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We know many can manufacture lots of virus. This is a given. There are many companies to distribute half baked cures. The overriding question is what do you do when you are on the receiving end? This is an update of an older post but pertinent at present. Silver

I have kept this link on my other blog stargazers and grave diggers for quite a while. I had deleted the blog at one time, not too many people read it. This particular link has been around for some time. It deals with methods Nostradamus used to cure the black plague which broke out in Europe. As you will see later here, the new E-coli does contain DNA black plague strands. 

As you see there are some people with Dr. in front of their name selling this formula. Too much rue is not recommended as too much of it has been known to cause spontaneous abortions. 

The thieves who robbed his grave all survived the black plague and the robbing of other graves containing plague victims. One thief did not however, he was killed by a bullet from the French revolution as Nostradamus had predicted while drinking wine out of the skull of Nostradamus. Their survival is attributed to the vinegar they used which contains an assortment of herbs, probably the most famous of which are horehound and rue. The intellectual center of France is the Rue St. Germain. Rue trees are scattered along it today.

The wife of Nostradamus died of the plague while he was away trying to cure others. He never forgave himself after this it is said.  

“In the New Testament, rue is mentioned as peganon, a name still used in Modern Greek as apiganos. There have been attempts to link that name with Greek pegos “strong” and thus the Indo-European root PEK “strengthen,” but the semantic connection is unclear. Related plant names are French péganium, Hebrew pegam, Aramaic pegana, and Arabic al-fayjan.”

“Rue was once believed to improve the eyesight and creativity, and no less personages than Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci regularly ate the small, trefoil leaves to increase their own. The legend of rue lives on in playing cards, where the symbol for the suit of clubs is said to be modeled on a leaf of rue.”

Rue is the national flower of Lithuania and once the seeds were said to be carried by Lithuanians when migrating. It has been used by catholic priests to sprinkle holy water and is biblically known as the “herb of grace.” They are famous for taking useful items and turning them into symbols. A sip of grape juice at communion is a far cry from biblical grape purges to purify the body lasting sometimes weeks at a time. 

Horehound tea has always worked for me. Viruses seem to go away when I drink it, although I am sure our modern day shamans would attribute this to the placebo effect. Horehound tea is the nastiest stuff you will ever put in your mouth. It is best to have some honey and lemon to add. Just the thought of the stuff is enough to kill a virus for me.

Years ago when people still had their mental faculties, horehound was used to make rock candy. So you could just pop in a piece when illness struck. I believe the Chinese still make it. My horehound plants died last year from the heat. I am trying now to get some new ones going. I always of course steep tea in a silver pitcher and sometimes boil it with a silver spoon in copper. 

Garlic has been used by many animal breeders to control worms but also again, probably the placebo effect! None of this carries FDA approval. Health food stores sell garlic capsules because they taste good. 

It is stimulating to follow the great game and discuss the ends and outs. I enjoy it also but it never hurts to be practical. When the great game arrives at your doorstep, super e-coli, it is good to have some old ideas to at least give them try. I am not sure how much longer I am going to be blogging and feel I might be better off working in the garden.

I am not trying to be an internet sensation, just feel there are a lot of Americans that are more brain washed than I am. I could be wrong. It is heartening that 400 to 600 people show up to read these rants. I never expected it and that being the case I am going to press on for awhile. Not sure if it accomplishes anything other than more planes flying over the house. The trolls coming here lately which I don’t post are quite fascinating.

Many seem to revolve around project gulf impact which seems to be made up of a lot of film makers. They seem to think I am in need of Viagra and porno films. I do feel over the years I may have picked up some perspectives that may be of benefit to some and that is why I do this. 
Of course it is against the law now days to say anything is good for anything without the approval of the world health organization. So I will not make any claims here other than some herbs have worked for me, (maybe my imagination). I am not responsible for anyone who should suffer death or impairment using the vinegar formula. I am not a doctor but I do have some common sense left. ( I think anyway?)

Helge Karch, the director of the Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s CDC). who heads a consulting laboratory at the Münster University Hospital in Germany says the new E-coli contains DNA portions of the the Black Death Plague DNA! That is the same one Nostradamus and the people of his day faced. 

A legal challenge will be coming to the EU after the ban of herbal medicines. EU Legal Challenge 

Don’t miss this part

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“A bright note, however: there is no way in which any organism can become resistant to nano silver. None. Faced with the presence of a plague, a weaponized super plague, an ordinary infection or a genocidal assault through organisms of death, I want nano silver on hand, lots of it. Nano-silver is a nutrient that supports normal immune system function.”
If you don’t have an old silver spoon around to simmer in water I would suggest looking for one now as silver is projected to go to possibly $400 an ounce before long. That is what George Ure thinks. 

This is becoming very serious. There have now been cases in Tennessee and Virgina. (Correction per A13, different strand in the U.S.) I have one question however, if it was a super bug, would you be notified? More from 

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