Wednesday 22 June 2011


Yu Muroga is a Japanese driver. Like most people of his area, he did not feel threatened by the tsunami, March 11, 2011, as he was far enough from the coast. So he continued to drive and do his job. The HD camera mounted on the dashboard of his vehicle has not only captured the shock but also the moments that followed, where many drivers were stranded by the waters of the tsunami.

Notice, dear Readers, there is NO SIGN of an earthquake here. The buildings are solid, the man on the side of the road is just standing there, the drivers are still driving safely on the roads.  

Does this look like a major 9.0 Earthquake zone to you? Go check out Chile, San Francisco and Kobe for real Earthquakes. Note all these people getting caught unawares. This was an attack by Powers that Be controlling from the City of London and Via Condotti in Rome, Italy. Welcome to the biggest enemy of mankind on the planet which is veiled behind their proxy U.S. and Israel puppets to take blame.

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