Sunday 3 March 2013


By R. Teichman 
News Beacon Ireland 
March 01, 2013

The result of the elections in Italy is shaking the power elite. The mainstream media all over Europe and internationally portray it as a disaster and blame it on the Italian voters.  The disaster seems to be that a relatively young movement (not even a party) has emerged as the strongest single force getting 25% of the vote and is refusing to form a coalition with any of the traditional parties resulting in a stalemate. This young movement calls itself the Five Star Movement (Italian:  Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S). Their five stars symbolise what they stand for:
- publicly owned water
- sustainable mobility
- development
- connectivity
- environmental protection

The figurehead is the ex-comedian Beppe Grillo. He suggests:
 - the traditional parties are corrupt to the core and have to go
- the people should decide whether Italy should stay in the Eurozone
- there must be a law on the conflict of interest (politicians being involved with corporations)
- there should be a “citizen’s wage” for the unemployed
- there should be support for small and medium businesses
- there should be a clamp down on financial speculation and corporate greed
- cuts on health and education should be reversed
Whatever one thinks of the ex-comedian Beppe Grillo and the Five Star Movement, there is a lot in the movement’s message that makes sense to many Italians.

The result of the Italian elections is the tip of an iceberg ~ the iceberg being the emerging power of the free peoples of Europe.  Their number is increasing by the day as they see that austerity does not work and that their national governments and Brussels are not working for them but the international banking cabal.
The veils are becoming thinner and the result is that political changes are starting to happen as people start to take action to shape their own future.
The success of the Five Star Movement is just one of the shifts that are taking place, shaking the political landscape.

In Greece, Syriza, a coalition of 14 parties and independent individuals, has become the strongest opposition party. As we all know, there is a permanent mass protest against the policies of the government. The government has now hired mercenaries from Blackwater to protect them from their own people’s anger and to supervise the police to prevent them from siding with the people.

In Bulgaria, on the 20th of February, the government resigned as a result of massive protests that initially were about soaring electricity prices but which have turned into nationwide demonstrations against the government in general. New elections are due to be held in July.

In Spain mass protests have become permanent.  There is not a day when people are not taking to the streets. Youth un-employment is higher than 50%.

In Portugal we also see massive unrest. 

In Slovenia there is a national uprising going on amidst corruption scandals. During December 2012 tens of thousands of people hit the streets, occupying central squares in major cities around the country chanting now famous political slogans:
“It is enough!; It is over with them, they are done! [Gotov je, Gotovi so!]; They are all crooks!”
In Ireland tens of thousands took to the streets to protest against the austerity policy of the government. Many refuse to pay new taxes and take the banks to court in connection with fraudulent lending practices (mortgages). New parties are emerging like The People’s Convention (CPPC) and Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI).

In the UK the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is getting stronger with every election.

In Scotland there is a strong national movement, a referendum on independence from the UK will be held.

Catalonia has recently declared itself as a sovereign entity. Plans are to hold a referendum on independence from Spain.

One thing is certain; people all over Europe are sick and tired of the traditional parties and centralized government.  The European project of the power elites is in crisis because they lose the people’s trust. 

Iceland has shown that the stranglehold of money power over people’s needs can be broken. Through unity and mutual respect the non-violent transition of a centrally governed Europe towards truly democratic, sovereign nations becomes a possibility.
An association of free peoples of Europe working together and with the rest of the world in solidarity and for mutual benefit is a dream that could become reality.

R. Teichmann is an activist within the Awaken Ireland Movement and a frequent contributor to this blog. He can be reached via


  1. I watched a RT newscast on Italian election day, and they claimed that at the close of voting, exit polls showed the Center-Left party winning handily, with the comedian's party in 2nd place and Berlusconi's in a distant fourth.
    Lo and behold, after a night spent counting the votes, it was a 3-way tie, with Berlusconi's party moving into 3rd.

    Sounds like an American election.

  2. If only the people in the U.S. could see as clearly.

    Thanks for your reporting!

  3. As the old order dies, so we should realise that the New World Order will appear to be of the people, our idea. As Chaos approaches so the agents of the power will lead its opposition.
    Any "party" that has a leader, a hierarchy, committees etc is automatically the wrong way to proceed. What's needed is a new way of being part of something that is bigger than the power can control and has no organisation behind it.
    A whole made of individual parts, free will being the common denominator, the driving force being one simple uniting concept which should underpin the future.
    This can only be LOVE.


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