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. In Britain, the first to fall for a Rothschild was Hon.Henry Fitzroy who married Hannah Rothschild, (left) daughter of Nathan Mayer, in 1839. He was the second son of the second Baron Southampton. It is interesting to note that an uncle of his, Hon. Warren Fitzroy, had set the degenerate example by marrying a Jewess as long ago as 1794. Fitzroy’s Rothschild wife became a “Christian.” He himself in later life became an intimate friend of Lord Palmerston. 

He died in 1859, leaving a half-caste daughter who married Sir Coutts Lindsay, Bart., in 1864, and had two daughters; one of these married Rev. T. S. Henrey of Old Brentford, and the other remained unmarried. The Rothschild blood has here died out. 

In 1873, another member of the British aristocracy forgot his race and duty; this was Hon. Eliot Yorke, son of 4th Earl of Hardwicke, who married one of the daughters of Sir Anthony Rothschild, Bart. In this case, the bride remained a Jewess by religion. Although an M.P., her husband took little active part in politics, and died, fortunately without issue. 

Four years after this marriage, the other daughter of Sir Anthony Rothschild, Bart., followed her sister’s example by marrying a Gentile, Mv. Cyril Flower, whilst retaining her Jewish religion. Flower became a prominent Liberal politician, and was made by Gladstone a junior Lord of the Treasury in 1866. 

He became Lord Battersea in 1892. Once again, Providence defended England, and there were no children of the marriage. It was Flower who befriended Asquith and “took the greatest pleasure in offering him all the opportunities that lay in his power of meeting such men as would appreciate him and be useful to him in his career.” (W, p. 268). 

A letter to Cyril Flower from Sir Dighton Probyn is quoted congratulating him on his marriage to the Jewess in these words: ~ “You are marrying a person fit to be the Queen of England.” (M, p.p. 170-1). As Sir Dighton Probyn was Comptroller and Treasurer of the Royal Household, and was later Private Secretary to King Edward VII., and a V.C. into the bargain, one may judge the kind of atmosphere in which that Household was developing. 

In 1878, the Rothschilds scored two bulls-eyes, marrying into two of the aristocratic families of France and England, respectively. 

Marguerite Rothschild, daughter of Mayer Karl, and granddaughter of Karl Rothschild of Naples became the wife of Agenor, Duc de Gramont, Prince de Bidache, as his second wife. They have children and grandchildren. 
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In the same year the 5th Lord Rosebery married Hannah, only daughter of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, son of Nathan Mayer, the bride being “given away” at the ceremony by Disraeli. She “made Lansdowne House the focus of social Liberalism and was an important element in the organization of the Liberal Party.” (B, Vol. X., p. 472). She remained a Jewess by religion. Her husband was Under-Secretary for the Home Office, 1881-3; Lord Privy Seal and First Commissioner of Works, 1885; Foreign Secretary in 1886, and again 1892-4; and Prime Minister, 1894-5. 

That he acted throughout for the Rothschild interest is indicated by the fact that as Prime Minister he discussed with Rhodes the possibilities of overcoming President Kruger by a filibustering raid (see p. 62) with the object of securing the Jewish mining interests, of which Rothschilds represented the main share, under a subservient “British” regime. 

Lord Rosebery’s two sons were the present Lord Rosebery (6th) and Right Hon. Neil Primrose. His two daughters married respectively Sir C. J. C. Grant, actually grandson of Sir Robert Grant who was knighted for his attempts in Parliament to emancipate the Jews, and the First Marquess of Crewe. Neil Primrose’s daughter brought Rothschild blood into Lord Halifax’s family, she marrying the latter’s son and heir. The present Lord Rosebery, a half-caste Jew, has surviving issue (1) a daughter who married H. A. Vivian Smith of the Quaker family, and (2) Neil Archibald Primrose, heir to the title. 

The surviving child of the Marquess of Crewe by his Jewish wife is the wife of 9th Duke of Roxburghe. Thus through this disastrous Rosebery-Rothschild union, no less than four titled families of British nobility are contaminated by Jewish blood. 

It will be noted that the half-Rothschild, Rt. Hon. Neil Primrose was Foreign Under-Secretary, 1915, and joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury, 1916-17. This half-Jew married the daughter of 17th Earl of Derby; her brother is Oliver Stanley, the new 1940 War Minister who replaced the Jew Hore-Belisha. 

Thus, in the War Cabinet, both the Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, and the War Minister, Mr. Oliver Stanley, have close family connections with the Rothschilds; which, considering that the war is being fought for the Jews and for no other reason at all, must, I suppose, be considered an appropriate arrangement. 

Barthe Marie Rothschild, sister of the Rothschildian Duchess of Gramont, married Alexandre, Prince de Wagram, in 1882; but it is not absolutely certain that the latter’s family was pure Gentile in blood. They had issue. 

In 1934, Rosemary Rothschild, daughter of Lionel Nathan, and granddaughter of Leopold Rothschild, married Hon. Denis Berry, second son of Lord Kemsley, of the newspaper-owning Berry family. The significance of this union is apparently not appreciated by Lord Camrose, Lord Kemsley’s brother, for in 1939 he published a booklet purporting to show that there was little or no Jew-control or Jew-interest in the London Press. The Berry family controls Allied Newspapers, Ltd., including The Telegraph, Sunday Times, Financial Times, and many leading provincial dailies. 

The third Baron (British title) Rothschild took to wife a daughter of Mr. St. John Hutchinson, who until then was Sir Oswald Mosley’s favourite counsel. 

Adrien Thierry of the French Diplomatic Service, Ambassador in Bucharest, 1939, is married to the daughter of Henri Rothschild.

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