Tuesday 21 June 2011


 The workers in Fritz Lang's classic movie, "Metropolis"

Amazing video. Nothing we do not know already but seen with new words and angle, then all tied together neatly with that simple hackneyed expression, "Wake up!"

The original long version of this film has been removed off line by TPTB. In other words, it was full of information. Please get what you can from this very short version.


  1. Peter, that is one of the most uplifting things I have seen for a long time and I thank you from the heart for sharing it with me.

    Truly it lifts the spirit immeasurably and touches places that I felt were dead inside.

    And miraculously, just watching it and absorbing it ... I was completely mesmerized... the uplift in vibratory level is intoxicating.

    This must be shared with my readers. And once again, thank you.

  2. I enjoyed the film. I would add that man is different from the animals because he gas been given consciousness. And, yes, he sees death now, but he is also more able to see and experience love, beauty, creativity, laughter and bliss!
    So I don't think it matters how farmed out we are so much as it matters how conscious and awake we are becoming. We are leaving the animal state of unconsciousness, and now we are heading ultimately to total awareness. Humans are on a journey, often quite miserably, towards total consciousness.
    So we will find our ultimate divinity no matter how low and unconscious these farmers are!


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