Wednesday 15 June 2011


 Too much water in the American midwest. 
Drought emergencies in Europe. 
Either way, the peoples are being threatened 
by potential (?) nuclear disasters
of apocalyptic proportions.

Posted on June 14, 2011

This NASA Soho Pic either has something behind the sun or a piece of it has flared up into the air? Don’t blame me, I just post them. 

“Officials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth.”

In an interview with The Independent, Thomas Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, said that controlled power “outages” will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken.”

Dr. Bogdan is in close discussions now it is reported with the Space Weather Prediction Center in Britain on how to go about this. What this could all mean I will leave it up to your imagination. 

Certainly here in America when it comes to managing a flooding Mississippi valley, power is going to be of the utmost concern and crucial to say the least. 
It is fortunate the levee break at Hamburg, Iowa on the Missouri River was below Omaha, Nebraska as the power generating plant near there is already being sandbagged against flooding. 
The best advice at this time is probably to pray there are no earthquakes along the New Madrid fault and drop any preconceived notions that we are not entering uncharted territory. 
(Sorry make it Bernard) Shanks warns there could be a flood of biblical proportions should the Fort Peck Dam give way. 

There is little doubt that Europe will be forced into this in certain areas as French nuclear plants are cooled by rivers which are drying up during a prolonged drought period and it is also resulting in failing crops.

Crackled and dry earth is seen in the wide riverbed of the Loire River near the Anjou-Bretagne Bridge in Ancenis, western France, May 20, 2011. The French environment minister said on Monday that France was in a 'situation of crisis' and on Wednesday imposed curbs on water consumption in a third of France's administrative departments. (Courtesy Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

You cannot run nuclear plants without water. There is a previous post which mentions German experts being called into France to help with nuclear problems. Italy has also just voted to end reliance on nuclear power in the future 

Please check out the videos here 

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