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By Mirela

June 18, 2011

As I posted and wrote last night, the worst Nuclear Disaster in the history of humanity has been unfolding in the past three months.  People I know, including my family, ESPECIALLY those who work in the upper levels of the medical field, I am challenged and patronized on the topic of radiation fallout, and told that the authorities have not said a word and that there really is nothing to be concerned about. They insist that only a negligible amount of radiation might reach our shores.  Unfortunately, it is no longer a prediction, but a reality. 

Radiation is an insidious attacker: it strikes in time, measured in years, not hours, nor days.  Because of that, many fail to accord it proper importance, with regrettable repercussions.  Make no mistake about it, radiation kills.  It causes various cancers, it ages everything it touches, it wreaks havoc within a body, destroying life.  At the very least, radiation is an endocrine disruptor. 
For those of you who are concerned, I've compiled some helpful sites and information, in order to stay vigilant and protect your health: 

Radiation Network  A handy map showing levels of nuclear radiation from Fukushima in various parts of the United States.  The different locations that are monitored change with regularity and the levels are updated in real time.  Also see their Message board for various updates and explanations of radiation levels:

Fairwinds Associates: Insightful updates on the Fukushima nuclear disaster from two leading experts in the Nuclear Field: Arnold and Margaret Gundersen. 

Live #Nuclear Tweets: Live stream Tweets about "Nuclear" on Twitter

Live Radiation Monitoring from West LA:  This is simply a live radiation monitor streaming 24/7 from its location in West LA.

Idealist - Watchdogging Radiation Events and Cover-ups’: This is an ongoing blog exploring the Fukushima Disaster and all its implications  Crowdsourcing to assess the levels of radiation in Japan

Real Time Radiation Level:  The effect of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident - a detailed map of current radiation levels in Japan

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist: Nuclear Power Plants around the World

Weather Online - Fukushima cloud spread 

Radiation Exposure and the Body - What you need to know   

What do the radiation doses from Japan's reactor explosions mean for you and for the Japanese?  Straightforward Fact Sheet from Heart of America Northwest, Hanfort watch dog group, about radiation, with special attention to US radiation issues.

Effect of radiation on humans still harbors mysteries:  This CNN contains good information and videos about the possible ramifications of radiation exposure.  

Radiation Dose Chart:  A chart of the ionizing radiation dose a person can absorb from various sources

Radioactive Fallout Info, Maps, Remedies, Protection: Packed with valuable information and uncensored

How to Protect Yourself After Possible Radiation Exposure: Packed with valuable holistic solutions

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes: Explores many radiation issues including what are the radiation risks for you and your Family

Implications of radioactivity levels:  This Aljazeera post on the implications of the Fukushima radiation

Iodine for radiation: who needs it and when?  Huffpost article about Iodine supplementation -- specifically the use of potassium iodide - to protect against radiation

Konbucha's Protection Against Radiation - Anecdotes, Legends and Science 

Reducing Radiation Damages with Bicarbonate:  Baking soda to the rescue once again  

Government Responds to Nuclear Accident by Trying to Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels and Pretending that Radiation is Good for Us:  A scathing article about the EPA's attempt to raise the acceptable radiation levels in order to curtail panic. 

Group warns EPA ready to increase radioactive release guidelines: These relaxed standards are opposed by public health professionals inside EPA, according to documents PEER said it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

"Safe" Radiation is a Lethal TMI Lie:  Critical expose of Nuclear Energy and Radiation  

Voices Worldwide say No More Nuclear Power:  This Greenpeace update shows the actions of various countries concerning nuclear power after the Fukushima Disaster

Where are the World's Nuclear Reactors?  A very handy map guide to the world's nuclear reactors from New Scientist

Threat by land and sea:  Dozens of nuclear reactors operate in earthquake-prone regions around the world. Among them, least 34 are in high-hazard areas; 17 of those are within a mile of a coastline.
10 Riskiest Nuclear Power Plants in America:  11 pages filled with information.  Your city may be on this list.  

Nuclear Detonation Map over time:  Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998

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