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March 2, 2013

This title of course is an oxymoron, as the Truth can’t really be toxic, nor ugly, nor distasteful ~ Truth is just Truth. Even though we use these terms to jolt people into seeing the reality. I will carry on using these terms, because describing the harsh realities of this cruel world in this way is helpful. But we really need to address the levels of disinformation out there propagated as real Truth. And the distasteful characters which spew out this toxicity.

There are many battles going on inside this movement, major and minor. Some technical data disputes, some historical disputes, some current affairs, and some just differences in approach and quirky anomalies. However one area that really niggles me is how many people in the movement will accept half-Truth.

I mean people I look up to and respect. Long time Truthers who are so spot on with their description. They are so accurate in defining who exactly is behind all of this mess, yet are so unbelievably tolerant with this disease which has penetrated the Truth. The disease of half-Truth.

What is the point in offering someone a $100 bill, but before you hand it to them you rip it in half!?

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that my fellow Truthers are content with this sloppy level of (mis/dis)-information. It’s as if they know all the quality places in town to obtain tasty affordable nutritious food, but they allow others to regularly frequent junk food venues, where these poor souls are poisoned with toxic food. I just can’t get it.

Their bizarre reasoning is that “Well, at least these people are getting some food ~it’s better than none.”

Whaaa!!??????? I’m trying to grapple with that logic.

They also say that people are put off when you blast them with all this Jew-wise material ~ it’s just too much for people to comprehend and digest. And that people will turn away, so you need to gradually blend them in with David Icke type material.

Again, I shake my head in bewilderment. NO NO NO. You never ever stand by and allow these people to swallow this junk toxicity. We have to get them off this crap asap. A million miles away from this hamster wheel disinformation.

Yes I agree people do need weaning into this distasteful Truth; but we can do that without giving them junk Truth. There are heaps and heaps of sites and information sources now on the symptoms of this agenda to ease them in. But we can still keep them away from these poison agents such as Alex Jones and co.

I generally split my Truthing technique into two styles
(i) If I’m sure I’m going to be meeting or corresponding with that person on a regular basis ~ say in a work situation. I give them snippets of films on the symptoms such as: chemtrails, basic 9/11 stuff, vaccines, etc. I gear the information around their personality type too. Then if I see a spark of interest, I gently feed them more accurate information as time progresses. Until I eventually get them on to zionism ~ to the JWO.

(ii) But if I am just distributing fliers, it is always the real deal. Because no matter how harsh the information is, the kosher seed has been sown. Even if they ignore it, they may come back to it ~ especially when things get tough for them later down the line. When they lose their job and can’t get another and are there in front of the computer, they may just take a look at this ugly Truth.
But the purpose of this essay is to express that we should not tolerate characters who are on the speaking circuits for many many years within the Truth movement telling us that IT’S THE BANKERS.

FUCK OFF …….the bankers my arse.

This is pure unadulterated subversion. This is junk Truth, this is arsenic Truth, this is toxic Truth, this is pseudo Truth ~ this is half Truth ~ therefore disinformation. I ain’t ‘avin it. Bollocks to their ‘it’s the bankers’

Listen…..I know a little old lady called Edna in her eighties who has never been on line in her life; who wouldn’t even know how to switch a computer on. God bless her, she’s worked it out that ~ IT’S THE BANKERS and she’s Jew-wise. So go fuck yourself with this half-Truth rhetoric.

I’ve had enough of it. We’ve had enough of it.

Don’t you dare tell us that long term Truthers who claim to be full time researchers on the speaking circuits; don’t know THE JEWS did 9/11 and THE JEWS are behind ALL of this and that it isn’t a NWO it is JEW World Order. Don’t dare condescend on us.

People are spending up to £35 a ticket to listen to this crap. Then they are duped into buying the DVDs and books on top of that which further confuses their understanding, whilst being fleeced. Plus their traveling and accommodation and probably some are sacrificing time off work to attend this half-Truth events. Plus these parasites are probably getting commission from their expensive central location hotel venues.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching …..these dis-agents are rolling in it. Making money whilst confusing the issues. Making money from other people’s global suffering. They are dangerous and they are despicable creatures. They are most definitely part of the problem that they purport to be exposing.
These repulsive disinformation agents are traitors and need arresting for their disgusting criminal behaviour
They are acting as nets to capture potential awakening souls. They are saboteurs to keep people trapped in this relentless half-Truth world. To keep them off the Jew scent.
Our job is to keep nudging people towards the Jew-wise Truth,
whereas these dis-agents job is to
keep nudging people away from the Jew-wise
Truth. It’s that simple.
That is why people can be in the supposed Truth movement for decades, yet never be aware it is THE JEWS behind all those years and years of information gathering. That is why these shills are lethal for the Truth movement. In some cases they are worse than the main stream media.
Because of their constant subversion of the Truth, they are indirectly helping to kill, maim and destroy innocent people’s lives. By distracting and watering down the Truth they are indirectly causing endless suffering, pain and angst in this world.
That is why they are so dangerous. That is why their material is toxic Truth ~ and that is why they are nothing more than criminals!
It does not matter that they are providing 95% Truth, or even 97% Truth, it matters that they are deliberately avoiding telling that crucial 3/4/5% of Truth which matters.

Because just like navigating, one only needs to be a few degrees off target to go off in that direction, completely miss the target and NEVER reach one’s destination ~ THE TRUTH.
I put these scum on the same level as the dirty politicians, the criminal elite Jews, the warmonger banking families. Because they are all cogs in this polluted filthy demonic system.

And you know who you are. More so, we know who you are.

Your days are numbered. All your promotional pitches, your swanky seminars, your TV shows, your half-Truth newspapers and your DVD sales are not going to save you from the onslaught you will receive down the line. When enough people really wake up and see how much you have been fleecing them, whilst poisoning them with your toxic Truth. You will regret your myopic ways big time.

No more of this it’s the bankers
No more of this it’s the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons, the Rothschild Zionists, the Jesuits, the global elitists, and on and on and on and on we could go with your amorphous distractions.

Enough of us are bloated and ill with your junk Truth.  Enough of this toxicity. You can go …..
Because we can learn more from dear old Edna 
- and for FREE
Additional note
I apologize in a way for swearing like this. But to really drive the seriousness and pressing nature of this attack on humanity, I feel sometimes we need to speak in this tone. Some people may think it is unnecessary, or a weakness – maybe this is true. But what I find a thousand times more offensive, is people in the West being passive about the crimes of this tribe and more so, making a tasty living from it through their endless merchandise. I find the impact of this agenda more offensive, both hard kill and soft kill.

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