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ED Noor: Queen of the Night Skies and Stars, the ancient Egyptian goddess Nut is seem everywhere in recovered tombs 
But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves. ~ Amos 5:26

Every man and woman is a star. ~ Aleister Crowley The Book of the Law
ED Noor: Or, in the infamous words of the infamous "artist" Andy Warhol:

Few who are knowledgeable dispute the fact that for satanists, occultists and other Illuminists, the symbol of the star has vast significance. Whether five-pointed in shape, six-pointed, or in some other configuration, the star is a premier symbol of the Devil.

Illuminists and witches claim that the pentagram, a five-pointed star with one point upward (ascendant) is useful for "White Magic" rituals and spells. The inverted pentagram (five-pointed star) is widely used by hard-core Satan worshippers. When the two points are aimed upward (ascendant), it is said to indicate "Black Magic" and to be the two horns of Satan. No wonder that Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed "Beast 666" from Great Britain, once stated, "Every man and woman is a star," which, loosely interpreted, meant, "Every man and woman is a God."1

The Star of Initiation
In the Hindu religion, the pentagram is the "Star of Initiation." It is the caste-mark of the Priests of Siva, who dedicate it to the sun God by marking a black round dot inside the symbol of the star.2

From left to right: Pentagram, Inverted Pentagram, Hexagram (Star of David) and Star of Baphomet (Goat of Sabbath)

The Blazing Star
Freemasons, because they venerate the sun and its rays, know the star emblem as the "Blazing Star." Steve Worrall-Clare, a former Mason, in Freemasonry ~ The Secret Language, writes that in the Lodge:
The blazing star points out the glory of the sun. It is central to all Masonic undertaking, for it enlightens the earth, and by its benign influence dispenses its blessings to mankind...It is found in the 28th degree and is the symbol of truth. It is found in the 4th degree as a symbol of light and in the 9th degree it is a symbol of divine providence. It is sometimes symbolically installed as the letter "G"...It is a door, an entrance to knowledge...3
Satan, The Goat of the Sabbath
High-sounding words, but deceptive. To gain a more direct perspective, we turn to Frenchman Eliphas Levi, a nineteenth-century satanist whose works inspired the writings of Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of international Freemasonry. Levi enthusiastically reports:
The pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan, or the goat of the Sabbath. (The horn) downward naturally represents the demon, that is, intellectual subversion, disorder and folly.4
In Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, one of the best guides ever published on the subject of the satanic star and other symbols of Masonry, Dr. Cathy Burns explains that the Blazing Star, or pentagram, has many meanings germane to the doctrines of Illuminism and the occult.5

Esoterically, the star symbolizes man as deity, as the universe embodied. It also stands for Sirius, the "Dog Star" or planet where Satan dwells. It stands for "Thor," the ancient Nordic God, and it stands for Baal, or Bel, the demonic God so often mentioned in derisive terms in the Old Testament.

This same star God was worshipped in Egypt, and the children of Israel, while wandering in the desert, fell under his hypnotic powers. They called him Moloch, Chiun, and Remphan. The prophet Amos castigated the Jewish idolaters for this unholy sacrilege:
But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves. ~ (Amos 5:20)
A Magical Charm and Talisman
To Illuminists everywhere, the pantacle star, or pentagram, is considered a powerful charm, a talisman, and an emblem of favour with the Deity of the Underworld. Oh, how the Communists, founded by Karl Marx, a high priest of Satan, cherished their red stars!

In degree rituals of Freemasonry, an appropriate "Jewel" is awarded the rising initiate. It is believed that this Jewel holds magical powers. It can be used to invoke, or invite, spirits and to work spells. Albert Pike thus advised:
Another Jewel is necessary for you, and in certain undertakings cannot be dispensed with. It is what is termed the Kabalistic pantacle (pentagram)...This carries with it the power of commanding the spirits of the elements. It is necessary for you to know how to use it. 6
In other words, Pike is recommending the star be the vehicle to invoke demon powers and cause them to do magical work.

Now, before you dismiss Pike's suggestion and imagine he was just some silly, insane occult nut, let me remind you that so respected is this man by the Illuminati of today, that a statue of Albert Pike stands in front of the Department of Justice building, the offices of the U.S. Attorney-General, in Washington, D.C. Displayed on public land, that statue is carefully tended to by the National Park Service. Moreover, the body of the much-revered former Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike, who died in 1891, is entombed in the Scottish Rite's House of the Temple, exactly 13 blocks from the White House.

Technically, there are several different types of occultic stars, each having its own set of doctrinal characteristics. The enneagram, for example, a nine-pointed star, is popular as a spiritual talisman in the Bahai faith and Theosophy and in other New Age occult sects.

The pentagram, from the Greek "pente," meaning five, and "gramma," a letter (thus the "letter five") is a five-pointed star. A pentalpha is more blatantly satanic. It is the form of a triple triangle. The pentagram star can also be called the pentacle, pentalpha, the Star of Isis, the Star of Venus and by other names. Its usage can be traced back to Babylon and it has often been employed in magical rites and activities.

It is sometimes said that the inverted pentagram, when it has two points ascendant, connotes evil and two points descendant, or down, indicates good, but this is not so. Either direction can be evil. 

Israel's Six-Pointed Star
The six-pointed star, known as the Seal of Solomon, as the Magen David of the Jews, or as the hexagram, is considered by witches and occultists of all stripes as a powerful tool of witchcraft and magic. With this image, one can cast spells, curse victims, and otherwise wreak havoc. Or so it is said.

The six-pointed star was especially beloved by the cabalistic rabbis of the medieval era. The Rothschild Dynasty later adopted this star as a magical device and was instrumental in persuading (money talks!) the fledgling Zionist entity, Israel, to adopt the six-pointed star as the national emblem. It is the symbol of the Israel national flag, even though a more appropriate device undoubtedly would be the Torah, the Menorah, or some other historic or religious symbol.7

Geometrically and numerically (points, lines, triangles) the six-pointed star translates into the number 666. Thus, it is very possible that the six-pointed star could become the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, as prophesied in Revelation 13.

The Illuminists, cabalists, and Masons cunningly have also chosen the six-pointed star as symbol because of its hidden sexual meanings. It is made up of two triangles, integrated together, one superimposed on the other. The triangle pointing downward (Delta) represents the female vagina; the triangle pointed upward the male phallus. Joined, or yoked, the two triangles represent the generative sex act.8

Illuminati Stars Around the World
The Illuminati have cleverly designed architecture and art over the face of the whole earth to integrate their star talismans into global culture. For example, Texas is called the "Lone Star State," a choice of the Masons ~ Sam Houston, James Bowie, David Crockett, Stephen F. Austin, and others ~ who wrested political control of the state in an internecine struggle with Mexican Masonry (Mexican President, General Santa Anna, was also a Mason). Today, the five-pointed Texas star, actually an Illuminati icon, is displayed across the state. 

The stars on the U.S. flag are of Masonic origination. The music later used for our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, was composed by a Mason, John Stafford Smith, a member of Royal Somerset House and Inverness Lodge No. 4, London. Another Mason, Francis Scott Key, set the words to the music, and it became recognized as America's national anthem.9

Stars have, since World War II, been prominently painted on U.S.A. military equipment  on tanks, jeeps, aircraft ~ and as badges and emblems on the uniforms of American servicemen.

The Communists in Russia, China, and elsewhere ~ Illuminists all ~ adopted the Red Star as a dominant icon of totalitarian dictatorship and emblazoned it on everything, from their flags and monuments to works of art and items of clothing.

None of this is by accident. Always remember, the whole planet is a ritual stage for these mad-men.

The Egyptian supreme Goddess wears on her head the diabolical, inverted pentagram star. Notice that rays of light emanate from the two "horn" points, creating a "V" effect.

See Chapter 25 of Codex Magica for discussion of the satanic "V." (Illustration "Isis Recording Her Mysteries." From Histoire de la Magie, by Paul Christian, Paris, France.)

The pentagram is an ancient and modern magical, occult symbol of prime importance to Illuminists, satanists, and members of secret societies. In its upright form (left), the five-pointed star is said to be an indicator of white magic. In its inverted form (center) the same star becomes the sign of consummate evil and hellish intentions.

In other words, black magic. Above, the pentagram at far right is simply the same as the star at center turned upside down. In each star, evil is found in the form of the goat-headed God of darkness, Baphomet. However, in the star in the center, the Baphomet goat has what appears to be his beard pointed downward, and in the star at right (reversed image), the supposed beard becomes the torch of fire emanating from the top of the beast's head.

Dr. (Colonel) Michael Aquino, Ipsissimus and founder of the Temple of Set, with his wife and High Priestess, Lilith Sinclair. The occultic star is dominant in this scene of Aquino with all his regalia.

The media gleefully devoted maximum attention to the killing of a black man in Jasper, Texas by three white men. The three chained the mutilated victim to the bumper of their pickup truck and drug him behind until he was dead. The media reported the grotesque murder as a racial crime, a horrible incident of racial prejudice and hate.

In fact, the motive for the murder was satanic, not racial. John William King, one of the accused white men, had tattoos of a baby Jesus with horns, of the satanic pentagram, the goat's head, and more. Even King's hair was cut into symbols of evil. (Austin American-Statesman, February 18, 1999, p. A12)

When the wife of the author of Codex Magica sent a letter to the United Fascist Union requesting information for our files about the group's purpose and activities, we received this letter in return.
Notice that two pentagram symbols are prominently displayed as symbolic artwork on the letterhead of the United Fascist Union, a U.S.A. based group headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Also observable is the fasces (ax and wheat bundled by X insignia). In the signature block of the letter, the "Director and CEO" of the United Fascist Union has typed the phrases "Viva Nova Roma" (Long live the New Rome) and "Holy is Babylon!"
A mysterious example of hermetic and alchemic teachings. This seven-point star is so arranged that one point of the star—painted black-is pointed downward, symbolizing adoration of he who rules Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun (i.e. Lucifer). (From Manly Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages)

From a recent catalogue offering a multitude of talismans and charms, were these two products offered for sale.

In this ad in Magical Blend, a New Age magazine, we see many occultic and pagan symbols, including the 5pointed star above the Goddess' head. The shell represents the love Goddess Aphrodite who, mythology says, rose out of the sea (see Revelation 13:1 for a prophecy about the beast that rises up out of the sea).

The Goddess figure in this ad sits in the familiar lotus position with the flame in her genital area and her arms and hands arranged symbolically.

This ad in Magical Blend magazine touts that for just $1,400 you can order this pentacle star-shaped dagger, suitable for ceremonies and rituals.

The ad also says that the product is "handcrafted with love in Vermont."

A wax talisman created by occultist Edward Kelley, using directions obtained in the angelic language he called "Enochian" (Enigma magazine, Issue 6).

A friend of Texe Marrs' ministry sent this drawing of Baphomet incorporated in an oval shaped, irregular pentagram. He noted that such an arrangement indicates the revolving of Venus (the Goddess, or feminine principle) around the sun in an elliptical orbit.

The irregular pentagram is a sign of black magic when shown inverted and enclosing the horned head of the goat. 
The masthead of the periodic "Scroll of Set" newsletter, published by Dr. (Colonel) Michael Aquino, High Priest of the Temple of Set.

Aquino claims to be an initiate of the "Left-handed Path," which indicates Lucifer worship.

The empty sanctuary of the Order of the Solar Temple shows signs of Satanic worship—candles on the floor arranged in a triangular pattern and a Satanic hexagram drawn out on the floor.

In October 1994, the 53 adults and children who participated in the unholy rituals of this cult ~ headquartered in Switzerland but operating in Canada as well ~ were found dead, victims of mass, joint suicide and murder. The official logo of the "Solar Temple" (not shown) is a triangle with 1 pointed Maltese cross.

High Priest LaVey and followers at a 1966 ritual. Observe the pentagram on the wall.

In the 1990s, President George Bush's National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) gave photographer Robert Mapplethorpe a $15.000 grant from the tax trough (that's my money and yours!) to produce photographs. Regrettably classified as "art," some of Mapplethorpe's photographs depicted homosexuals "enjoying" violent, degrading sex acts. Mapplethorpe also produced vulgar and unseemly pictures of little boys and girls displaying their sexual genitals.

Extremely satisfied with Robert Mapplethorpe's pornographic art, the NEA's artist community promptly arranged for his lewd photographs to be put on exhibit in some of America's finest art museums. All this, of course, was funded by the taxpayers through that gracious government cultural agency, the NEA.

Well, tragically, Robert Mapplethorpe is no longer with us. He has died of the AIDS virus, a result of his homosexual lifestyle. But he left behind a very revealing photograph that he had taken of himself. The photograph, entitled "Self-Portrait," shows Mapplethorpe in a terrorist/ gangster leather overcoat, machine gun in hands. On the wall behind the posed artist is a satanic pentagram, the five pointed star so revered by occultists.

Frankly, my heart goes out to the late Robert Mapplethorpe. He was a deceived, sick man. But I have little sympathy for the politicians who year after year fund the wicked tastes of the NEA's art crowd. Neither do I have a soft spot in my heart for the liberal clergy who insanely support and applaud the homosexual lifestyle.

Yes, Robert Mapplethorpe was personally responsible for his actions. He must now answer to an almighty God. But he had many accomplices to his immoral crimes. And the blood of Robert Mapplethorpe and thousands of other desperate and confused young men is on their hands!

Jack Roper, a friend of Texe Marrs who is a law enforcement consultant and an expert on satanic rituals and crimes, sent Texe this photo of a satanic altar and worshipper. 
The United Kingdom's Mick Hurknell, lead singer of the soul group Simply Red. Fans call him a "stage-strutting sex God" in his red vest wearing a six-pointed silver star as talisman around his neck. The band has sold over 20 million albums. (Photo: The European Magazine, December 6, 1995, p. 17)  

Fortean Times (March 2000), a magazine specializing in the bizarre and strange that is real, devoted its cover and feature article to the documented story of Jack Parsons, the American rocket scientist and genius who made space travel possible with his scientific inventions and discoveries. Parsons was a Luciferian priest and an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), an occultic order made infamous by Englishman Aleister Crowley ("the beast, 666").

Parsons died in a mysterious explosion some 50 years ago, but his name and legend continue to be honoured by Illuminists around the world. NASA, America's space agency, even named a crater on Mars after Parsons. Parsons conducted sex rituals designed to invoke the coming of the antichrist. Satanists call these perverted, dark rituals "Babalon Working."

Popular Science magazine (July 2004) published this artist's conception of a proposed Synthetic Star, pentagram star of light to be beamed over the city of New York as a memorial to World Trade Center 9/11 victims.

The designers believe the five-pointed star, designed to float serenely above a city center and pulse quietly at the same rate as a beating human heart ~ will calm the city folk below. Would you like to look up into the sky each evening and see a huge satanic pentagram like this hovering over your community?

"The Great Experiment" was the title of this mural painted by Russian artist llya Glazunov. The mural claims to picture the history of 20th century Russia. The Bolsheviks' satanic star is the overall container and inside it is found the satanic pentacle star along with pictures of Lenin, Trotsky, Gorbachev, and others.

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