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If you have not seen this movie on Hitler, you are in for a very rare treat This fascinating interview makes for a very fast flying hour. 

This is the personal story of Karl Wilhelm Krause, who was the valet of the Fuehrer from 1934 to 1939, and was also responsible for his personal safety and security. Through his daily contact with Adolf Hitler, and those of his most intimate circle, both in his public life, as well as, inside the Fuehrer’s private quarters, no one had access like Herr Krause.  Nor was anyone ever in a better position to observe Hitler; his personal habits, character, and demeanor, and to assess his social interactions with average citizens, employees, friends and colleagues, public figures, academics, leaders of industry, as well as, with foreign leaders and dignitaries.

In this one and only interview, recorded on camera in the early 90s, Herr Krause testifies of his duties, his daily routine, and what he saw, heard and experienced, while in the constant presence of, and service to, the leader of the the Third Reich. Hitler called him “mein Schatten” (my shadow).

The testimony which you are about to hear is of invaluable historical importance, and forms a comprehensive and highly relevant, contemporary documentation, revealing surprising facts about the most talked about and enigmatic man in history, painting a far different picture of Adolf Hitler, than the court historians, Hollywood, and the Mass Media have typically portrayed.

This German language interview took place around 1990 and has been kept under wraps. We have translated it into English, paying close attention to accuracy. We do not have access to the original tapes. What is contained here is exactly what was published in Germany in its original form. We have also translated the text captions into images, inserted some extra pictures, added a musical score, and created both an intro and outtro. A 90 minute version is planned with some extra related footage, but we have set no release date for the final version.

NOTE: There is one know error in this film. One picture we included is not of Herr Krause, as we have since discovered, but rather of another of Hitler's servants by then name of Rochus Misch. It is in the introduction, a colour photograph, and the gentleman is in a green uniform.

Some of the topics covered include:

What Hitler was really like as a person and as a boss, his habits, his mission,  the so-called Annexation of Austria, Crystal Night, the beginnings of the war with Poland, England’s declaration of war against Germany, Germany’s decision to attack the Soviet Union, etc. There is a wonderful anecdotal story about a private, unscheduled taxi ride and walk around Munich, just the two of them together, one night at Christmas time.


  1. rediscovering History huh ?

    is there anyone on Earth who has any proof or evidence whatsoever that a bunch of dershowitzs' and schumers and wasserman-shultzs' & bloombergs and skanky looking yeast infection looking little khazar "JEWS" were in know like before PASSOVER ?

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    happy celestial events to you


  2. I take Krause with a very large grain of salt.

    Hitler led Germany to ruin and destruction. He never told the German people that he was put into power by IG Farben. Hitler led the German people to think he broke ties with the world's Freemason financial matrix. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    It's true Hitler broke ties with Jewish-owned banks. It's also true there're other ways to finance political movements, governments, and militaries.

    IG Farben created and built the Third Reich.IG Farben was owned by Wall Street and the City of London. Hitler was not the free agent many people think. The Third Reich was owned lock-stock-and-barrel by IG Farben : Hitler never got around to telling the German people that. Nor does Krause.

    Hitler Never investigated IG Farben for Jewish influence -- the very cartel that built the Third Reich and put Hitler into power in the very first place. Hitler investigated everything in Nazi Germany for Jewish influence except the very cartel that put Hitler into power, and that cartel -- IG Farben -- was owned by Wall Street and the City of London.

    Krause also fails to mention Hitler was mentored in very intense satanism by one of Europe's leading satanists during WW1, Dietrich Eckart -- Eckart took Hitler "under wing" in 1919.

    "Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler pdf"

    "Guido Preparata + Conjuring Hitler pdf"

    For the 1945 US War Dept Report about Hitler/Third Reich and its' ties to IG Farben :


    The complete US War Dept Report can be read at Profit-Over-Life. The Report is in the Congressional Records as well, and can be found at the Library of Congress.

    "Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke + The Occult Roots of Nazism"

    "Albert Pike + 3 World Wars Planned"

    "Hitler + Islam"

    From : Joe

  3. Thanks, Noor. The tragedy of nations. While all this was happening with Adolf Hitler Winston Churchill was pursuing his luxurious life style as best he could; and this required borrowing money. His underwear shorts made of silk cost around 5 English pounds at the time. From my study of history were I to designate one man responsible for the tragedy of Europe in the 20th century it be would Churchill. His hand was in WWI as well as in WWII. In general the British deserve the reputation they have project onto to Germany. And the Americans have now inherited that and have carried forth the British project.
    Interesting that Churchill's mother was apparently Jewish though we hear little about that or her.


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