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Ed Noor: After this chapter, no longer will it seem so incongruous to you when you see blood thirsty jihadists waving the so called "peace sign".
A remarkable thing occurred with the hand so lifted, is that its shadow resembles the head and horns of the Goat of Baphomet ~ the symbol of black magic. ~ The Complete Book of Witchcraft
Britain’s legendary World War II Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, made the "V" sign famous. It was standard for the cigar-smoking, paunchy politician; he flashed the "V" sign every chance he got, and news photographers captured hundreds of photographs of Churchill giving the sign. It was generally thought that in doing so, the pugnacious Churchill was signalling confidence in eventual victory over the Nazi foe across the channel. So, the sign of two fingers pointed upward in a "V'shape became universally accepted as a sign for victory.

Sign of the Horned God, Pan
But what the majority of people believe to be conventional wisdom is often wrong. Such is the case here, too, for this sign, in reality, is of ancient origins. It is, in fact, a sign of Satan, of malediction, of the horned God, Pan, and worse.

Paranoia magazine, an interesting publication which bills itself as "the conspiracy reader" had a picture some years back of Churchill displaying the "V." An astute reader knowledgeable of dark things wrote a letter to the editor in the next issue commenting on Churchill and his sign.

Nigel A. Cornwall of Britain wrote, "The sign I believe has its origins as a symbol for a pagan horned God."1

Cornwall also suggested that when the sign is given with the palm inside, it is recognized as a horribly vulgar and offensive gesture ~ signifying penetration of both body orifices.

Done in the typical fashion, this sign literally means intercourse by the devil ~ to be violated sexually by the horned God. The thumb holding down the fingers creates the "vulva," while the two largest fingers pointed up are the horns of the God (Satan).

The Law of Opposites
In her highly regarded encyclopaedia of symbols entitled Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, Dr. Cathy Burns explores the meaning of the "V" sign. She explains that the two fingers upward relate to the Masonic and Gnostic Law of Opposites, exactly as the case for the Masonic Lodge's black and white checkerboard floors.

This is the doctrine of bringing order out of chaos, of reconciling the two opposites, evil and good, with Satan reigning over both heaven and hell.2 The "V" sign is also a sign of the Horned God of witchcraft, often called Pan; or Baphomet, the androgynous (male and female) goat God (again illustrating the Law of Opposites).

The Face in the Shadow
The Complete Book of Witchcraft 3 explains further the occult meaning. When the sign is given to produce a shadow behind, a diabolical image appears that seems to be the face of the devil. Witches and Magicians ~ and some Catholic Popes ~ used this image to effect emotional responses:
There was a deeply seated belief in the fascination or enchantment of shadows; so that the witch, or magician, could use them to either produce sickness and death or to inspire love. The shadow of the (Satanic) priest's fingers raised in blessing was considered to have evil significance.

~A remarkable thing occurred with the hand so lifted, is that its shadow resembles the head and horns of the Goat of Baphomet...the symbol of black magic. The use of the 'shadow of blessing' was regarded as the legitimate prerogative of the Pope, and was most terribly exercised during the Dark Ages and at the time of the Inquisition.4
Interestingly, other authoritative sources say that the "V" sign (the sign of the horny goat, or horned God) is practiced even today in satanic covens as a symbol of Satanic benediction. In times past, it was just the opposite, being a sign of evil, of malediction, but today the twisted minds of satanic worshippers view evil as something good and desirable. What is malediction to the holy and righteous, to the Satanist is a wonderful thing!

A Symbol of Wrath and Destruction
The "V" sign as displayed by the hand is also used by Illuminists in the form of the letter V with two straight lines angled to meet at a point facing downward. It becomes a V device, or chevron, and has been adopted for the uniforms of military troops of some countries. Resembling a downward pointing triangle with the top line open or omitted symbolizes fiery destruction and wrath on the object at which it is pointed.

About 12 years ago, a few Satan worshippers arrived secretly in the darkness at my ministry building and evidently carried out a ritual. For many months we had received anonymous telephone threats, so were not surprised. On the concrete porch near our front door, the vandals had scratched a "V" pointing to the entrance, and there were signs of candle use and the burning of objects.

Here we see the fantastic beliefs by occultists that their rituals create reality.

Triple 6 or 666
As we have previously seen, the Jewish cabala is at the root of most wicked systems of magic. The cabala (or Kabbalah) is the fount of doctrine for Freemasonry and for many other secret societies. We can expect, therefore, that the "V" sign is also emphasized by the rabbinical priests of cabalism.

And in fact, we find that the rabbis teach that the meaning of the Hebrew letter for V (Vau) is "Nail," and nail is a secret title for Satan. (Its corrupt meaning comes from the nails driven into the hands of Jesus crucified.) Vau, or V, is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and, of course, the Book of Revelation reveals that the name of the beast, or AntiChrist, is coded with the number of triple 6, or 666.

Churchill A Druid Priest
Where did Winston Churchill learn of the satanic powers of the "V" sign? Few people are aware that Churchill was a Freemason. Stephen Knight wrote an explosive expose, The Brotherhood, that rocked the British Isles when it was published some 15 years ago.5 In it, he unmasked many British nobles, police, judges, and politicians who were Masons. Among them: Winston Churchill, who, Knight documented, was initiated in 1903 at Lodge No. 3000 of the United Lodge of Great Britain.

However, even fewer people are aware that Churchill was not only a Mason but a witch druid! Dr. Stanley Monteith, occult and secret society researcher and host of Radio Liberty out of California, states: "Churchill was an adept of the occult, having been inducted into the Druids in 1908, and having pledged the occult oaths required of those who have entered into the world of Freemasonry."6

Monteith's sobering statements are backed up by Miranda J. Green's The World of the Druids and by John Daniel's Scarlet and the Beast, two excellent resource books.7

Rites of the Druid Witchcraft Sea
The rites and ceremonies of the Druid witchcraft sect ~ which has chapters both in Great Britain and in the United States ~ are remarkably similar to those of Freemasonry. They hearken back to the Ancient Mystery Religions.

The Burning Man in the Wicker Cage
Some scholars are convinced that human sacrifice was practiced by the Druids. Julius Caesar, Roman General who conquered Britain for Imperial Rome, wrote of how brutal and furiously savage were the people under the influence of the Druid priesthood. He also described the horror of the rite in which the Druid priests and people would periodically choose a victim to be confined inside a huge wicker effigy. The wicker was set ablaze and the human victim consumed by the flames as the people celebrated and paraded in a circle carrying candles.

Even today, at the ruins of Stonehenge in England, modern-day Druids meet on festival occasions, wearing the appropriate white garb and carrying out rites and worship of the ancient Gods.

Meanwhile, in Nevada each year, hundreds of thousands attend the incredible "Burning Man" festival at which the sacrificial ritual of the burning wicker man is recreated.8

Archbishop of England Also A Druid
Amazingly, the British press recently carried news reports, including pictures, of the Druid initiation of a man, Rowan Williams, who just happens to be Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England. Williams told reporters that he saw no incompatibility in his duties as a pagan Druid priest and those he has assumed as Archbishop of the ~ presumably Christian ~ Anglican Church of England.

This is yet more evidence of how apostate and corrupt the global "Christian" establishment is today. While it is true that the true Christian Church, though tiny in numbers, lives on and is undefeated, the majority of modern-day pastors, ministers, and churchmen have departed from the Faith and have no concept at all of genuine Christian doctrine.

The spectacle of the top, so-called "Christian" clergyman of the entire British Commonwealth, Archbishop Williams, being initiated as a wizard in the Druid witchcraft sect and publicly boasting of it is proof positive that the Devil and his Illuminati have become the unacknowledged "Masters" who run the Christian establishment behind-the-scenes. The big name clergy and evangelists today merely follow the script laid down for them by their elite controllers.

Page from Webster's dictionary where V sign is pictured but never defined or explained! Such words as "vulcanism," "vulcanize," and "vulgar" are defined, however, in close proximity. Vulcan is the ancient God of fire and destruction.

Sir Winston Churchill, a crypto Jew, a Mason, a Druid witch, and war-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, flashes his famous "V" sign. Long used to represent a number of occultic tasks, including Divine Man, sexual license, and fire, Churchill's frequent use spurred the use of the device by an uninformed populace as a sign of victory.

Young Winston Churchill arrives for his Druid initiation ceremony. Was Churchill taught the true, occult meaning of the fiery and destructive "V" hand sign that he later made so famous it became used around the world? (Photo: from the book, The Druids, by Peter Berresford Ellis)

In this ancient engraving, Dionysius the Areopagite, an Athenian "convert" to Christianity, gives the double "V" sign-"as above, so below" with left hand toward hell. Dionysius was a mystical Christian, a gnostic heretic who is thought to have been the author of an occultic treatise entitled The Mystical Divinity. (From the book, Mystics and Mysteries of Alexandria, by Manly P. Hall, 33°)

The Green Man, sign of the druids, is found carved on wood and in concrete in the architectural details of buildings, altars, and structures throughout the British Isles. An insightful movie, The Green Man, starring Peter Finch, touched on the connection of the Green Man, sexual perversity, and the Devil's demon powers.

This brass plate is decorated with a circle and, inside, the universal sign of the Masonic Lodge, which is the square and compass. Within the combined symbol of square and compass is the "G," representing "God," which is, in masonry, also the generative process (sexual).

In this, advanced Masonic view, we have a man on top of a woman in the act of coitus, or sexual relations. Both the compass and the square are "V" in configuration, and when this brass plate is turned upside down, we find the same, that one symbol, V-shaped, still surmounts the other "V" symbol.

This ancient black and white drawing depicts an initiate undergoing trials in order to advance in the Order. Pointing to his head, on the floor, is the square, shaped as a 90 degree "V."

When General George Washington visited Boston in 1789, this banner was carried by a group during a procession in honour of his visit. The "V" is the focal point of the emblem, but the three goat heads contained within the egg-shaped device and the bearded goat head atop it are also significant in occult teaching.

The occultist who drew the design at right well understood the esoteric meaning behind the symbols. First, we see the "V" sign which, in shadow, becomes the gnarled and ugly, dark image of Satan. What appears at first to be good (Benediction), when seen from the hidden perspective of the unseen becomes Malediction.

The diamond and circle at top indicate the same principle, that black equals, or shadows, white, and white mirrors black. This is the Hegelian principle of the synthesis of opposites (Pictured in the book, Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural, by Maurice Besey)

Michael Jackson, black entertainer accused of child molestation, presents the "V" to the crowd as he leaves the courtroom. (USA Today, April 10, 2005, p. 1A)

This mural on a wall in Havana reads, "For Life with Fidel." (Photo: The Catholic World Report, January 1997, p. 24)

Children dressed as peasant revolutionaries greet Mexico's President Vicente Fox in celebration of the Mexican Revolution (Photo: Associated Press, Austin American-Statesman, November 21, 2004)

Official stamps from around the Arab world supported the Palestine's Intifada uprising in the late 1980s. In many, the guerrilla fighters are pictured giving the "V" sign. (Photo: News From Israel, October 1993, p. 11)

Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, popularized the ancient "V" sign among Arab demonstrators and guerrilla fighters.

At right is the symbol worn on arm bands of some Palestinian fighters.

Stewart Meacham, head of a pro-Communist group called the New Mobilization Committee, is pictured in the Communist Guardian newspaper with this "V" sign on a poster behind him.

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush lets insiders know of the goal and eventual total victory of the Zionist llluminati by blatantly displaying the cabalistic V sign. The position of Bush's left arm is further indication of the cabalistic nature of the sign.

Inside the pages of the magazine there was not one shred of explanation as to why the Senior Bush was pictured on the cover giving this sign, nor was it an election year. Moreover, the former President was in retirement, proving the elite adage, "once a servant of the llluminati, always a servant." (Until death, that is.)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was both a 32nd degree Mason and a cabalist, crypto Jew. As his family tree clearly demonstrates, Roosevelt's ancestors came from the Netherlands and were of Jewish blood lineage.

Here, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast in 1937, FDR signals the V of cabalistic occultism, using, however, his thumb.

Ralph Reed, the young man who came from nowhere to head the Masonic Knights of Malta/Illuminati project called the "Christian Coalition."

Today, no longer with the Christian Coalition, Reed is a high-paid Republican lobbyist in Washington, D.C., and a member of the exclusive Bilderberger Group.

Broadway found a bit of success with its vulgar The Vagina Monologues production. Soon, the raunchy and stupid feminist series was on HBO IV. Its simple plot: women ranting on and on about their private parts, constantly using what the show's producers called the "V word."

In this group picture, we see a number of the actresses who participated in various episodes of The Vagina Monologues. Look close at the two at top left, flashing the "V" sign. One of the two starred in the slutty HBO series, Sex and the City. Incidentally, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's wife was a participant in The Vagina Monologues.

Actress Jane Fonda, an Indian actress, and Eve Ensler, producer of The Vagina Monologues.

Neo-Nazi protester in Germany, January 1993. Most of the people who participate in such demonstrations are trained and paid by Illuminati organizations and government intelligence agencies to inspire the public to react.

This, in turn, enables the government to curtail citizen liberties and freedoms under the guise of providing "public safety and security."

The group calling itself "GIs and Vets For Peace" adopted this logo, which utilizes the "V" sign in its opposites mirrored theme of the occult. (Pictured in the Communist newspaper, The Daily World, October 18, 1969).

Clinton Administration political advisor and speechwriter Sidney Blumenthal flashes the "V" sign as he heads to court after being subpoenaed.

Presidential candidate Richard Nixon jubilantly demonstrates the double "V."

An activist protesting at an economic Group of Eight summit in Genoa, Italy in 2001 casts an interesting shadow in this photo published in the The Austin American-Statesman. (July 22, 2001, p. A14)

Joey Fatone of the popular music group, NSYNC, displays the "V" sign.

President Bill Clinton flashes a mysterious hand sign to former California Governor Jerry Brown. Both Clinton and Brown were trained by the Jesuits.


"Let us get into your head," says this ad for an ABC-TV series called Wonderland. Interestingly, the show's producers chose the V sign to make their point. In this instance, the man is giving the Due-guard sign relating to the penalties of divulging the secrets of the Mark Master degree of Freemasonry.

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