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Thanks Dublin Mick for this excellent post.  Just a sorta practical realistic yet metaphysical look at all of the nuclear mess we are facing.

An upadate might be in order on an older post by Anadianant dealing with American Cross,  Nuclear rumbles. On March 16th. It appears to be all systems go as discussed back then. Older Post

We certainly are watching some fairly extensive events taking place along this cross, from protests in Wisconsin to flooding in the Mississippi Valley, as well as forest fires from Florida to New Mexico. 

Greetings, as things progress and patterns start to establish themselves, it’s good to look back to look forward.
This was the post on March 16th, I called it American Cross, Nuclear Rumbles


As the situation in Japan stumbles from bad to worse, my attention was drawn to another cross.

A cross in the USA, eerily similar to the one in the Middle East (see Here).

This one is a cross loaded with nuclear signatures…

Take a look and then I’ll explain below what I see. Please excuse the crude graphics. Not been able to get my hands on any decent on-line drawing software or maps (I’m on dial-up speeds, if anyone can do a better job and share it with me on e-mail, I’ll gladly switch).

Please also note, the black line running from Wisconsin to GOM (marker 1, 2 and 3) and 33rd cross are my annotations. The original map had what looks like radio hand-off demarcations.

A) Point 1 on the map is the approximate location of the Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico disaster (still on-going by the way, but now completely overshadowed by the many earth-shaking events since and totally suppressed).

The major elements involved are Water and fire. Incidentally, it is a well known fact that most crude oil is radioactive to some degree (or has a mix of radioactive elements to some degree). This was majorly in the news at one point and then was “disappeared). In fact, the web has been cleansed of such reports. If anyone has a link, please share in comments. Also remember how much the “Nuke It” option was discussed at the time, turning the GOM floor into glass or some other such absurd hypothesis to stem the flow.

B) Point 2 is Madison Wisconsin, the site of the largest protest in the US in recent memory. We’ll let the reasons behind it rest for the moment, but note that it was a seminal test and one that fully succeeded in dividing the US along public/private and govt./people fault lines. Incidentally, the fact that this was essentially an argument, a battle of positions in the mind, points to the excitation of the Air element, as Air rules the mind. This is true in Ancient Indian systems like Ayurveda and classic western esoterica which led to the Tarot etc. Air rules the mind.

Please note that the Wisconsin legislature used the Nuclear Option to pass the measures limiting public union’s collective bargaining rights etc.

C) Point 3 is smack in the middle of the New Madrid Fault line. Incidentally very close or nearly on the 33rd parallel as well. We all remember Beebe Arkansas as the first mysterious Black Bird Death place, an event that presaged a whole lot of mass animal deaths. Still unexplained. I’ll not speculate here, because not the point anymore. Also interesting to Note that Beebe lies in White County, AK.

Equally telling:

In Arkansas, two pressurized-water reactors at the Russellville Nuclear One plant supply 30 percent of the state’s power, U.S. Energy Information Administration data show. The plant is about 180 miles from the New Madrid fault line, one of the most active and dangerous fault lines in the United States.

Actually, if you see the map of Nuclear power in America, it promptly brings huge red-flags. Cannot copy/paste, so check out this link:

That, as I see it, is where something is going to give next, possibly in the window coming up (19-23rd March). Created, natural? That would be speculative. All I see is that the ends of the Axis have been loaded.

Air, Fire and Water load the two ends.
Unstable earth in the middle.
It is bound to give, sooner or later.

The presence of Nuclear power stations so close to the biggest fault in the Continental US, smacks of the same Hubris or calculated monstrosity that the unfolding Japanese Disaster shows.

If the New Madrid fault shakes, it will be catastrophic for the US. In more ways than one can compute, FEMA’s emergency plans for all kinds of survival gear does not give comfort.

If you are not tied to the area, I suggest moving hundreds of miles away at the very least. If not, prepare. See what you can learn from the Japanese scenario. It takes just a little foresight and pre-planning to be calm in the face of crisis. It may not happen this week, but to my mind, it is in-evitable. Japan shows us that the tipping point is now well behind us.

What else this may trigger is unknowable. Again, in a disaster situation, calmness is your only friend and fore-knowledge can help you be that.

Again, if someone can help with a better annotated map, I’ll gladly substitute my ‘crude” one.

Overall though, I’ll stay with the theme of massive tipping point action all around.

If anyone has anything of import to share that I might have missed, please pass it on, I’ll more than gladly put it up here.

Take good care, be kind to yourself and think cycles. There is no sin, as such. There is no heaven and hell, as such. All of it is with-in. The battle is with-in. Even the Bhagvat Geet is a metaphorical tale of the battle with-in.

More as more comes.

From this dense, limiting paradigm, perhaps a move into the omnipresent, omnipotent Aether will be welcome relief, eh?

Wishing calm and kindness, grace, gentleness and generosity all around.

Hmmmmmmm, and since then, the “pressure”, all around, on the Great Midwest flood plains has been rising.
And as the post above pointed out, it’s nuclear, it’s shaky AND clearly heavily flood prone…. some recent updates, especially the Nuclear bit…..


A fire in Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant briefly knocked out the cooling process for spent nuclear fuel rods, ProPublica reports.

The fire occurred on June 7th, and knocked out cooling for approximately 90 minutes. After 88 hours, the cooling pool would boil dry and highly radioactive materials would be exposed.

On June 6th, the Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) issued a directive banning aircraftfrom entering the airspace within a two-mile radius of the plant.

“No pilots may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by this NOTAM,” referring to the “notice to airmen,” effective immediately.

Since last week, the plant has been under a “notification of unusual event” classification, becausing of the rising Missouri River. That is the lowest level of emergency alert.



By Tom Burnett

Ft. Calhoun is the designated spent fuel storage facility for the entire state of Nebraska…and maybe for more than one state.* Calhoun stores its spent fuel in ground-level pools which are underwater anyway ~ but they are open at the top.  

When the Missouri river pours in there, it’s going to make Fukushima look like an x-ray. But that’s not all. There are a LOT of nuclear plants on both the Missouri and Mississippi and they can all go to hell fast.  

BTW, US plants hold about four times OVER capacity in their spent fuel pools PLUS all the new and recently removed fuel from Calhoun…the plant was officially being refueled. Be aware that Ft Calhoun isn’t a BWR like Fukushima ~ it’s a PWR. But that doesn’t matter, because the fuel is all sitting OUTSIDE the reactor waiting to wash away or explode ~ which will destroy about 15,000 square miles of what used to be the Corn Belt.  

That’s all being washed away by the flood waters anyway.  Calhoun may already be spewing radiation into the flooding Missouri…the public will be the last to be told.  

Therefore, everything the river water touches on its way downstream will or could become contaminated.  This could be nothing…or, it could wipe out the middle of America.  Note the following: The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station is a nuclear power plant located on 660 acres (270 ha) between Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, and Blair, Nebraska adjacent to the Missouri River.

This plant has one Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactor generating 500 megawatts of electricity. In 2003, the plant had its operating license renewed for an additional twenty years, expiring in 2033.  The report states, “During identification and evaluation of flood barriers, unsealed through wall penetrations in the outside wall of the intake, auxiliary and chemistry and radiation protection buildings were identified that are below the licensing basis flood elevation. A summary of the root causes included: a weak procedure revision process; insufficient oversight of work activities associated with external flood matters; ineffective identification, evaluation and resolution of performance deficiencies related to external flooding; and “safe as is” mindsets relative to external flooding events.”


This about the Indian Point reactor. It’s from an activist’s perspective, but boy, I think we can do with a little more activist perspective, hmmmm?



The floods keep on coming. Levees under threat, being blown up.

As the Missouri River’s crest rises, so do the blood pressures and stress levels of employees at Omaha-Council Bluffs businesses that stand in harm’s way.

Even though the worst of the flooding is likely still on its way, many businesses along the river and on Abbott Drive have taken extreme precautions to protect their businesses. Some have moved expensive equipment. Many have built sandbag fortresses or reinforced levees. And all of them have catastrophe and evacuation plans in place if Mother Nature decides to flex all of her muscles.

Rising Missouri River is no longer visible.

No sign is a bad sign.

By Wednesday, rain had pushed floodwaters up and over the landmark sign and ever closer to the headquarters of Gallup, the international polling firm. By midday, water sat a mere 25 feet from the campus’s main building.

“It’s a little too close,” said Kelly Slater, a company spokesman. “It has gotten deeper over here.”

Gallup is making preparations to execute different evacuation plans depending on how severe the flooding gets and how long employees would be forced from the facility, Slater said.

Gallup has offices in buildings in Omaha, Bellevue and Lincoln, so employees and equipment would be relocated to one of those if water begins pouring into the company’s main building. In a worst-case scenario, workers could be stationed at those auxiliary facilities for an extended period of time, Slater said.

Recently, employees have been arriving to work early and staying late to build sandbag walls around the building, Slater said.

On Wednesday, Slater said most of the rising water was flowing around Gallup’s offices near Abbott Drive and into the Qwest Center Omaha’s parking lot.

“We’re just in wait-and-see mode.”

Please see this map:

And then ask yourself…. this is a known seismic zone AND a potential flood zone. Super events at such locations happen rarely, but totally unpredictably. How could you ever justify the risk? I mean look at Indian Point. 20,000,000; that’s Twenty Million people who live within 50 miles of it.

And they all leak their polluted cooling water into the rivers.

And people wonder why they are getting sicker and sicker?

Here is a little secret for you. The extreme sickening of our atmosphere, with every kind of known carcinogen being thrust into our food chain, toxic food chain, meat over consumption, meat over production, excessive cruelty in the meat food chain…….

All of the above and any more that you can think of……


Let’s not forget Aspartame and Teflon (non-stick) 
and Microwave cooking while we are at it.

And throw cell phones into the mix too.

All KNOWN sickeners. Dis-ease makers….

Why would they/anyone do this on purpose?

It is to disguise the fact that we would all have been in this place of sickness as a race anyway because of low-level Nuclear Radiation Poisoning, ever since that fateful day on July 16th 1945 at the trinity site in New Mexico.

Tongue in cheek,
the town nearest the Trinity test site
is named Truth and Consequences.
I’m not joking.

Remote and not so remote parts of the world for 65 years now.

This coming July 16th will mark the 66th anniversary of the Trinity test, the day we went Nuclear, again. Of course we’ve been down this route before. Again and again. It’s so tempting, free energy.

But we need to understand that the nucleus is Pandora’s Box.

To split the nucleus as we have is to create space-time rifts. Sub-atomic strong forces have no mode of expression in this 4 dimensional world, except explosive. Once created, it’s not a rift that can be closed again either. Foldspace has been unfolded.

What a mess eh?

Can you put toothpaste back in the tube? Huh?

Same problem. You cannot sew back that atom again.

So, 16th July, 1945 is still with us, and will be forever. So are August 6th and 9th 1945. And every blast at Bikini Atoll and in Nevada…. the half lives of many by-products are in the billions of years.

And they are all floating in the atmosphere.

And settled in the soil.

And in the water.

But Mme. Curie’s own death due to radiation poisoning is a stark but well known example of long knowledge of radiation’s harmful effects.

I mean, look at this foolishness this way even… We were given an Ozone layer and a perfect atmosphere and ionosphere, to protect us from UV/Gamma rays etc. And what do we do?

We try to make our own Sun’s, again and again. And end up with a totally polluted environment anyways.

So, I hope you got the secret. All this sickening making environmental and species (including us) destruction is on purpose, to mask the pervasive and long term impact of atmospheric testing of nuclear weaponry.

And of course the UNITED STATES (capitalization intentional), to up the ante further, starts the DU spreading with Iraq in 1991.

Harmless DU.  No point even getting into it here. You just need to Google Depleted Uranium and can sit and watch documentary after documentary about Iraq’s Birth defect rates skyrocketing.

Now Afghanistan.

Now Libya.

All along the 33rd Parallel…… fine uranium dust.

And don’t forget those poor veterans of the Iraq war,
suffering the mysterious but obviously DU related Iraq War Syndrome.

Being told it’s a psycho-somatic thing.

Kind of like Margoellens.

Quite a perverse mind-set one would have to have, eh?

If you think this is just happenstance, I suggest you dig a little further.

Slip on down the rabbit hole.

SO, I’m a label on packaged food reader, to the embarrassment of most people with me at the store/cafe…wherever.

But I remember my drive down the Chemical Mile on the I-95 in the Garden State of New Jersey, where factory after factory churns out the insidious “Nature Identical”. Pure chemistry. Taste tested to perfection. Most of them barely pass toxicology standards, of course set by lobby pressure of the industry to be lax in the first place.

Even if it seems that way,
this is not a ramble.
It’s all connected, you see?

Japan, the most nuclear nation eats the most packaged junk.

Plastic rules Japan with an iron fist.

As do preservatives.

And you know what is even more bizarre?

Let me take you down a real rabbit hole here.

All those preservatives, excess salt and excess sugar in Junk food?

Preservatives. Salt. Sugar.

Ring a bell? What effect do you think they have on your body once in it? Sugar is the best preservative. Salt pickles and preserves meat. And artificial preservatives, we can assume their prey-set is pretty broad spectrum.

So the Preservative/salty/sugary food basically preserves you from the inside. You don’t rot. You get preserved. Can you see that? So you live longer, because you are being preserved through Junk Food.

The walking dead.
Preserved in a vat of Sugar, Salt and Pickling.

Ponder that connection for a bit. I’d say it’s one of my bigger con-spiracy in-sights I’ve sprung on the blog.

And then there was Joplin. So crazy…..

You see, it’s all starting to happen now. The early waves of Aquarius lapping at our toes. Water water everywhere. The great snowmelt will explode when 3 weeks of freak heat will arrive just like the extended winter or the freak tornadoes did. We need to heal the water.

But all the elements are angry/upset/violent right now:
Earth (Earthquakes  all over the place)
Air: See above. Plus, tornadoes like never before.

Fire: Volcanoes are getting active again, world over (Chile, Iceland, Indonesia…long list)

Water: Hmmmm….. GOM should be enough said, but floods, floods here and going to get worse, much much worse. Soon.

But Indian rivers are dead in all but name, dammed, canal-ed, blocked, dredged, polluted and wasted to mere excuses of their past selves.

I suggest water is going to re-assert it-self. And it’s not going to be easy or pretty.

Do you know how to swim? You should. We all should.

Literally and figuratively.

Back on topic though…

And the nuclear genie that can never be stuffed back in the atom.

And so a perpetual sickening
through low-level radiation poisoning forever.
Pretty much.

Thus a concerted, knowing attack on the species, a bombardment of poison through every possible vector: food, culture, technology, entertainment, literature…every sphere.

So that the nuclear mist may go un-blamed.

I believe this thesis of mine completely.

What do you think? Hmmmm?

How does a Global Re-membering of the July 16th anniversary sound? I’ll make a page, will people come? Can we re-member together? And then do something? Even undoing is doing, you know that right?

Let me know.

And take good care.
Intuit your way through life,
now more than ever.
Look at the signposts;
they’re all blowing in the wind.
Only the inner compass; only the inner compass.

De-preserve yourself so that you can live. Try to not eat flesh if you can help it. I turned vegetarian in 1993. I believe it changed my life.

Stop with the sugar drinks and fast food. Yank the cable.

Bye bye programming.

Create. Co-create.

It’s the quickening you see
and the trick to survive it
is knowing how to slow down.

Just got this in an e-mail:
Helping hands are better than praying lips…..

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