Thursday 16 June 2011


Thank you Gilad Atzmon for posting this movie. Wow, I don't normally go for action movies, but was totally spellbound for the whole thing. The adrenaline is still pumping.

Here is the full movie for you, dear Readers.  Grab your popcorn, settle in and enjoy it.


  1. I watched bits and pieces. It seems well made. I can't watch these movies anymore I just "peak."
    I have someone coming from Nablus in a few weeks to stay for a bit. I will be hearing some stories.

  2. Thanks for posting this movie.

  3. I just watched it and found it refreshing change from Hollywood movies.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Isn't there another Turkish made film about America's attack on Iraq? I think there's a couple of Hollywood actors in it despite it being a foreign language film. I want to say Billy Zane from Titanic is in it. Another Hollywood actor too that I can't recall. 1 of them plays a psychotic CIA doctor or torturer. The bad guy villian of the movie. Anyways, does anyone know the movie I'm talking about? It had to be about 4 yrs ago I read of it. So probably released in 2006 or 2007.

  5. Mondo, I found somewhere when researching this film a tad, that the same group that produced this movie also produced Valley of the Wolves Iraq and Valley of the Wolves Afghanistan. Perhaps this is what you refer to? The same lead star has been in all three.

  6. Hey Noor,...What kismet, I was talking to a mate just the other day about the need for an anti-zionazi war movie from the Palestinian perspective - and wa'allah! There it is, coooeee.
    I downloaded the URL and converted the file and burned it as a DVD, yeeehaaa, thanks for a great Saturday matinee! The girls were out for the day with their mum. What larks. I had humus (organic chick peas) pita chips that I make by brushing olive oil and various herbs and spices on to strips of pita which I roast, whisky on ice(filtered water) and enjoyed myself immensely - cheering and whoopin'it up every time a yid bought the farm (instead of stealing it, grin)cooooee!

    Qualification; I don't watch war-movies - I find them to be gratuitous yiddish hollywierd schlocks aimed at propagandizing and desensitizing the goy sheeple.

    Having said that - Yippee all those dead yids!

    FREE PALESTINE and the world will escape a terrible future of yiddish tyranny!

    veritas: Militant blogger for Palestine!


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