Monday 25 March 2013



  1. Great to have you back, all engines afire!

    Great video for you, calling it right. Entitled "Beware the bullshit of racist Netanyahu" here you go: Enjoy!

    This is a video about Iran, just normal folks trying to get by: Now HOW can USrael justify initiating a war with these folks? Insanity runs the planet.

    BTW, nary a word in the German media about the Holocau$t swindlers. Taking a break from the blog....need the head-space. Keep up the great work. Marty & Kate

  2. Good vid. I think they are more than just a few hundred monsters though. The few hundred monsters we know of, to use the jargon of the business-class elite, are "customer-facing". The rest walk among us, anywhere from 5,000 at the very least to 500 million at the most.

    I also like the title of the video. I'm not a big fan of the so-called "truth movement" as there are too many disinformationists and trolls poisoning the well, but when you search for objective truths using logic and reasoning while discarding most of the crackpottery and keeping stuff we can only prove with circumstantial evidence in the back of your mind to re-visit later on, it is not very difficult to form a clear picture of what is really going on in this world. And you'll find that many truths are in fact anti-semitic. Even being anti-globalization, pro-gun, and anti-climate change science is anti-semitic. Seriously. Why is that?

    There is something not quite human within the so-called human species. The "official" terminology for this is anti-social personality disorder, more popularly known as psychopathy and sociopathy. In children it is white wash as a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. Calling it anti-social personality disorder is a white wash itself as they are very social. Anti-human is the more appropriate term, but these people have rigged even the diagnosis in order to remain hidden. Robert Hare has done a lot of research on psychopathy and has all but concluded that despite physically resembling us, mentally they are a different species. Monsters is a very appropriate term.

    Contrary to popular belief, most psychopaths do not kill or even break the law. Most psychopaths find their way up the corporate ladder, on to the executive level. They thrive as lawyers and financiers, and most importantly as politicians. One psychopath in a family can tear the entire family apart and one in an office can destroy the entire work environment. They feel no empathy, no remorse, no real emotion other than base animal drives, they cannot understand abstract concepts or words, they are pathological liars incapable of understanding truth. They do not feel guilt, they are very persistent, they have a a will to control and manipulate at any cost. And they literally run the world. There is little doubt in my mind that these are the children of the devil as outlined in the bible and in other world religious scripture. And many of us mimic this perversity in order to succeed, as if we partially possess that essence which they seem to be mostly made of.


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