western culture as a homosexual, Freud gave an aura of respectability to a sexual deviation.

By his claim that all men have “repressed” homosexual desires, he unleashed a torrent of sexual acts and a great blow against established family life.

Young men who not only are searching for a career but who also have doubts about their sexual identity have only to abandon themselves to Freud’s theories, and they can, simultaneously release all their “sexual repressions”, thus avoiding the danger of terrible neuroses, but they can become great artists as well.
Only a Jew could have unleashed such a poisonous theory on the gentile community to further confuse and destroy it. Despite Freud’s theories, scientists today have begun to doubt that there really is such a thing as a “homosexual impulse”. 

Instead, they lean to the finding that there are sexual impulses which, in the absence of a member of the opposite sex, tend to turn to a member of the same sex, as in prison, the army or private schools. Such a finding, of course, is devastating to the “gay” community, which has sought to turn perverse impulses into a modern religion.

We could be accused of oversimplification if we sought to condemn the entire “science” of psychotherapy because its two principal foundations, Freud’s theory of repressed homosexuality and the Oedipus complex, have been shown to be little more than the products of his cocaine-stimulated imagination.

Realizing from the outset that Freud’s theories might be subject to serious challenge, later practitioners of psychotherapy have sought to erect an even more complex superstructure of psychological theories to bolster their basic technique of “talk”. In this campaign, they have produced millions of words, but not a single workable theory. 
As Thomas Szasz points out:
“Psychotherapy is secular ethics. It is the religion of the formally irreligious ~ with its language which is not Latin but medical jargon; with its codes of conduct, which are not ethical but legalistic; and with its theology, which is not Christianity, but positivism.”
For several years, before fixing upon his theories of psychotherapy, Freud had experimented with various other “treatments”, such as electrotherapy, baths and massages. The German Dr. Wilhelm Erb (1840-1921), in his Handbuch der Elektrotherapie, described his technique for applying electric shock to the genitals, which later became a favorite form of torture in Latin America. Erb “assumed” that the victims on whom he practiced this technique had “neurosis”.

During World War I, the most notorious practitioner of electric shocks was Dr. Julius Wagner-Jauregg, professor of psychiatry at the Vienna Medical School and former teacher of Freud.

Wagner-Jauregg was fond of using heavy doses of electric shock on soldiers who suffered nervous breakdowns during artillery barrages in combat zones. Despite heavy criticism, Wagner-Jauregg continued to use electric shock on soldiers throughout the war. Freud defended him against his critics, calling the soldiers “malingerers”.

In 1920, the Austrian War Ministry, in response to the public outcry against Wagner-Jauregg, conducted lengthy investigation of his mistreatment of soldier patients. Freud wrote a long memorandum defending Wagner-Jauregg’s torture technique of electrotherapy. 

“I know,” wrote Freud in Wagner-Jauregg’s defense, “that the motivating force in his treatment of patients is his humaneness”.

This was a typical Jew view of humaneness.

Electrotherapy was later replaced by chemotherapy, although Freud continued to use some electrotherapy on his patients. He explained it as “pretense treatment”, which he used to “keep in touch” with his patients.

Throughout his career, Freud was obsessed by sexual imaginings, which ranged from the ludicrous to the obscene. In one of his letters to Ludwig Binswanger, he wrote: “I have always lived on the ground floor in the basement of the building... I already found one for religion when I stumbled on the category ‘neurosis of mankind’.”

One of his last writings (July 12, 1938) contained this “gem”: 
“As a substitute for penis envy, identification with the clitoris; neatest expression of inferiority, source of all inhibitions.”

During the erecting of his psychotherapy empire, Freud was on the lookout for a suitable heir apparent. At one time he had selected a young non-Jewish doctor, Jung, after quarreling with his Jewish disciples. Jung spent much time with him, but found himself unable to accept Freud’s wild theories, and he finally dismissed Freud’s work as “too Jewish”.

“Above all, Freud’s attitude towards the spirit seems to me highly questionable. Wherever in a person or in a work of art, an expression of spirituality (in the intellectual, not the supernatural senses) came to light, he suspected it, and insinuated that it was repressed sexuality.” It took Jung several years to realize that the earthbound Jew was unable to comprehend anything spiritual, having to interpret it in the grossest physical sense, and he finally parted company with him.

It was Thomas Szasz, in THE MYTH OF PSYCHOTHERAPY, who writes most revealingly of Freud’s creation of “the science of psychotherapy” as an instrument of the Jew to be used to gain power over the gentiles. Szasz titled his chapter, “Sigmund Freud, the Jewish Avenger”. (Editor’s note: Mr. Mullins uses the word “gentile” meaning all non-Jews, not just Christians).

Freud himself was born a Jew, was given the Jewish name of Schlomo after his grandfather, a rabbi, and remained a Jew. Szasz further comments: 

“The inconsistency between Freud’s passionate anti-religious tirades and his profound commitment to Jewishness significantly highlights an important aspect of Freud’s personality and predilections, namely, his anti-gentilism. The popular image of Freud as an enlightened, emancipated irreligious person who, with the aid of psychoanalysis, ‘discovered’ that religion is a mental illness is pure fiction.”
Szasz then defines the Freudian psyche permanently by writing:
“Freud was throughout his life, a proud, chauvinistic, even vengeful Jew.”
Thus Freud’s famed “irreligiousness” was merely his anti-Christian, antigentile bias. In his “science” of psychoanalysis, Freud focused the hatred of centuries which the biological parasite had cultivated against the host, a hatred irreconcilably rooted in the biological situation of the parasite that must live off the host, and that can have no existence without this relationship.

Certainly the State of Israel typifies this relationship, as the entire budget of Israel is built on “loans”, “grants”, “gifts”, and the sale of worthless Israeli bonds.

David Bakan writes of Freud’s Jewishness: 

“Freud believed that anti-Semitism was practically ubiquitous in either latent or manifest form; the broad masses of England were anti-Semitic ‘as everywhere’; he refused to accept royalties of Hebrew and Yiddish translations of his works; he was sympathetic to Zionism from the first days of the movement and was acquainted with and respected Herzl. (Editor’s note: Herzl died of syphilis, his entire dream of a Jewish empire in Palestine being the product of the decaying brain of a Jew in the last and most violent stages of paresis). Freud’s son was a member of the Kadimah, a Zionist organization, and Freud himself was an honorary member of it.”
Szaz further notes:
“In addition, Freud displayed his devotion to Judaism in the letters he wrote, the friends and enemies he made, and, last but not least, in his anti-gentilism. His interpretations of Western civilization, Oedipus were not a king, but a complex; Leonardo was not a heroic painter but a homosexual pervert.”
The final statement of Szasz on Freud’s racial bias is the most important (p.146).
“One of Freud’s most powerful motives in his life was the desire to inflict vengeance on Christ.”
Szaz further notes:At last we get to the meat of the matter! Psychoanalysis is the creation of a hate-filled Jew whose life was devoted to vengeance against Christ. Could any more definitive analysis of the satanic origins of “the science of psychotherapy” be made?

The sick theories of this modern anti-Christ did not long remain theories. They were quickly put to use by the Jews, not only in treating the “mentally ill”, but in the techniques of attaining and holding political power.

The psychiatrists, interviewing the patients, most of them from wealthy and influential gentile families, learned trade secrets and political information invaluable to the Jewish dreams of enslaving the gentiles.

These secrets were quickly turned to advantage in their war against the Christians. They spawned a host of “psychiatrists” that rapidly infested all of the gentile nations, and then turned up as the directors of mental institutions.

The hapless patient who revealed an attitude critical of the Jews, or who was even suspected of such thoughts, was treated mercilessly. The mental institutions provided the Jews with the ideal laboratory for their wildest dreams of power over the non Jews. They now had an endless supply of victims, completely helpless, whose screams would never be heard by the outside world.

What tortures, what murders, have gone on in these institutions in the fifty years since the Freudians took over their operations can only be imagined. Most of the victims will never talk ~ they are dead.

The survivors are “insane”; their stories of their sufferings at the hands of the Jews are merely the products of disordered minds. Nevertheless, we do know that not even the highest government officials have been immune from Freudian “correction” when they strayed from Jewish programs.

We have only to remember that when our first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, hesitated to commit our entire military power to the support of the State of Israel, within a few hours he suffered a “breakdown”. He was taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital and soon went out the window to his death.

In April 1936, Congressman Marion Zioncheck, denounced J. Edgar Hoover on the floor of Congress.

Already known as a “maverick”, Zioncheck had gone too far. Soon afterwards, he was taken under mysterious circumstances to a Washington, D.C., mental hospital, St. Elizabeth’s (where the patriot Ezra Pound was held as a political prisoner for thirteen years without trial, and then released because of pressure from his friends).

Zioncheck was kept incommunicado at St. Elizabeth’s, and treated by several of the nation’s leading psychiatrists. After several attempts to escape, he was released in what his friends described as a “drugged, zombie-like condition”.

He returned to Seattle, and soon fell to his death from the fifth floor of the Arctic Building. The verdict was suicide, but most people interviewed in Seattle believed he had been pushed. He was succeeded by Warren G. Magnuson, who enjoyed a long political career in Washington, and who was very careful not to offend the Jews.

Shortly after the Crash of 1929, when many gentiles had been impoverished by Jewish money manipulation, the psychiatrists began to show their hands as the new masters. In May, 1930, an International Congress on Mental Hygiene was held in Washington, D.C. Four thousand psychiatrists from fifty-three countries were welcomed by the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover.

The new masters drafted a charter stating that they alone had the knowledge to “understand and control human behavior... Psychiatry must now decide what is to be the immediate future of the human race.” 

The new pronouncement also boasted that 

“Psychiatrists alone possess the superior intelligence and knowledge to alter materially and permanently human behaviors.”
Many of the bureaucrats got the message, and promptly signed up for lengthy series of “analysis”.

Soon afterwards, a number of Communist cells were established in the government bureaus, chief among them the Harold Ware cell. Ware was merely the office boy for Felix Frankfurter, who masterminded this Communist group, placing Communist agents high in the official levels of every government department in Washington.

One of the principal speakers at the Washington Congress of Psychiatrists was Dr. Donald A. Nicholson; a psychiatrist from Seattle who was the president of the Washington State Medical Assn. Nicholson was later to examine Congressman Zioncheck shortly before his “suicide”. He committed thousands of Americans to mental hospitals, all of them on his unsupported testimony that they were “insane”. Few of them ever saw freedom again. His most famous victim was the great Hollywood actress Frances Farmer.

Frances who? A curtain of silence has been rung down on one of America’s greatest talents. When she flashed across the Hollywood screen, she became known as “the American Garbo”. Today her movies are never shown on television or in the theatres. Those Hollywood figures who knew her refuse to mention her name. They are terrified that they, too, might have to endure the sufferings visited on her.

What happened to Frances Farmer? A reporter spent five years investigating her story, which he recently published, Shadowland.

As a beautiful young woman in Seattle, Washington, Frances Farmer, was known as a brilliant, outspoken person. She won a newspaper essay contest for a free trip to Russia. Despite warnings from her mother and her friends, she insisted on taking the trip.

When she returned, the reporters tried to get her either to praise or condemn the Communist experiment, but she replied, quite honestly, that in such a brief trip she had not seen enough to make a decision. The Communists decided that this meant she was really sympathetic but did not want to declare herself.

Soon afterwards, she was “discovered” by talent scouts, and went to Hollywood. Her radiant beauty proved to be very photogenic, and her movies were an immediate sensation. Because of her famous trip to Russia, she was supposed to be a rabid Communist sympathizer, although she had said or done nothing to support such a theory.

The large community of Jewish Communists in Hollywood, who completely controlled the making and distribution of movies, entertained her and raved about her beauty. She was then asked to become a Communist courier. She indignantly refused, being an extremely proud and intelligent White girl who had no interest in Communism.

The Hollywood Jews were infuriated and frightened by Frances Farmer’s refusal. They had supposed she was one of them, and had taken her into their confidence. Now she knew the identity of every prominent Communist in Hollywood. At a secret conference, they resolved that she must be disposed of. An “accident” to such a prominent star would be too risky. The Jews decided that “psychoanalysis” was the answer to their dilemma. She would be railroaded to an insane asylum. Any accusations she might make would then be ignored.

At the very height of her fame, while everyone was predicting she would win an Academy Award, Frances Farmer was invited to a party at the home of a Jewish producer. She was given a drug during this party. When she drove away, she was soon stopped by a policeman, who claimed she had committed a minor traffic violation. Instead of giving her a ticket, he immediately took her before a judge, although it was latest night. The judge claimed that she was “confused”, and in what could only have been a prearranged plan, he committed her to a mental asylum.

Reporters made a complete reversal of their usual practice when movie star gets into trouble. Instead of headlining Frances Farmer’s predicament, they were told not to write about it! From that day on, her name was rarely mentioned in the press.
For six years, Frances Farmer was forced to endure horrors which, even without the drugs and shock treatments which she was given on a daily basis, would have destroyed anyone’s mind. After a few days in a California mental hospital, she was transferred to a state mental hospital, Steilacoom, near Seattle, Washington, ostensibly so that her mother could visit her, but actually to remove her from any contact with anyone in Hollywood.

Many years later, a reporter, William Arnold, spent five years tracing the record of Frances Farmer during her years in Steilacoom. He discovered that the orderlies at Steilacoom were mostly convict trusties from McNeill Island Penitentiary on the other side of Puget Sound. He also discovered that Steilacoom was known as “the brothel of Ft. Lewis”. 

Each evening, drunken soldiers from Ft.Lewis paid the convicts five dollars each and were admitted to certain wards. Here the convicts held down the women chosen by the soldiers, who then took their will. 

Arnold found inmates who could recall seeing Frances Farmer, easily the most beautiful and desirable of the inmates, being held down by the convicts while she was being gang-raped by the drunken soldiers. Even the most diseased Jewish mind has never claimed that such horrors went on in the German concentration camps as were nightly enacted at Steilacoom. 

To nullify any complaints from Frances Farmer, the orderlies regularly gave her bad reports, claiming that she was “uncooperative”. Since she was being forcibly held down during these outrages, her cooperation or lack of it does not seem to have presented any problem, but the Jewish doctors were eager to get this diagnosis.

The entry of “uncooperative” by the name of any patient in a mental institution means that any and every possible form of drugs, “treatment” and other punishment is necessary. Frances Farmer was given massive doses of electric shock treatment every week. She was forced to endure medieval form of hydrotherapy by which she was thrown into a tub of ice water for periods of six to eight hours.

During the agony of these ordeals, she chewed her lips to pieces. After four months of “treatment”, her spirit had been broken. She appeared before the psychiatrists and agreed to “cooperate”. A careful Dr. Nicholson immediately held a press conference to display his latest triumph. In a typical example of Communist “selfticism” and “confession”, Frances Farmer gave her performance. “I was rude and disrespectful,” she told the reporters. “I was very, very sick.”

“I think this case demonstrates how successfully antisocial behavior can be modified,” stated Dr. Nicholson. Three months ago, this woman was mentally unresponsive, and today she is being returned to her family completely cured. This marks a significant victory for the mental hygiene movement in Washington.”

Because of her fame as a movie star, Frances Farmer was chosen to be publicly exhibited as an example of the triumph of Freudian theories. The power of the psychiatrists had mushroomed during the war, as psychiatrists were stationed with each unit, just as Communists commissars were placed in each combat unit of the Red Army to identify and arrest any dissenters.

As the sole victors of World War II, the Jews rapidly extended the influence of psychotherapy over every aspect of American life. In 1946, Harry Truman signed the National Mental Health Act, which brought “mental health” organizations into almost every community in America.

These organizations quickly became local outposts of the State of Israel, seeking out and punishing those Americans who were afflicted with “the running sores of anti-Semitism”, as the Jewish Gestapo group, the Anti-Defamation League characterized anyone who criticized the subversion of the American government by the State of Israel.

No sooner had Dr. Nicholson released Frances Farmer than he received anxious messages. The news that their victim was no longer imprisoned terrified the Hollywood Communists. Dr. Nicholson was instructed to seize her and return her to Steilacoom. Her freedom had lasted less than two weeks.

She was now to endure six years of concentrated treatment intended for only one purpose: To destroy her mind so that she would never be able to identify the Hollywood Communists. She was immediately put back on the weekly schedule of shock treatments.

This medical boon to mankind came about when two Italians watched the convulsions of a pig after it had been accidentally electrocuted. At first they were merely amused; but they suddenly realized it would be great sport to try this technique on human beings, and electro-convulsive shock treatment was born.

The technique called for sending 70 to 130 volts of electricity through the temples of the victim for a tenth of a second. This destroys large numbers of brain cells, and causes years of headaches, permanent loss of memory, and other unpleasant side effects. The benefits of this treatment, over years of experimentation on many thousands of patients have proved beyond all question, are nonexistent.

For this reason, electric shock treatments have been outlawed in most European countries for many years. The United States, being firmly in the grip of the Jews, is the only developed nation which still practices this form of barbarism.

Besides enduring the weekly shock treatments, Frances Farmer, who had been consigned back to Steilacoom at a court hearing at which she was not even present, now became the victim of a new operation, the CIA LSD experiments. It was recently revealed that she was the first person chosen to receive the LSD dosages.

A Bronx Jew, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, joined the CIA to direct the LSD program, which he personally operated from 1951-1956. Through Teddy Kollek, a Jewish terrorist who was a close friend of Allen Dulles, Gottlieb obtained Dulles’ direct approval of the entire scheme. Kollek, presently mayor of Jerusalem, was at that time in this country illegally to raise money for the Jewish terrorist organization, Haganah.
He lived in Manhattan in a rent-free apartment, above the Copacabana night club, provided by its Jewish owners. Kollek was the only non-official person invited to Allen Dulles’ home for parties, and at one of these gatherings, he was introduced to Jim Angleton, later director of Special Operations for the CIA, who became a “Zionist” director of the CIA.

Through this alliance, CIA funds were used to pay the entire budget of the Israeli Intelligence Service, while CIA agents all over the world were instructed that Israeli interests came first. They were directed to turn over all information on Arab economic and military operations to the Jews.

With this inside information, which the Arabs themselves furnished to the CIA under an agreement set up by Allen Dulles, the Israelis were able to win each confrontation with the Arabs. The CIA also paid King Hussein one million dollars a year for his private spending on blondes, airplanes and fast cars, as his country, Jordan, was penniless. In return, Hussein furnished the CIA complete information on all conferences of the Arab leaders.

It was in retaliation for these CIA operations that the Arabs formed the OPEC alliance and raised the price of their oil. Had we not gone out of our way to make enemies of the Arabs, we would still enjoy low prices for oil. Every dollar we spend at the gas pumps is a fine which we pay for helping the Israelis, but your friendly local newspaper is not going to give you this information.

Richard Helms now became Gottlieb’s immediate superior in the LSD program. Because this program severely compromised the highest officials of the United States, Helms was later able to have himself appointed Dulles’ successor as Director of the CIA.

When he faced dismissal and perjury charges, the personal file of this program enabled him to resign without punishment and to become Ambassador to Iran. On April 3, 1953, Helms sent a memo to Dulles, requesting “the covert use of chemical and biological materials” to develop controls over possible agents, foreign officials and other targets of CIA infiltration. 

 ED: Gottlieb was also very involved in the MK ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Slavery programme. Here he is showm adding LSD to a bottle of Cointreau.

In Nov. 1953, Dr. Gottlieb entertained a group of gentile scientists from the Army Chemical Corps, Special Operations Division, and Ft. Detrick, MD. He secretly gave them large doses of LSD in their drinks. One of the scientists, Frank Olson, leaped to his death after taking the dose. Twenty-five years later, his widow, learning of the true circumstances of his death, sued the government and obtained a three-million-dollar settlement.

Gottlieb also hired George White, a former narcotics agent, to operate a house of prostitution on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. CIA officials and other government personages watched the activities through one-way glass and photographed the more unusual scenes. White’s assistant in this operation was one Ike Feldman. This operation proved so successful that a second house was opened in Marin County, Calif., and a third in New York City. When Gottlieb retired in 1973, he had most memoranda concerning his activities destroyed. He had spent more than fifty million dollars without a trace.

For more than a year, Frances Farmer received daily doses of LSD, as well as the weekly shock treatments. Despite this cruel regimen, her tormentors were dismayed to find that her brain had not been destroyed.

There remained one final horror for her, a treatment which was guaranteed to destroy the brain of anyone. 

This was prefrontal lobotomy, which in every case had totally destroyed the rational capacity of its victims.

A Portuguese doctor, Edgar Muniz, developed this technique for “curing mental illness” in1935. For this contribution to human well-being, he received the Nobel Prize in 1949. Hundreds of thousands of lobotomies were performed in Europe and the United States.

Dr. Walter Freeman, head of the Dept. of Neurology at Georgetown University, became an enthusiastic advocate of prefrontal lobotomy after studying with Muniz. He refined Muniz’ technique by inserting an ice-pick type of instrument under the eyelid into the brain, and severing the nerve from the cortex to the thalamus which directed rational thought.

This turned the human victim into a vegetable. Presto! No more anger, no more protest. Instead, there was meek compliance with any order. Deciding it might be more prudent to practice his technique away from Washington, Dr. Freeman went to Spencer State Hospital at Spencer, W. Va. The Jewish doctors at this institution lined up thirty-five women patients, and in a brilliant display of virtuosity, he lobotomized them one after the other.

Learning of this triumph, the CIA asked him to go to Steilacoom to lobotomize Frances Farmer. As a cover, he first lobotomized twelve other women patients. Frances Farmer was then brought in, and told that the doctor wished to examine her. To attendants seized her by the arms, and Dr. Freeman quickly inserted the ice pick into her brain. Two seconds later, Frances Farmer had become a human vegetable, her memory destroyed and her brain barely functioning, she was no longer a threat to the Hollywood Communist conspirators.

A few months later, satisfied that her memory was gone, the CIA authorized Dr. Nicholson to release Frances Farmer. Her years of horror were over. On March 23, 1950, she left Steilacoom. She was only thirty-six years old. Despite her ordeal, some traces of her former beauty remained, but when she tried to resume her acting career, she found she could not remember lines or follow directions. She died alone and in poverty in Indianapolis a few years later. Yet, even today, those who ordered her torture and destruction still fear the mention of her name. Not only does the blackout of her films remain in effect, but William Arnold found no one in Hollywood willing to be quoted about her fate.

We know the fate of Frank Olson and Frances Farmer only because those dedicated to their memories spent years fighting to uncover their tragic stories. We do not know the fate of many thousands of other victims of the Jewish pseudo-science of psychotherapy, because no one mourns them or remembers their names. They, too, were done to death by drug overdoses, shock treatments, or the Freeman ice-pick treatment.

We must act at once to save thousands of other potential victims from the Jewish terrorists. We must outlaw electric shock treatments as humane nations have done; we must outlaw the practice of pseudo-therapy such as psychoanalysis, ice-pick in the brain, and indiscriminate use of LSD and other drugs in the mental institutions.

Unless we act quickly, thousands more will die, the victims of Jewish sadism and Freud’s poisonous legacy. This Jew converted the shameless charlatanism of a few eighteenth-century necromancers into a worldwide system for “treating the mentally ill”, solely because of his anti-gentilism and his hatred of Christ. 

Performing an ice pick lobotomy
Freud gave the Jews their most powerful weapon against us. 
We must stop them now.



York City, N.Y. 1978.

“SEX, DRUGS, AND THE CIA”, Saturday Review, Feb. 3, 1979.

One single columnist spoke up in her behalf. That was John Rosenfield, at the time of her initial arrest, [quoting:]


Just when the movie industry is winning the public’s admiration, Hollywood breaks out in a rash of petty scandals. It is not a tribute to a part of the press that some of these episodes have been played well beyond their merits as news.

It was the lesser of sagacity that the industry permitted some of these affairs to get out of hand. The Frances Farmer Incident should never have happened. This unusually gifted actress was no threat against law and order or the public safety. Something that began as merely a traffic reprimand grew into a case of personal violence, a serious charge and a jail sentence.

And all because a sensitive high-strung girl was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Miss Farmer, who is no prodigy of emotional stability or sound business management, needed a lawyer one unhappy night last winter. A helping hand might have extradited her immediately from nothing more than a traffic violation. The terrible truth is that she stood alone, and lost. [End quoting]

Rosenfield’s was the only note of compassion. Tile rest of the press coverage followed the lethal lead folly Parsons, who snickered: “Hollywood Cinderella Girl has gone back to the ashes on a liquor-slicked highway”


By Gene Blake
LOS ANGELES—Testimony of psychiatrists should not be permitted in court because they do not know any more about their subject than laymen, a National Homicide Symposium was told here recently. Jay Ziskin, a psychologist and professor of counseling at California State University, Los Angeles, said psychiatric testimony about the prior mental condition of a criminal defendant was worthless.(Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in mental disorders, whereas psychologists are specialists in human behavior who approach the subject from a non-medical viewpoint.)

“It does not meet the requirements of law of expert testimony,” he told the symposium sponsored by the California District Attorneys Association. “It is highly unreliable, highly inaccurate.”

“A psychiatric diagnosis is more likely to be wrong than right. It is even more likely wrong when trying to assess the mental condition at some time previous to the examination.”

Ziskin said he hopes that the American Psychiatric Association would consider it unethical for psychiatrists to offer testimony in court on a prior mental condition because “they don’t have the competence to do so.”

“If you need a psychiatrist to tell you that the defendant is crazy,” Ziskin said, “he isn’t.”

Ziskin added that studies had shown the experts are not better at making such diagnoses than are amateurs.

Taking issue with Ziskin was Dr. Seymour Pollack, a noted psychiatrist who has given expert testimony in criminal cases including that of Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Pollack accused Ziskin of raising a “strawman”. Although conceding that medicine—including psychiatry—is an art rather than a science, Pollack said the average layman recognizes that there are people who are “crazy”.

“They recognize there are a few offenders who are crazy as well, mentally impaired enough to justify some excuse from criminal responsibility,” Pollack said. Taken from The Los Angeles Times—1977.


  1. Excellent post!

    More accurate to call Freud's "science" - Psychopatherapy

    Psychotherapy would consider this freak as "well adjusted, sexually liberated" person - ?

    A teacher of USA, Los Angeles busted for "molesting" 23 (likely many more) kids, aged 6 - 10, mostly poor Mexican immigrant children, photographed in "bondage poses, blindfolded, mouths taped, "and some with giant cockroaches on their faces" ... and worse.

    He was just enjoying his "sexually liberated" life style - right?

    Mark Berndt, 61, (if guilty) is going to find out what unwanted sexual abuse feels like once he meets up with the infamous Mexican "gang members", who hate pedophiles, in prison. He'll probably become an advocate of the death penalty (his own), because hell on earth awaits him.

  2. You did not mention the spoons full of white liquid that he made the little girls drink... who reported it tasted yucky.

    Considering these are Mexican kids that guy molested, you may be very very right since the jails are full of Mexican gang types.

    Little pity here.

    All part of social dissolution courtesy of the NWO agenda.

  3. Hello Noor. Timely article on this subject - a total re-evaluation of the entire Psychological view and professions is sorely needed.

    I remember Psyche in College. It was required. It was stupid. It is corrupt and a lie from the beginning. The professor revealed to us that all that is considered normal was established by an utterly arbitrary statistical mean established on a graph that was then accepted throughout the profession. He was a sadist and promised to treat his class in such a way to prove it. He did. They are some sick individuals. It has been long held that Freud was a rampant but rigidly repressed homosexual with a documented love affair, by letter, with another man. It spite of that, when I took Psyche, homosexuality was still classified by the A.P.A. (American Psychiatric Association) as a treatable aberration. Political pressure changed that in a few years from then. Freud, Adler, Jung and numerous others do not agree on a great deal. Nor do the nominal followers of each of them. In the 1960’s multi-interdisciplinary approaches were proliferating in the social sciences. That didn’t help and when various pharmacological and mechanical medical treatments were included in what was really an atomistic mechanical approach to human mind and personality pioneered in Soviet Communist mental hospitals used to destroy political dissidents in Communist Russia and the whole Communist bloc, it went further to hell. Torture was introduced as so called treatment and even just as what it is, torture, in order to control people as automatons based on a Pavlovian outlook that is worse than beastial. All psyche majors (I wasn’t a major - my discipline was different) from that time remember dissecting live cat brains and applying electro-shock to the suffering animal and watching it spasm, in preparation for treating people. Think about that. Vivisection on dead animals is one thing but this is utterly wrong. Even vivisection on dead animals is extremely flawed at best. I absolutely prefer a holistic approach (without any mumbo jumbo gooble-de-gook) to it – Chi K’ung breathing for instance.

    Do you remember the Eastern bloc Olympic Super Heavy Weight class weight lifters of 1960’s? – electro-shock muscle conditioning (very painful) was used on them by the Communist State coaches and trainers. People treated as only animals and even less.

    That is Psychology – a lot of money is involved, in Colleges and Universities and in a host of Professions; that says a lot.

    Worse is the mandated torture and kidnappings of Dubya (one really wonders) and Rumsfield et al.

    That is where it all leads and the extermination chambers.

  4. I wonder what goes on in Chinese hospitals in mainland China. We already know they take organs. What Manchurian Candidate programs might they have in place now?

  5. I studied a broad range of Social Sciences at Uni. Basically I learned a lot of Jewish crap. I didn't realize it at the time, I thought I was 'educated'. Now I know I was brainwashed with the Frankford School of Cultural Marxism. Everything I thought was true turned out to be false. Not only false, but the ideas propagated turn out to be ideological weapons that Jews use to attack Western Civilization. Now, years latter, I am getting a real education thanks to the internet and great sites such as this.
    Really, to be honest, it is little wonder that Hitler and the National Socialists tried to expel the Jews from Germany and Europe. It is such a pity that most of them ended up in Palestine and on the North American continent; and not back to Khazaria from whence they came.
    Let us hope a global awakening will come soon, and let us be fearless in the struggle against Judaic slavery. Tiocfaidh ár lá!

  6. I went to the US in 1973 on a student visa from India when I was seventeen years old. I grew up without TV. There was no TV in my hometown until the eighties. I got my Bachelors in accounting and econ. in 1979. I had to take a lot of courses as electives and as a part of "general education", including 'Psychology','Sociology', 'Political Science' etc. and I had a gut feeling that these are all fake subjects presented as 'Social Sciences'...What an can Science be 'Social' or 'Political'? Later I came to conclusion that these so-called 'Social Sciences' were invented by the Frankfurt School to manipulate the masses (mentally). There was a time when (at the turn of the last century) there was no such thing as 'social studies' or 'social sciences'... There were two broad categories 1) Science 2) Arts & Humanities, that is it. The purest of Science is Mathematics, then Physics , then Chemistry...Biology, Botany, etc were there as applied sciences.Cultural Marxists pulled a fast on on the masses by attaching the word 'Science' to subjects like Psychology (which should be categorized as Humanities if at all...)to make the masses accept without questioning.I was fortunate enough to know a gentleman named Tahir Ali Khan (now dead) who made me realize this deception...This guy was a child prodigy and had a command over more than twenty languages ! He was sent to Europe for higher studies at the expense of our King The Nizam of Hyderabad in the early 1920's and was in Germany & Italy during WW 2. He stayed in Europe for almost 3 decades. He is the only person who I have known, who had met Freud in person.So most of these 'ologies' should be dismissed as BS...

  7. We may bring Mullins up to date with a couple of recent articles, "Abuse of Psychiatry in the Kennedy Assassination" and "More Abuse of Psychiatry in the JFK Cover-up"

    Mullins' suspicions in the case of James Forrestal's "suicide" have also been confirmed. See "New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up"


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