Saturday 18 June 2011


Catherine Ashton and Avigdor Lieberman prior to their meeting in Jerusalem.
Photograph: Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images
Foreign minister says past deals such as the Oslo accord will be threatened by efforts towards UN recognition of Palestinian state

Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem
17 June 2011

Israel will renounce past agreements made with the Palestinians if they press ahead with unilateral plans to seek recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has said.
Lieberman told the EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, in Jerusalem:
"A move like that will be a violation of all the agreements that were signed until today. Israel will no longer be committed to the agreements signed with the Palestinians in the past 18 years."
Noor: Has Israel honoured ANY of its agreements with Palestine? What a pompous and ridiculous statement from this thuggish criminal loose cannon of a Russian Jew!
The principal agreement referred to is the Oslo accords, signed in September 1993, under which the Palestinian Authority (PA) was created with responsibility for administering parts of the West Bank and Gaza.
Noor: The West Bank is consistently being chipped away at by the settlements, the creations of these settlements, the genocidal actions of the mad settlers, the starvation and denial of basic needs for the indigenous Palestinians. The PA is Israel’s lapdog. People are murdered with regularity for no reason at all or for peaceful demonstrations.
Lieberman's comments further raise the stakes in the run up to the UN general assembly in September, at which a majority of the 192 countries are expected to back a Palestinian state. Israel and the US are fiercely opposed to such a move and pressure is being applied to the Palestinians to abandon their approach.

Ashton is visiting Jerusalem and the West Bank in an attempt to break the impasse in negotiations between the two sides. Talks collapsed last September after Israel refused to extend a temporary and partial freeze on settlement construction. 
Noor: Ah yes, their compliance with the agreements set up with the Palestinians in the Oslo Accord. How well they honour their promises!
 In May Barack Obama publicly backed the creation of a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders, with agreed land swaps, as an outcome of talks. The US president's move angered the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who wants to retain the large settlement blocks in the West Bank. Obama's speech was intended to hold out the prospect of a negotiated alternative to the Palestinians' unilateral plan.

The Israelis say they are ready to resume negotiations on the basis of the Palestinians recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinians reject this on the grounds it pre-empts talks on the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

Lieberman, a hawkish member of the Israeli coalition government, said on Friday:
"In light of [PA President Mahmoud] Abbas's current stance, the chances for negotiations are zero ... Israel is prepared to renew negotiations. The ball is in the Palestinians' court."
Noor: Impossible concessions for the Palestinians but they will shoulder the blame because Israel lies to the world saying they are following the rules and make the Palestinian attitudes seem to be problematic.

Israel has launched a global campaign through its embassies against the Palestinian move to garner support for its state ahead of the UN meeting. It is particularly worried about the position of European countries.

David Cameron indicated to Netanyahu in London last month that Britain might back a Palestinian state if there was no substantial progress in negotiations.

Germany and Italy have said they will oppose the Palestinians' move. France's position is thought to be similar to the UK's although it is trying to broker a peace conference as an alternative.
Noor: France is an Israeli satellite run by Zionists. England is not much better. Nor are America and Canada who will undoubtedly back Israel as they always do, no matter the crime.
The US is expected to vote against the Palestinian move, and to use its veto in the UN Security Council over a Palestinian application for membership of the UN. It is applying pressure on Abbas and his officials to rethink their strategy.

However, Palestinian negotiator Muhammad Shtayeh told journalists on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority would press ahead with seeking recognition and membership of the UN regardless of whether talk resume.
"We are by all means going to the United Nations, whether there are negotiations or no negotiations," he said. "We think that is not either/or. We think that going to the United Nations and negotiations can go hand in hand and they are complementary to each other."
Both the Palestinians and the Israelis were focusing on the stance of European countries, he said.
"For us and the Israelis the battle is over Europe because the issue is not how many states, the issue is also quality states, with all respect to everybody," he said.
A spokesman for Ashton said:
"It is more urgent than ever to engage in meaningful negotiations and move the peace process forward ... What is needed is a clear reference framework to allow both sides to return to the negotiating table."
Ashton had called for a new meeting of the Middle East quartet, comprising the EU, US, Russia and the UN, to discuss the issues, he added.

If the Palestinian Authority was dismantled Israel would be obliged under international law to assume full responsibility for the administration of all the territory it has occupied since 1967.

Meanwhile the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH has announced it is pulling out of the flotilla of ships taking aid to Gaza later this month after the Turkish authorities refused to give permission for the Mavi Marmara to sail.

Nine Turkish activists were killed on board the Mavi Marmara a year ago when Israeli commandos stormed on board in an attempt to prevent it breaching Israel's sea embargo around Gaza.

Other organizations participating in this year's flotilla have said they will go ahead without the IHH.

A senior Israeli military official has said the navy will stop the flotilla, using force if necessary.


  1. Hey Noor,...The "peace talks" are a yiddish hasbara merry-go-round, they never go anywhere, they are entirely a device of obfuscation and time-wasting, all the while the yiddish khazars go about their plan to eradicate the Palestinians, the Syrians and Jordanians etc and achieve ersatz israhell. As well as aggressively pursuing global theocratic hegemony: I for one, intend to push a much more militant line and be damned if I become even more fringe than I am now - 6% of the population is all I care about - I do not care anymore about the sheeple, let them go to hell.

    I will not stand idly by amid the gaggle of "peaceful resistence" molly-coddlers - BOLLOCKS!

    The tribe of lucifer only understand brute force because that is all they know.


  2. veritas6464 said, "Hey Noor,...The "peace talks" are a yiddish hasbara merry-go-round, they never go anywhere, they are entirely a device of obfuscation and time-wasting, all the while the yiddish khazars go about their plan to eradicate the Palestinians, the Syrians and Jordanians etc and achieve ersatz israhell."

    The above comment is right on the money. The satanic state wants the talking to keep going (Israel never honored anythings) while expanding new facts on the ground.

    Palestinians will be stupid if they do not go to the UN, ignoring this stick-and-carrot satanic Jewish policy.

  3. We had a special expression for that when fighting the forest wars out here in BC. "talk and log". It meant the talks went on and on (and on) but the logging never stopped!

    Burston Mastellar were the ones who did this as well as divided the loggers from the tree huggers very well. Loggers did awful things.. but then, a few years later when they all got laid off due to no more trees.... they made friends with us because they realized they had been had.

    Palestine will go to the UN I am sure. But with Canada and the US and France and Britain on the Israeli side... I wonder if they stand a chance.

  4. "Palestine will go to the UN I am sure. But with Canada and the US and France and Britain on the Israeli side... I wonder if they stand a chance."

    I agree with you, but then both actions: the Palestinians and the gang of thieves will be added to the fabric of events, and new dimensions will be born which will be then ventured.

    If Palestinians are doomed if they do not, and doomed if they do, they may as well DO and die as heros, not live as cowards.


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