Friday 1 March 2013


ED Noor: This advice applies to both genders what with "sexual liberation" and "quality" that has demeaned males and females over the past decades.  It seems to me that women are replacing men in many positions of power and in the course of doing so taking on many of the negative masculine traits that they themselves complained about in the first place! Personally I find this author's solution to be a tad naive when it comes to changing the world but it certainly would be a great start. After all, one of the identifying traits of true Islam is modesty which is one reason why Islam is under such siege by the dark ones so he just might be on to something.

We are the men. Our lack of control over our sex-drive is OUR problem.
It is OUR task to find ways of controlling it. These ways are available.

By Anthony Migchels

March 1, 2013

Porn is without a doubt a truly horrible spiritual attack, with devastating effects on family and the fabric of society. One does not have to be a saint to see this. One must be a fool to deny it.

There is every reason for men to complain about women; most of them are simply horrible. There is an all-out war against men going on and the feminists are the "useful idiots" destroying their protectors. But to use that as a valid excuse to turn to porn is wrong and self defeating.

Nowadays it is commonplace to read in 'news'papers and magazines that 'men think of sex every 2 seconds'. I can tell you this: I have days on end without thinking of sex even once. But many men go along with this complete nonsense and assume their masculinity is dependent on their craving for sex.

In truth: it's the other way around. If you want to be a complete idiot not even worth being trampled on by a feminist, than please continue to be a sex crazed moron. If you want to be a man, get a grip.

It's sometimes hard to have normal relations with other men these days. You can't walk down the street enjoying a conversation for one minute before the other guy is distracted by some tits or ass, it's pathetic.

I remember how I woke up to this myself. I was healing from a nasty youth and I started to realize my sexual fantasies were rather violent and power based. David Deida helped me see it. Slowly but surely I started to disallow these thoughts in my brain. It cost me years, but they're gone now, and I'm a better man for it.

Ten years back, I was sitting in a bus and a young girl came in, tastelessly and sluttily dressed. I noticed my brain automatically generated the thought 'yo, hot chick!'. Suddenly I wondered where that thought came from and I observed her a little closer. She was just a plain gal, not knowing how to dress herself and how stupid she looked with all her goodies on display.

That was when I started deprogramming myself. It is not too difficult to stop your brain from producing all sorts of nonsensical thoughts about sex and women. Just learn to be aware of these thoughts and stop feeding them by giving them attention. Shut them down when you become aware of them.

What also greatly helped me was learning to circulate sexual energy throughout my body, as the Taoïsts taught us. Normally speaking it builds up in the groin and is blocked there. The pressure mounts and the urge to relieve grows. This is the 'sex-drive'. Once we learn to spread this energy throughout our system, we start to master it. It starts to enhance us and energize us.

Women are women. We are equipped with a strong sex drive, because otherwise we wouldn't be interested in women at all. If it weren't for their womb and the tunnel of love, women would be second-rate men, not worthy of much attention.

They need us, for protection and guidance, to fulfill their life's destiny. Young women are pretty to attract a man so he will sacrifice to protect her. They are not Goddesses and they are not sex-slaves. A young girl is our sister. Another man's daughter.
I'm still not completely in control and occasionally succumb to far too easily accessible porn. I would welcome a ban, which they are discussing now in that very small hope for mankind known as Iceland.

It is despicable that men defend porn and the utter sexual degeneracy that is getting worse by the day.

The New World Order would be dead if we solved just that, because once we get our heads out of our dicks, things tend to fall in place.

ED Makow: For me the key is detachment: Realizing that many of our thoughts do not belong to our real identity (soul) but to the monkey that is our material manifestation. See Cohabiting with a Monkey   and Taking Sex out of M/F Relationships . ~ See more at:

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  1. 'If it weren't for their womb and the tunnel of love, women would be second-rate men, not worthy of much attention.'

    Bullshit. What a retarded thing to say. What about female monastics or female children or elderly women? All useless and unworthy of attention according to Makow. Are our grandmothers, beyond child bearing age, just 'second-rate men' unworthy of attention? I feel like punching the jerk Makow in the face for this comment. Posting this crap is a stain on your site. How you let this sentence through without commenting on it is beyond me. Can you explain why you agree with this viewpoint?


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