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And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. ~ Revelation 18:2

The Royal Secret...the Secret of the Universal Equilibrium... shall at length make real the Holy Empire of true Masonic Brotherhood. ~ Albert Pike, 33° Morals and Dogma

Two heads are better than one, except when they're on the body of only one eagle. ~ Texe Marrs
Can the body of one bird have two heads? Is such a notion insane? I believe so. Insanity can be described as a demented man's firm belief that two totally contradictory and opposite things are nevertheless one and the same. If a man simultaneously embraces two competing, mutually exclusive ideas or philosophies, he can properly be deemed "out of his mind," or insane. If, for example, he is convinced that an apple is a bird or that the color black is actually white, then he is insane.

But the Illuminati do not agree. Their whole insane doctrine is based on the supposition that black is white ~ that good is evil, that two plus two equals five. They are men of insane minds. And they have developed an equally insane "scientific" system, designed to reprogram and recreate social material and spiritual reality to fit their perverted, upside down theology.

Universal Motion: Alchemy and Magic
Their scientific system, actually a form of witchcraft, is based on alchemy and magic. Its process is one of Universal Motion, designed to purposely foment diabolical chaos so that order may come out of two dynamic competing forces, Ordo Ah Chao. Their objective is the Great Work, the changing of man created in God's image into the image of a serpent-being void of morality and void of righteous, just values.
In other words, the Great Work is designed to create and produce a race of soul-less satanic  creatures.

To effect their Great Work, to transform and transmutate the world and humanity into the "new soul-less creature," heaven and earth must be destroyed, crushed, and thoroughly converted into a new paradigm.

In essence, heaven and earth are to become hell.

The will of Satan shall be done on Earth as it is in hell.

This is the exalted, "Royal Secret."
It is the Illuminati's core doctrine, their cardinal teaching, that out of bloody, universal chaos will ultimately come equilibrium and the Holy Empire of the Illuminati, to be ruled by their cabalistic Messiah, or King ~ actually the Antichrist.

Pike revealed this ultimate objective to subordinate Illuminists on page 861 of his celebrated textbook, Morals and Dogma:
The Royal Secret, of which you are a Prince, if you are a true that which the Sohar (an occultic and cabalistic text) terms The Mystery of the Balance. It is the Secret of the Universal Equilibrium...Such, my Brother, is the True Word of a Master Mason; such is the true Royal Secret, which makes possible, and shall at length make real, the Holy Empire of true Masonic Brotherhood.1
Ruining God's Creation
Ezekiel 28 tells us that, as first created by God, Lucifer was a beautiful creature, one of the most lovely in Heaven. His body was not of flesh but was made up of actual gems and jewels. Even more fantastic, musical instruments were incorporated into his being. A beauty to behold.

But then the deceitful Lucifer rebelled, taking down with him one third of the angels. He and they apparently became vile creatures, ugly and deformed, appearing in grotesque forms appropriate to their mental and spiritual deformities.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, 1 will exalt my throne above the stars of God...I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. (Isaiah 14:12-15)
The Bible says that the angry and furious fallen Lucifer now walks to and fro in the earth like a lion seeking whom he might devour. His aim is to ruin God's creation, to bastardize and corrupt it, to change it into what he is ~ a monumentally ugly and warped creation, totally opposite of what God intended.
Man and the world must be ruined, destroyed, transformed into a barren, non-producing, hideously shaped wasteland.
Men are to be made feminine; women masculine. Marriage is to be perverted. No longer between man and woman, it shall be used also to join men with men and women to women. Abortion ~ the reckless slaughter of innocents ~ is to be applauded. Sex is to become rife with perversion. Children are given over to the terrible passions of lustful pedophiles. Spiritual values are converted to material desires. False Gods are exalted. False Bibles are invented. Murder and assassination become religious goals.

As Above, So Below
This, then, is the end-goal of Illuminism: To destroy earth, debase civilization, end pure spirituality, induce chaos on earth, and bring order according to Satan's Illuminati script. Earth is to be hell and hell on earth: As Above, So Below.
This is the meaning of the double-headed Eagle; the androgynous joining of man and woman; the mixing of the yin and yang; the checkerboard, black and white floors of the Masonic Lodges; the mirror images of the Rosicrucians; the sulphurous tale of Beauty and the Beast; the witches parable of the lovely lady vs. the crone on her broom; the Druid/Satanic/Catholic alternating of black and white priest vestments; the front and obverse (hidden) sides of the Great Seal of the United States; the reversing of the cross and the reading of the Lord's Prayer backwards in satanic worship, ad nauseam.

All fields, all things, must be reversed.

Negative must be transmuted into positive.

Bad will be good.

Black shall be white.

The ugly shall be adjudged beautiful

and the beautiful is to be spoiled, scarred,

and made repugnant and revolting.

God shall be debased and Satan exalted.

Illuminism, therefore, is a system of dualism (thesis and antithesis) which cyclically repeats as synthesis results. Then, the conflicting forces of the duality cycle clash again, with synthesis being achieved once more. Always the synthesis, the temporary solution or form, is unfrozen, the process of two competing forces reignited, and the cycle is continued.

Manly P. Hall, 33o , the 20th Century's most revered Masonic scholar, titled this "The Double-Headed Eagle, The Supreme Symbol," in his classic book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Chaos begets order, but chaos ensues again, followed by order, and so on. The conflict of opposites leads finally to system equilibrium which is disturbed once again by renewed conflict, and a new, temporary stage of equilibrium is achieved. Ever upward, evolving until perfection. So, the Illuminist is a perfectionist ever changing, seeking more light as he travels down that yellow brick road to tomorrow.

As Bill and Hillary Clinton's favorite song intoned,
"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow."

"Everything must change," was the slogan of the Illuminists who sparked the French Revolution.2
The Illuminists ruling America give us two political parties, Democrat and Republican (thesis and antithesis), both of which they control. But the conflict of these two opposites never leads to a real solution, only to a fluid, sketchy, "synthesis." Problems are never completely and satisfactorily resolved. The dualistic process is never ending. We are all citizens of "Neverneverland," and we don't even know it.

The Third Side to Every Issue
Here's how one Illuminist philosopher, satanic priest Anton LaVey, explained it:
There are not always 'two sides to every issue.' That statement is a ridiculous slogan invoked by vested interests...

In matters of significant concern, there is invariably another alternative: a THIRD SIDE, a satanic side.

'Two sides of the same coin' is what most major issues are artfully constructed to be. Subsequently, the populace lives by imperceptible Hobson's choices masquerading as opposing opinions.
The two uppermost points of the inverted pentagram of Satan represent the dualistic nature of all things, as all things are naturally perceived. Man has always been motivated and controlled by whatever dualistic concept is in fashion, and always will be. Like it or not, it's the way things really are. Shades of gray only appear between established opposites.3

The Rosicrucian Orders and the Masonic Lodge incessantly teach this duality of all things in their rituals and lectures. In the book, The Rose Cross and the Goddess, Masonic advocate, Gareth Knight, speaks of this "dual polarity." In Masonic symbolism, Knight observes, this duality is expressed by the square and compass.4

One of the highest degree rituals in Scottish Rite Freemasonry is that which honors the Emperors of the East and West. It is symbolized, among other things, by the Masonic double-headed eagle. Two heads, one body. Again: duality.

The Universal Serpent Force
Albert Pike, the former Sovereign Grand Commander whose writings are so honored and venerated that Pike's body has been entombed in the Scottish Rite's international headquarters, The House of the Temple, in Washington, DC, taught that out of the ongoing universal motion of the conflict of opposites, a potent and magical force could be created or energized, so powerful that,
"a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world."
In Morals and Dogma, he emphasizes:
This force was known to the ancients. It is a universal agent, whose Supreme law is was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes... There is a Life-Principle of the world, a universal agent, wherein are two natures and a double current...It is the body of the Holy Spirit, the Universal Agent, the Serpent devouring his own tail...Force attracts force...5

The Jewish cabalists speak in mysterious, guarded terms of this same potent Force. They say it is produced from the uniting of the two triangles, male and female, in the sex act, releasing the generative energy of creation. The result symbolized is, of course, the Jewish Star of David, known as the Seal, or symbol, of Solomon or simply as the Six-Pointed Star.
The cabalists say this Star represents the combined energy of good and evil becoming one Force; it represents the "white Jehovah and the black Jehovah." It is the epitome of the "As Above, So Below" doctrine. As LaVey put it, it represents "THE THIRD WAY."
To the Illuminati, nothing is static, everything is deceit; the Force is dynamic, ever-changing, the quicksand of light that diffuses and reappears only to disappear again. Dark is Light and Light is Dark and no one can divine a difference. Satan is therefore God and God is Satan, and the Serpent chases its own tail. Forever. 

The Invisible Light
This is all insanity, of course, but to the Illuminist it is Reason. Thus, Francis Adams Moore, in the Lucis Trustpublication, The Beacon, wrote an article entitled '"The Invisible Sun." In it, Moore speaks of "The Ageless Wisdom":
The Ageless Wisdom teaches that this darkness out of which visible Light came, is actually the pure Light ~ the Light that is so brilliant, radiant, and transcendent it appears as darkness to the form world.6
To Moore, what we perceive as darkness is actually invisible Light. In all creation, he says, light and darkness are mixed and "their equilibrium is the mystery of mysteries."7

Once again we see the Illuminists' insane doctrine of duality. The bisexual is preferred, bad is good, and so on. Duality and synthesis, and more duality and synthesis, in never-ending incarnations of confusing light and shadow cycles of unreality blended with reality.
No wonder the Bible says, "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." (James 1:8)
In the beginning the Great Darkness, Diana, divided herself into two equal and opposite forces, night and day. The night was ruled over by Diana herself as the moon, the day by her alter ego and brother, Lucifer, the Sun.8

The Eagle is the Sun
The Herder Dictionary of Symbols notes that the eagle has long been a symbol of power, endurance, and heavenward flight. It also symbolizes the sun (and the sun God) and spiritual majesty. Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia says that,
"to the pagans, the eagle was an emblem of Jupiter, and with the Druids it was a symbol of their supreme God."
The eagle appears in the insignia of many nations, including ancient Rome, Nazi and modern-day Germany, Czarist Russia, and the United States of America. The Rothschilds adopted the double-headed eagle as the logo of the Rothschild Family Dynasty. The eagle is also represented in the Great Seal of the U.S.A. and it is revered as a holy sign by Sufi Moslems.

Detail from a Moslem coat-of-arms shows heraldic eagle bearing Sufi octagonal calligraphic motto on its breast. (From the book, A History Secret Societies, by Arkon Daraul, Citadel Press, Secaucus, New Jersey, 1961) 

The Oval Office and The Eagle in the Great Seal
In Tlxe Wall Street Journal, former presidential speechwriter and now political commentator Peggy Noonan reported on an interview she had with President George W. Bush in the White House.9As she sat before him, a friendly Chief Executive Bush brought up the topic of the eagle symbol so prominently displayed in the Oval Office.
The President noted the carved American eagle on the front of his antique desk, the one used by Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton. The head of the eagle, he notes, is turned toward the arrows it holds in its talon. But look here, he says, at the American eagle in the presidential seal on the rug: The head is turned away and toward the olive branches he holds in his other talon.

"Harry Truman changed it," he says. "He wanted America looking toward peace."10


These three pictures reveal a mystery. Top left is the President's classic oak desk in the Oval Office. This desk has been in place in the White House since 1887 when it was given as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes by Great Britain's Queen Victoria. The middle panel of the desk, bearing the presidential seal with the eagle facing to the right, was added by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to hide his use of a wheelchair. Roosevelt was a 32o Mason. Bottom left is the presidential seal woven into the Oval Office's carpet, displayed in front of the desk.

This is the same presidential seal as is on the desk, except that here the eagle is facing the opposite direction ~to the left. Then finally, above right, we see President George W. Bush and aides holding a conference in the Oval Office. Bush's carpet is a different, lighter color than that of the Clinton era, but the presidential seal of the carpet, or rug, continues to show the eagle facing to the left, while the desk has the bird facing to the right. In combination, this reflects the classic, double-headed (leftright) eagle of 33o Freemasonry.

Notice also that, in Bush's carpet are added a number of brilliant, radiant sun rays arching out from the seal, indicating the "Illumination" of the Presidency of the United States. Moreover, at the Bush conference, the positioning of furniture and accessories (chairs/tables) provides the classic Masonic Lodge ritual arrangement, plus we have overall the Mason square and compass within a circle design. The red roses in the middle are also symbolic in that they represent the feminine aspect (vagina) while the eagle represents the masculine aspect (phallus).

Interesting stuff by Peggy Noonan.

We must remember that President Truman was a 33rd degree Mason. "Peace" to a Mason means something entirely different than the same word means to you and me. In fact, to a Mason, peace is defined according to the Hegelian dialectical process of doublemindedness. Thus, the Hegelian motto: "Perpetual war for perpetual peace." What Ms. Noonan also failed to realize is that in turning the two heads of the eagle  ~ one carved on the desk, the other on the rug ~ in opposite directions, the Illuminati is reproducing, or mimicking, the symbol of the double-headed eagle in Freemasonry.

A Ravenous Bird From the East
To the Illuminati, the eagle is a symbol of overriding importance and, in its double-headed form, the eagle represents the Illuminati's principal doctrine of As Above, So Below. It also represents the Great Work of the Initiation of the World.

How prophetic, then, is the Bible verse found in Isaiah 46:11 which reveals that in the last days, a "ravenous bird from the East" shall be called forth by God to wreak havoc and destruction on rebellious mankind and the fallen world.

So when you see the duality principle ("As Above, So Below") represented in the photos and illustrations in this section, remember: You're observing the great secret in operation, the perennial teaching of the Hidden God, the God of the Mysteries, the God who it is said possesses the key to the invisible world (hell), the God of the Arch, the God of cunning, lies and deceit, the two-faced Deity, the Masonic double-headed eagle. In other words, bluntly stated, you are viewing Satan in disguise.

Among hard-core occultists deep into Babylonian and Egyptian lore and magic we find the worship of the two-headed Mammon Ra, the God of Prosperity and Riches.

Mammon Ra is actually a powerful demon, one of the four great princes of hell. He is especially worshipped with great pomp by Jewish cabalists hungry and greedy for wealth and affluence.

Two golden phoenix serpents face each other inside the Temple Room of the Scottish Rite headquarters, The House of The Temple, in Washington, D.C. located exactly 13 blocks from the White House. While the focal point is the black stone altar with its three sun medallions, the two serpents provide the most grotesque sight.

On the rug we read, "The Goal of Initiation," and, indeed, it is reportedly before this imposing black stone altar that the candidate for the 33rd degree kneels and drinks wine from a human skull.

The medical profession uses the winged caduceus, symbol of Mercury, the ancient God of commerce, as a universal sign, or logo. Medical doctors even take the Hippocratic Oath, vowing obeisance to Asclepius, the Greek God of healing. The caduceus design is of two serpents intertwined around a staff, or pole, facing each other.

Again, this is evidence of llluminist doctrine of the integration of opposites. The two serpents are the same as the emblem of Freemasonry-the double-headed eagle.  


The shadow figure in the background of this photo of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak faces the opposite direction. Appropriate considering the Masonic principle of the combining, or synthesis of opposites. (Photo: U.S. New & World Report, March 14, 2005, P. 30)

Sammy Davis Jr. with Michael Aquino and Anton Levay. Not nice guys to hang out with.

Sammy Davis, Jr., popular singer and entertainer, integrated the Illuminist sign, "As Above, So Below," into his dance performance. In his autobiography, "Yes, I Can," Davis confessed to being a past member of High Priest Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. In his performances, Davis often wore a satanic pentagram necklace.

He also painted the fingernail black as a sign of his devotion to his master, the devil. One of Sammy Davis, Jr.'s most popular songs, The Candy Man, reportedly was secretly in praise of Satan, the Candy Man who brings his disciples gifts, such as illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, and sexual favors. 
This article in Newsweek (July 27, 1998, p. 31) speaks for itself. Under orders from Bolshevik Communist butcher Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Oar and his entire family were slaughtered. In the center of this photo, above the windows you will see the golden, double-headed eagle. 

Mirror Image: In 2002, two snipers terrified Washington, D.C. suburbs with deadly and accurate shooting of innocent citizens. Police Chief Charles Moose, of Montgomery County, Maryland, led some 1,000 investigators in a 22-day manhunt. The press and media made Chief Moose into a celebrity and hero, though clearly his police skills were not just inadequate, they had proven to be vastly incompetent and bungling. Moose turns out to be a puppet of the Jewish ADL and a "Chosen One" of the Illuminati.

This photo in Time (January 6, 2001) unmasks Chief Moose as a stooge of the elite. It illustrates perfectly the doctrine, "As Above, So Below." We see Chief Moose, a black man, shrouded in darkness, his hands giving a Masonic symbol (explained elsewhere in Codex Magica).

They rest on a mirror surface in which the shadow image of the Chief is seen. Viewed either as is or upside down, we observe the secret sign of the diamond (two triangles abutted together), indicating the portal of hell, high sign of the conspiracy. It doesn't get much more revealing than this. Yet, it is doubtful that even a fraction of the readers of Time who saw this photo had any idea of its esoteric nature.

In this advertisement in Spain's Hola magazine (April 13, 2000), a coin bearing the image of King Juan Carlos was offered. Juan Carlos is heir to the Bourbon Dynasty.

One of his titles is "King of Jerusalem." The emblem of the double-headed eagle is on the reverse side of the coin. 

One of the clergy leaders of the Orthodox Church in Greece wears a pendent of the crowned double-headed eagle as a talisman around his neck. The cross, meanwhile, is relegated to the left side of the satanic talisman. 
In 1917, after the dynasty of Czar Nicholas II fell, the Moscow government of Freemason Alexander Kerensky issued new currency, including this 250 ruble banknote. At its center is the double-headed eagle superimposed on the swastika (sun deity). The swastika is arranged as a diamond. Soon afterwards, the government of Kerensky gave way to the Bolshevik coup of Lenin and Trotsky.

Kerensky fled to Paris, France, where he joined the Grand Orient Lodge. Lenin and Trotsky, also Masons and satanists, decided these symbols on the ruble banknotes were far too obvious and feared that the Russian people would discover the Jewish Masonic roots of the Revolution. Therefore, they ordered the removal of the symbols and created as a replacement for them the familiar hammer and sickle emblems as the U.S.S.R.'s official seal.

The Magical Head of Zohar is a cabalistic design illustrating the concept of opposites, the principle of "As Above, So Below." It is widely used by cabalists and Jewish rabbis as an instructional device.

Abraxas, the gnostic rooster God, symbolic of the Sun God. Notice the two serpent legs, indicating the doctrine of duality. 

In tarot card decks, one of the cards depicts "The Magician" (also called the Magus or the Juggler), a young man holding up a wand in his right hand, and pointing to the earth with his left. On a table before him are the four elemental symbols, and above his head is the sign of eternity or infinity.

He is the Magus, the God-like human being integrated on all planes, the will liberated through gnosis, or knowledge. His gesture refers to the basic occult principle "That which is above is as that which is below."

This design illustrates the ultimate blasphemy for its message is that Satan is deity of the universe, that he shall be King over all realms, above and below, and that the reign of he, the serpent, shall stand for all eternity. The Scottish Rite textbook, A Bridge to light, by Rex Hutchens, 33rd degree, outlines the knowledge and symbols used for the various degrees of Freemasonry.

In this book, Hutchens restates the principles of Albert Pike's 19th century classic, Morals and Dogma. According to these principles, the oroboros serpent shown in this design (Levi's occult magic of "As Above, So Below") represents eternity and the Holy Spirit of the triune Godhead. In other words, the Illuminists are declaring that the serpent, identified in the scriptures as the devil, is, in their religion, the divine Holy Spirit!

A company called Azure Green puts out a catalog offering "Egyptian Deity Wall Plaques," including this one, a depiction of the combined Gods of Egypt, Horns and Set. Two entities represented by one body. Once again, we discover the principle of integration, or synthesis. Horus is the son of the Sun God and is said to be one with his Father, Osiris.

The God Set is the dialectical opposite, or mirror of Horns and Osiris, but rather than the Sun and its light, he represents the darkness of the underworld. Set is God of the dead, Horus-Osiris, God of the living.

This cover of a book by W. Bruce Lincoln about Russia's czars, the Romanov Dynasty, pictures the dynasty's fascinating symbol, the double-headed phoenix serpent.

Eye-opening is the crowned victorious hero figure with a cape, carrying a lance, riding a white horse found within the "heart" of the double-headed black bird. The symbolical meaning of this image is overwhelming, to say the least, in terms of Bible prophecy. 

 The image of the double-headed eagle ~ shown here on the cover of Albert Pike's classic text, Morals and Dogma ~ is a much-treasured symbol of Jewish Masons.

It represents the Babylonian God of money and forces, Mammon-Ra, as well as the Hegelian dialectical process practiced by the Jewish elite. This same symbol is the "Masonic Jewel" awarded high level Masons initiated into the 33rd degree.

A friend of the author sent him this photograph he took while visiting Russia recently. It is the fence and gate outside a sprawling and luxurious old mansion estate. 
For Comrade Mikhail Gorbachev, there is only one deity that should be recognized-the God below, in the abyss. Here we see Gorby smiling broadly while finding his "mark" for a history photo made with Bush and Reagan overlooking the New York City harbor.

Gorby seems to merely be clowning around, but his membership in the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, France and his favorable status by the llluminati's Inner Circle inform us otherwise. His hands tell a story understood by the wise. (Photo and article, December 8, 1988)

Commemorative Silver Coin bearing images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laksmi struck in honor of the historic occasion of the first Hindu Diwali ritual ever conducted in the White House. It happened under President George W. Bush, in 2003.

Double-headed eagle pendant owned by the Czarina. The word "Czar" in Russian means "Caesar.

A horse cloth used in the royal stables of the Russian Czar (circa 1795) bears the symbols of the double-headed eagle, a triangle, and diamonds, all llluminist signs.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (left) meets with the CEO of Lukoil, Russia's biggest oil company. On the desk between the two men are desk accessories bearing the emblem of the double-headed eagle. (Photo: Agence France-Presse)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, flamboyant Russian politician, holds in his hand the double-headed eagle insignia of the czarist regime, recently revived in the Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Putin era. Zhirinovsky gained worldwide notoriety in the 1990s for bashing Jews and for his extreme anti-Semitic views.

However, he quieted down and muted his animosity toward the Jews after it came out that Zhirinovsky is himself a Jew! The setting up of such fake fronts by the Illuminati is a common tactic. It is all part of the Hegelian dialectical process (Thesis+antithesis=synthesis): i.e. create the problem, then come up with the pre-planned "solution" favored by the elite. (Photo and article: The European, April 17, 1994)

"The Czar is dead. Long live the Czar," seems to be the cry today in Russia. Czar Nicholas and his entire family were massacred by Lenin and the Communists. But, in recent times, Russia, under Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin, has once again officially returned the Empire to the key symbol of the double-headed eagle. Der Spiegel, a popular German news magazine, carried this telling depiction of "Czar Boris" (President Boris Yeltsin) on its cover, with the revived official seal on his breast.

Believe it or not, in front of the Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. is a statue of a confederate general, Albert Pike. Pike served as Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction. Fascinating, isn't it, that black leaders like Farrahkan and Jesse Jackson aren't complaining? Usually, they go nuts complaining about Confederate monuments and statues on government land. Could their silence be attributed to the fact that Jackson and Farrakhan are themselves 3 3rd degree Masons?

In any case, at the foot of Pike's Justice Department Statue is a Masonic female figure representing Lady Justice, holding a banner with the 33rd degree double-headed eagle and the triangle of Freemasonry.

The androgyne, a combination creature of male and female, symbolizes the hermaphrodite principle of the two-faced entity or two-headed eagle. In the Jewish Cabala, this strange creation of the feminine and masculine principle is known as "Adam Kadmon," both Adam and Eve, a Golem. This conjunction of opposites is part of the science of alchemy, or hermeticism, and is especially beloved by occult magicians. In witchcraft, it is known as the joining of sun and moon, and sacred sex rituals are common.

Janus, Roman two-faced "God of the Sun," was said to e the "keeper of the keys" to the invisible spirit world.

Hislop (The Two Babylons) called him "the source and fountain of all the pagan Gods." Is the Masonic double-headed eagle symbolic of his predecessor, Janus?  

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