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I possess more exalted titles than I have ever been able to count. I am supposed to know more secret signs, tokens, passwords, grandwords, grips, and so on, than I could actually learn in a dozen lives. An elephant would break down under the insignia I am entitled to wear.  ~ Aleister Crowley, British Satanist, Confessions of a Heretic

Karl Marx was a Satan worshipper...he joined a satanic cult that featured long unkempt beards. Every picture of Karl Marx depicts such. ~ Ralph Epperson Secret Societies (audiotape 1987)
Many believe that Satanism and Luciferian worship are miles apart from the rituals, practices, and philosophies of the secret societies and the Order of the Illuminati. In fact, there is no real distinction between these groups. As Dr. Michael Aquino, hard-core Satanist and founder of the Temple of Set once acknowledged, the Satanists merely have a "more precise" understanding of occult reality. Aleister Crowley, the late British Satanist, who relished calling himself, "the wickedest man on planet earth," no doubt would have agreed with Aquino.

Crowley was initiated into a number of different Masonic fraternities, satanic rites, and occult groups, including the Rite of Memphis, Mexican Scottish Rite 33°, Grand Orient 33°, and the Rite of Misraim. In 1912 he was honored by fellow Luciferians of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), being acknowledged for his superior Gnostic knowledge and giftedness and given the following exalted rank and title:1

Aleister St. Edward Crowley 33°, 90°, 95°, X° National Grand Master General for Great Britain and Ireland Mysteria Mystica Maxima

"An Elephant Would Break Down..."
Crowley claimed that from Bucharest, Hungary to Salt Lake City, Utah, he was showered with honors, titles, degrees and occult paraphernalia. So much was he recognized that a bemused Crowley wittily remarked, "An elephant would break down under the insignia I am entitled to wear."2 It was Napoleon who once observed how easy it is to win men over through flattery simply by bequeathing a title to them or pinning a medal or token on their chest.

Crowley's wicked philosophies and his ritual experimentation ~ such as
the "Babalon Working" ritual designed to invoke the coming of Antichrist ~ greatly inspired copycats and imitators. Such include L. Ron Hubbard, who reportedly studied Crowley's works and went on to found the fake religion called Scientology; Anton LaVey, who founded the Church of Satan and authored The Satanic Bible; and Alfred Kinsey, notorious sex researcher whose Kinsey Institute pandered to kinky homosexuals and vicious pedophiles.3

Crowley often acted nutty and bizarre, but he was so trusted by the British government that it enthusiastically used his services in an Intelligence unit during the World War II conflict against the Nazis.

Crowley's adoption of the hermaphroditic, horned goat-God Baphomet as his own magical name indicates how powerful is this idol to Illuminists. Crowley certainly knew who Baphomet represents. In his book, Magic in Theory and Practice, he states:
This serpent, Satan, is not the enemy of man... He is 'The Devil' of the (Egyptian) Book of Thoth, and his emblem is 'Baphomet,' the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection...But moreover his letter is Ayin, the Eye; he is Light and his zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is liberty.4
No doubt the Inner Circle of the Illuminati have specific objectives in mind that are being met by men like Crowley, LaVey, Hubbbard, and Kinsey. These men and their followers are used to degrade and debase humanity, vulgarize religion, and destroy sane and moral culture. In truth, the philosophies of these evil men are in accord with that of the Illuminati. At the core level of Weishaupt's philosophy was always the "elevation" of humanity to God-status. 

"Do As Thou Wilt..."
The pitch was to inspire men to reject God's laws and God's religion and strike out in liberty, doing one's own thing. In other words, live free beyond any bounds of morality or propriety. Lust, free sex, immoral conduct, rape, pillage, plunder ~ all are permitted the New Man of Reason. As Crowley's One Great Commandment put it, "Do As Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law."

Now Baphomet, the androgynous horned, half man-woman, half goat God of the medieval
Knights Templars, inculcates this "Do your own thing" philosophy of Illuminism. He is the very image of the freethinker, the Mason and Illuminist who raises the "Torch of Liberty" ~ the fire of hell and light of Lucifer. The Knights Templar, predecessor to today's Freemasons, revered Baphomet as the deity of wisdom. Look closely at the reverse side of the U.S. dollar bill and you will find the horns of Baphomet meticulously designed and imbedded.

In this chapter, you will discover more about Baphomet; about the Green Man; about Pan, the horned witch God; and about Crowley and his Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). Since the days of Alexander the Great, the horned God has been worshipped by a significant portion of mankind. The Bible records, for example, the worship of Baal, the horned fire God.

Michaelangelo and some other artists, strangely, created sculptures blasphemously showing Moses, the biblical prophet, with horns. All of these horned deities and images represent lust, because the horn is itself a phallic symbol in the occult world.

Of Stars and Goatees
In recent times, Communist revolutionaries adopted the Star, also symbol of Baphomet (see the star on the Baphomet goat's forehead in this chapter), and some ~ Karl Marx, Che Gueverra and others ~ adopted the huge and straggly beard in honor of the goatee of Baphomet, the deity whom they secretly worshipped.

Revealingly, the late Anton LaVey, spouting his hellish philosophy in his final book, Satan Speaks, says of Baphomet's beard:
"The essence of Satanism is...the beard of wisdom on the goat within the inverted star."5
Many Hollywood celebrities have become involved in the depths of satanism. Beautiful actresses like Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe were used as sex tools by the elite, and men such as singer Sammy Davis, Jr., as well as dozens of rock 'n' roll entertainers, were used as Illuminist toys, providing fun, games, and entertainment for the elite. Davis was made an honorary 11° in Dr. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set cult.

Blonde bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield was so enamored of satanic worship that she had a pink and black Baphomet idol custom-made just for her. She wore the idol around her neck at a San Francisco Festival in 1966. Hollywood involvement in satanic darkness continues today, though the names have changed.

This postage stamp issued by Russia in 1938 honored Communist theoretician, Karl Marx. Marx, a Jewish Zionist and Mason, was also a Satan worshipper. His straggly, unkempt beard honored the beard of the Illuminati deity, Baphomet, and represented "Cosmic Intelligence and Will."

Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, died on October 29, 1997. Oddly, Edmund de Rothschild, senior head of the Rothschild banking dynasty, died the same day. LaVey said that the beard of Baphomet was a sign of wisdom.

According to one respected source, U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush the Senior) once stunned congressional leaders when he made an entrance into the Oval Office wearing a goat's head mask! 6

The He Goat of Prophecy
Significant, indeed, is the biblical passage in Daniel 8:8-22, which symbolically pictures a great world leader in the last days as a "he goat." This he goat, say the scriptures, becomes very strong and his power is symbolized by a horn that arises from his forehead.

This strange and evil creature makes war on the host of God and stamps upon them. Is this not an image of the Beast, Baphomet, worshipped in secret by the llluminati? 

ED Noor: I just happened to have in my archives this photograph of the following baptism and the child is Zeena.

The Baptism of a Satanic Witch
In the ceremonies of pagan religions, baptisms ~ counterfeits of the Christian sacrament ~ were conducted as rites of initiation. Below is the modern-day account of one such dark baptism, exactly as it is recorded in the book, The Satanic Witch, by Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan. LaVey has declared that the goal of his unholy church is to usher in a "New Age." (The person being baptized is LaVey's daughter, Zeena, and the words are hers.)
My baptism was indeed the reversal of a Christian baptism. Instead of being dunked into a cold bath by a strange, sexless man to be cleansed of "original sin," we celebrated man and nature as they really are.

As I sat wearing the red robe my mother made that morning, I toyed with the Baphomet amulet dangling around my neck. Imperiously, I surveyed the sea of black-hooded celebrants. It took me a few years to realize that some of them may have been more fascinated with the naked woman sprawled on the altar than with me. The gothic strains of a Hammond organ echoed against the black and red walls...I delighted in being the focal point of all this activity.

My father, the High Priest, raised his ceremonial sword in benediction. I felt a great sense of warmth and respect. How many people can honestly say they have this feeling at any point in their life?
"I have something they don't," I thought proudly, in keeping with the indulgent philosophy of Satanism.
Since that night I understood what it means to be a Satanic Witch, a woman who makes full use of her feminine wiles. Throughout my life I would replay the words intoned during my baptism:

The many footed walkers give you the strength, the power of red fang and claw, all the madly dancing demons fill you with the lost knowledge of ancient ones. Small sorceress, the most natural and true magician, your tiny hands have the power to pull the living heavens down and from its shards build a monument to your own sweet indulgence... And with these others in the devil's fane, you will so cause the heads of men to reel and spin, you will fill them with desire. And so we dedicate your life to love, to passion, to indulgence, and to Satan and the way of darkness, fane.

Hail Zeena! Hail Satan!
A Generation Mesmerized
Recently, countless youth have been brought into Satan's kingdom through movies, TV cartoons, video games, comic books, and other means. The Harry Potter witchcraft books have initiated many into the darkest elements of hellishness. Occult fantasy movies (Star Wars, Jedi, etc.) have erased any conception of absolutes and have increasingly brought youth into satanic philosophies.

The end result is an entire generation mesmerized, all marching in formation through the haze trance-like into a 21st century existence to be ruled over by Illuminati dignitaries. Never before in history have so many been trained and indoctrinated to the tenets of Satanic Illuminism. The hidden entity behind the idol Baphomet must be very proud of his newfound slaves.

Replica of Michaelangelo's "Florentine Man," a Green Man idol sculptured by the famous Italian Renaissance artist, (from Toscano Design catalog, Holiday, 1999)

Green Man doorbell knocker, "Il Vecchio," replica of an authentic Tuscany model (from Toscano Design catalog, Holiday, 1999)

In his Songs of Innocence, English artist and author William Blake etched, printed and hand-colored this illustration for his poem, "The Shepherd." To Christians, the Shepherd is Jesus Christ. But to Blake, as we see here, the Shepherd is Lucifer, beard and all, with serpentine-topped staff. (1802; Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin)

Pan, the horned God of the mountains, forest, streams, and valleys, is almost universally worshipped by witches, as the honor bestowed upon him by the title and cover art of this recent book indicate. The ivy and holly are his favored vegetation (thus, the ivy-covered buildings on the campuses of Harvard, Yale, and other elite establishment colleges and the name, Hollywood).

Pan, whose father is Hermes, God of secrecy, is often pictured as the Green Man, a vegetation-covered deity. The tale of the jolly green giant is a myth begun by his admirers. Who, really, is Pan? Well, of course, Pan is simply the Devil in a new disguise.

The bearded revolutionary rebel is symbolic of Baphomet, who also has a beard. This artist rendition of notorious Cuban guerilla leader Che Gueverra does bear a remarkable resemblance to Eliphas Levi's famous drawing of Baphomet, complete with the stars on their respective heads.

A Baphomet wall plaque and wall sculpture sold by an occult mail order store, along with a "Seal of Babalon" and the Brotherhood A:.A:. wall plaque (the Atlantean Brotherhood). Also offered: a "Sabbatic Goat" amulet, described as satanist Eliphas Levi's "Baphomet Godof the Witches."

President George Herbert Walker Bush. We do not know what the star and longhorn stand for on his cap, nor the meaning of the sash around his neck. Speculatively, perhaps it has something to do with a Texas state group or a Texas (Lone Star State) cattlemen's association, etc.

However, from Australia come two reports that the senior George Bush once stunned congressional leaders waiting to see him in his oval office at the White House. The President entered his office wearing a goat's head mask! (Peter Sawyer's Inside News, November 1991 and South East Christian Witness, January 1992, p. 5 and July /August 1989, p. 9)

The Grand Master of a satanic secret society in the country of Greece wears a goat's head.

The irregular pentagram with an image of Baphomet filling up the interior spaces is called the "Goat of Mendes." It is yet another representation of Satan.


The Devil makes an appearance at a black sabbat ritual of his followers. (From an ancient woodcut by Pierre de Lancre, France, 1913)

Baal and some other Gods were pictured as horned bulls. This is Baal, God of fire receiving an infant as sacrifice.

According to this news account from The Associated Press (April 1, 1995), the tomb of Alexander the Great was found at Siwa, in Egypt.

Adorers of the Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great, attributed horns to him. This was thought to be emblematic of a person's divine power and spiritual acumen. Coins bearing Alexander's visage were struck picturing the Greek military leader as a bull with horns and the lit torch in his head.

Strangely, many medieval artists, especially those clandestinely dabbling in the occult arts, often portrayed Moses as a bearded human figure with horns. (The Herder Dictionary of Symbols, Chiron Publications, Illinois)

The devil has long been conceived in the popular imagination of the masses as a creature with horns, cloven feet and claws, and tail. 
Smokey the bull?

This ad for Nokia telephones appears harmless enough. But look closely at the subtle, horned image of the man's silver belt buckle. Also, he is wearing what appears to be the string cord on his left wrist characteristic of followers of the occult Cabala (or Kabbalah).

President Bill Clinton was named "Man of the Year" by Time magazine. The editors stretched the letter 'M' to make it appear as if Clinton had horns.

Gannet News Service, one of America's largest daily newspaper chains, ran this story about the Time cover that made President Clinton look like the devil. All unintentional, said Gannett. Sure it was!
"That which we must say to the CROWD is we worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To YOU Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees ~ the MASONIC RELIGION should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the doctrine . If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (Jesus)... calumniate (spread false and harmful statements about) him?.. YES, LUCIFER IS God..."
* *A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnene Universelle (page 588)

The symbol of the androgynous beast-God, Baphomet, turns out to be remarkably similar to the symbol worn by the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Scottish Rite, the world's largest Freemasonry group. This is shown on these two pages of a popular tract by Chick Publications.

They show Albert Pike, 33rd degree, 19th century Sovereign Grand Commander following the American Civil War, quoted as adoring Lucifer. Also wearing the symbol, Henry C. Clausen, 33rd degree, Sovereign Grand Commander in the 1970s and 1980s. Clausen wore the symbol as does the current Sovereign Grand Commander, C. Fred Kleinknecht. 


Highly acclaimed artist Marc Chagall, a Russian-born Jew, gave us this painting, entitled Midsummer Night’s Dream, in 1939. Drawing on the theme of "Beauty and the Beast," the painting has a horned goat as a bridegroom, and a wedding couple being influenced by a red-colored angel.

Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas is in great demand. In recent years he's designed a Guggenheim Museum, public libraries, Prada stores, an addition for the Whitney Museum in New York, and published several bestselling books. Featured in Newsweek (January 28, 2002, p. 56), Koolhaas apparently is communicating an esoteric message. The parallel vertical lines are undeniably reminiscent of horns. The nude images on either side of the architect cry out lust and sex, while the face, arms and body posture are also meaningful.

A well-known witchcraft newspaper carried this illustration (top) of the Goddess and her consort and master, the Horned God (Lucifer).

The cupid-like angel is their Son. Below is an ad offering "magick" products for the "New Aeon" (New Age). The magnetic (e.g. magical) powers of Lucifer and his Goddess mate are boastfully shown to uphold planet earth.

The demon, Mephistopheles, shown being conjured up by a magician in Masonic scholar and 33rd degree Illuminatus Manly P. Halls 1928 occult book classic, Secret Teachings of All Ages, bears a remarkable resemblance to Yoda, the wise ascended master of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi. Look closely and you'll see a painting of Baphomet, the androgynous goat God, on the wall at left and also a skeleton's head at top right.

This is a member of the radical environmentalist group, Earth First. He's decked out as Pan, an ancient, mystical Greek deity who had a mistress said to be the "Earth Goddess."


  1. Hitler and the top leading Nazis were also satanists. They belonged to the satanist/Freemason group called the Thule Society. Hitler was mentored by Dietrich Eckart, one of Europe's leading satanists during WW1. Eckart took Hitler "under wing" in 1919. Hitler dedicated his "Mein Kampf" to Eckart.

    "Kampf" means "struggle" in German. Hitler dedicated his "struggle" to satanism ,to satan, in effect.

    Hitler's satanist handler was Hanussen after Eckart died in 1923. Hanussen was killed in 1933. I don't know who took over after Hanussen.

    The Thule Society is part of a larger group of satanists, "The Brotherhood of Death" ; Another branch of "The Brotherhood of Death" is "Skull and Bones" out of Yale. Alma-Mater of the Bush Family. A family that invested in, and greatly profited from, nazi Germany, as did the Rockefeller family.

    Nazi Germany was financed and controlled from Wall Street via IG Farben.Rockefeller's Standard Oil pumped billions of dollars into nazi Germany via IG Farben-- hence the nazi "economic miracle".

    Hitler made a big stink about how he stood up to Jewish banks, but he Never told the German people that nazi Germany was being financed by the Jewish financial matrix via IG Farben.

    The US War Dept Report about IG Farben and the Third Reich clearly states Hitler/Nazi Party Never investigated who owned/who controlled the Jewish-owned IG Farben mega-corporation.The complete report can be read at, "" website.

    IG Farben, by the way, was founded in 1919, the same exact year Eckart took Hitler "under wing".

    From : Joe

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