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Who or what is this "New Man" as portrayed by Salvador Dali? And what on earth is that bony hard female doing with her apprehensive child?
By Noor Al Haquiqa
June 30, 2011
Re-edited June 30, 9 am.

 Recently seen at a Cairo fashion show.

I found this piece which I put together way back about two years ago and for some reason I never posted it! Better late than never I suppose. It is just some of my babbling on fashion, androgyny and the New World Order. 

Read this excellent article, "Men Should Wear Skirts"  
By Jay Dezelic (below) who takes men in skirts to
a new masculine level such as the Scots with their kilts.
However, it still contributes greatly to the feminization 
of males no matter how macho this man appears.

It is possible that men are tired of having to dress in a way that signals to women that they are for equality. They believe they are equal. They think they have earned the right to dress in whatever way they want. If women can’t see that they don’t care too much, because men are becoming like women: these days, they dress mostly to impress other men. ~ Daniel Bjork

(The above statement seems to be full agenda as it paves the way for the gay revolution that grips us all today!)

 What the fashion designers are pushing at our daughters.

"Fashion is at its best in situations like this. It becomes an arena to explore and examine ideas. What is still interesting with that old wrinkly, windburned masculinity? What is the strong body about in a world where few are involved in manual labour? To what extent should the male body be objectified? Is manliness today more of an aesthetic than a lifestyle?" ~ Stana


If you are not one of the elites you are being slowly murdered by them, by just about everything they introduced into your environment including fashion, music, television, style, entertainment and the things you enjoy. 

In 1953, Charles Galton Darwin laid out the plan in his book The Next Million Years. The main problem for him and his aristocratic kind was ‘males’, that’s men to us of the lower non-Darwin species.

"A numerically small race of high quality
has often been far more important
than a large race of low quality." Darwin, p.39

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a major component of the eugenics/genocide game!

Men would have to be turned against their own natural aggressive, family-protecting and tribal instincts of survival and self-preservation, especially men with leadership qualities. However, the male instincts work differently to the natural female instincts and the elites would use a tried and tested cocktail of secret sciences on both sexes to decimate them and rebuild the gender soup into a controllable unisex homogeneous mass.

Why not just castrate them at birth?! I mean, along with the circumcision, it might just catch on... oooops sorry for the sarcasm.

Pansexuality is also known as omnisexuality or polisexuality and refers to the potential for sexual attractions, desire and love towards people of all gender identities and biological sexes. Many pansexuals identify themselves as gender blind and that sex is irrelevant when attraction to any other person is involved. Gender just does not count so there is room for everyone as an object of love or lust Pansexuality also rejects the gender binary, the concept of only two genders and includes people who are neither male nor female. So it seems that androgyny is rather like the gateway drug to pensexuality. Needless to say this is another huge slap to the concept of marriage and children as, in essence, it is an inward oriented gratification geared to hedonistic satisfaction and rarely would commitment to the point of having children be a consideration in this particular lifestyle.

Magazine entitled Dazed and Confused. Article featured: Transformer! Meet Fashion's Boys Who Are Girls and Like Girls to be Boys. Gender lines are blurring and this is the new face of fashion, boys and girls transforming into each other and merging together into one.The cover features one of the hottest male models these days, Ash Stymest with a topless Eliza, who is currently his girlfriend in real life.
Not only that, but they would brainwash the masses into believing that the whole boring standardized phenomenon was a naturally occurring, exciting, and liberating pendulum swing from one drab era to the next New Age of liberation; a grassroots movement occurring naturally. They would borrow from earlier fashions from the 17th-18th century; humans, being the most adaptable of all creatures would behave predictably like all laboratory rats in a well run caged experiment, at the hands of their puppeteers, the scientific elites. 
Our most basic self-gratification instincts were to be primed and we were to be encouraged to have unlimited sex, those who didn’t were mocked bitterly. Nowadays, virginity is so rare in young people that some young women are able to auction themselves off to the highest bidder, someone willing to pay for the privilege of deflowering her. In the past it was an unscrupulous madam or owner, now the girls do it themselves. So obviously, virginity WAS a thing of value! However today most young see it as little more than an encumbrance, certainly nothing of value. Not all, but the general public is this way.

Actually Darwin was a little behind the times. These things had already been worked out by the Communist Jewish intelligentsia who were the founders of the Frankfurt School.

A few more words on the Frankfurt School. The School believed there were two types of revolution: (a) political and (b) cultural. Cultural Revolution demolishes from within. ‘Modern forms of subjection are marked by mildness’. They saw it as a long-term project and kept their sights clearly focused on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture. They came up with the concept of 


'Until now’, wrote Joseph, Comte de Maistre (1753-1821) who for fifteen years was a Freemason, ‘nations were killed by conquest, that is by invasion: But here an important question arises; can a nation not die on its own soil, without resettlement or invasion, by allowing the flies of decomposition to corrupt to the very core those original and constituent principles which make it what it is?'

Since Darwin was looking at this from the aspect of population control by numbers, there was one minor hiccup, however… babies!

 Are You a Boy or are you a Girl? By the Barbarians
This is where the murder and depopulation really comes in. From the time of the writing of Galton Darwin’s book, abortion clinics sprang up overnight like mushrooms, by design. Contraception was rampant, as were sexually transmitted diseases, by design. Various tubes got the snip to prevent the scourge of babies, by design.

And then there was the introduction of the dangerous movement known as Zero Population Growth, just about the time of the introduction of the new psychological eunuch, er, male.

In the late 1960s Zero Population Growth (ZPG) became a big political movement in North America and parts of Europe, with strong links to environmentalism and feminism. Yale University, one of the many outlets for the dispersion of social manipulation of the culture (as per the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Frankfurt School introduction of corruption into Western society) was  a stronghold of the ZPG activists who believed “that a constantly increasing population is responsible for many of our problems: pollution, violence, loss of values and of individual privacy.”  Founding fathers of the movement included Paul Ehrlich who wrote The Population Bomb, and Thomas Eisner.

Ehrlich stated: “The mother of the year should be a sterilized woman with two adopted children.”

It never occurred to the newly liberated super men and women that if their parents had had that same attitude they would probably never have been born at all. Never mind that though, it’s fun, fun, fun; and a rat in a laboratory acts in a predictable way, and that doesn’t include thinking, or taking responsibility for anything. It includes eating, drinking, fornicating and being merry.

Feel like a woman. Wear a dress! ~ Diane von Furstenberg

1967, two fashionable young couples.
Note how she takes the lead on the right
almost leading him like a small child.

The above conditions were sold to my naive generation of baby boomers as free love, part of the plan to destroy the west at its most basic foundation, the family, and ripen it for communist takeover, the main thrust of Talmudic Judaism known as Zionism, or, the New World Order.

Simultaneously, Jewish Bolsheviks, primarily CIA agents, such as Gloria Steinhem and Betty Friedan, were teaching us through unfettered media, about the (dubious) joys of feminism, and playboyism (thanks Hugh and Larry).

God was dead said Time Magazine; find Him within by using recreational drugs. You are your own god, do as thou wilt! As difficult as it is to admit, we bought into their slick societal manipulation without having a clue what was being done to us. Of course, raised in North American innocence, we could never have conceived of the evil cunning that was around us, devouring us, altering the very world that had raised us in such an abundance of the things we are today losing so rapidly.

To the right you find the elegant David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust mode. True to text, the star eventually wed African fashion sensation Iman, a hermaphrodite who finally chose womanhood as her path.  Even in a suit, the Great White Duke, reeked of femininity and produced the mandatory child to carry on his genes as have so many other gay/bisexual people of position.

Designer men became more effeminate looking in the 1960’s mimicking their idols. Elite-designer skirts became shorter and shorter using well-paid stooges like Mary Quant and Twiggy as role models for the promotion of seductive tarts. These promoted fashion designers would appear to the gullible public as clever talented innovative fashion icons with an eye for the market.

Of course, the real designers were the culture weaponisers pulling the strings and triggers of society and promoting the scam.

The great Twiggy scam. Stick girl Twiggy helped usher in androgyny while making fashionable women want to look like boys, worrying about weight and natural curves, proof that purveyors of fashion have a great role in this push to androgyny. Meanwhile, the Beatles are teaching young men more about long hair, part of their appeal but also a strong part of the feminization of the male.

This promiscuity agenda had all been rolled out decades before in the “Roaring Twenties” as a distraction from the real eugenic issues behind it all, but the problem of babies had not been sorted out, and the result was an excess of unwanted children and orphanages. Infanticide was kind of politically incorrect.

The elite eugenicists went back to the drawing board and spent some decades financing universities etc. to develop the contraceptive pill, financing abortion clinics and fertility clinics, and the murderous agenda was rolled out yet again in the 1960’s, this time in full force.

Women could now enjoy their ‘liberation’ and every red-blooded male could enjoy consuming the girls sexually, en route to their next willing delicacy. It was rather like the children having the run of the candy store. Not all fell for it, but the power and propaganda machine of the elite media made things difficult to resist.

Family, responsibility, religion and marriage were all flying out the window, by design. Male-female bonding was being brought to an end, as was morality and the nuclear family, by design. The fallout from this bombing is evident everywhere today.

Original copy write with image guaranteed to create disdain for the male gender:
"We've always wondered what it was like to live in a man's world. No glass ceiling, emotion-free sex, no more high heel related injuries...the benefits seemed endless! This season, while you may not be able to actually live like a man, feel free to start dressing like one.

This season, designers toyed with perceptions of male and female as they created collections built for a woman, but tailored for a man. The suit was revamped with bolder shoulders and boxier cuts as designers who preferred the tomboy look made a drastic departure from the ultra-feminine ruffles and bows of the past.

While we can't guarantee entry into the old boys club just by dressing like one, we hope a few masculine additions to your wardrobe will bring out a little testosterone of the female kind. Oh and in case you're wondering, we kept this review short as we know there is no such thing as a male attention span."
How is THAT for the old ONE TWO punch of man hating brought to the fore. There is no term available other than "man hater" that is the equivalent of "Misogynist" or female hater. But nonetheless, the above final jab was a direct jab at men that helped kickstart the "men are scum" phenomena that is still prevalent today. 

In the 1960’s, a book surfaced called The Human Zoo by a staunch well-connected Darwinist called Desmond Morris. Desmond Morris was ‘in the know’, so to speak. This revolutionary book should have insulted a generation, but no, it didn’t.

The book was the follow up to an equally insulting book called The Naked Ape. Morris was promoted as some kind of humanist guru or genius. We lower humans were stripped of all our sanctity, and clothes, and reduced to being glorified monkeys; fornicating like rabbits in a warren.

This all fitted in with the weaponisation of the culture at that particular time, by design. The Human Zoo openly identified the electric guitar as a phallic object. Morris’s predictive programming prepared a generation for the guitar being worn ever lower down around the groin, something which only became commonplace in the 1970’s.

He went on to say that homosexuality would come to the fore, as would the wearing of male cosmetics, make-up, and that male clothing would become extremely feminine, as would the male. He even went on to predict other forms of sexuality including bestiality, becoming commonplace. And lo, what is the big sexual thing in the Scandinavian countries besides sado/masochism sex than bestiality, consummated in Barn Brothels!

How could this well-heeled elitist animal behaviourist possibly predict all this, at a time when such things were considered unthinkable and disgusting? The answer is simple. Morris knew the business plan for the future. He got to see the blueprint. Although the attack had begun, a man was still a red-blooded man in the 1960’s.

In came the 1970’s which was the final blow for manhood.

The fashion bombers launched a full-scale culture-weapon attack on manhood. Women were trained to despise the traditional fatherly male through every medium.

Men became glorified Barbie Dolls except for soldiers of course, where male aggression could be harvested to help bring down the population in the old-fashioned way, namely through war. 
Beloved pacifist singer songwriter, hero of millions, John Lennon did what he was told and was paraded as the first proud ‘house husband’ while his wife was promoted as the shrewd brains and role model behind the new woman.

The whole androgynous performance was stage managed by the elites. The Human Zoo predictions became a nightmare reality. Since the 1970’s, women have been told by the mass media that they are all gorgeous, intelligent goddesses and men have all been portrayed as blithering idiots.

The elites trained women not to have babies or stable families in this way.

Liberated women were now militant tax slaves for the elites. In one generation, they charged from a gender that wouldn’t be seen dead in a trouser suit to a gender that wouldn’t be seen dead in a skirt. Men were left all at sea.

Charles Galton Darwin blatantly called it sterilizing. Thanks to the brainwashing, nobody saw through it.

With paedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and every other sickening perversion being openly promoted today, we have been successfully debased to a level, way below that of the human zoo, with Lady Ga Ga and her dead animal costumes on stage, promoting dilated pupil contact lenses for sale, and dead bodies on stage.

With art galleries of human corpses hanging or wires posing as ‘art’, animals sawn in half in formaldehyde in glass tanks, severed heads of animals crawling in flies and maggots. Only one word describes what the elites have made us … sick.

More on ‘Lady Ga Ga’ here:

Here’s what the elites are now pumping into your children’s brains while you are trying to bring them up sanely.

This is an excerpt from role model band…Garbage, and that’s exactly what the elites think of us commoners, the great unwashed masses, garbage.

When everything is going wrong
And you can’t see the point in going on
Nothing in life is set in stone
There’s nothing that can’t be turned around

Boys.. Boys in the girls room
Girls.. Girls in the men’s room
You free your mind in your androgyny
Boys.. Boys in the parlour
Girls.. They’re getting harder
I’ll free your mind and your androgyny

The birds and bees they hum along
Like treasures they twinkle in the sun
Get on board and have some fun
Take what you need to turn you on

I’ll free your mind
I’ll free your mind
I’ll free your mind
I’ll free your…

Boys.. Behind closed doors and under stars
Girls.. It doesn’t matter where you are
Boys.. Collecting jewels that catch your eye
Girls.. Don’t let a soul mate pass you by

Boys in the girls room
Girls in the men’s room
You free your mind in your androgyny
Boys in the parlour
They’re getting harder
I’ll free your mind
I’ll free your mind


There’s your New World Order right there! The new normal. This is how far the planned and designed generation gap of the post-WWII period has sunk. Anything goes!

The next stage is murder as entertainment, and the one being tortured to death could be YOU. You can’t blame the pop stars and artists, they do what they are paid to and trained to do, they take their money and they run.

No doors are opened for musicians, artists or actors unless they are gender-neutral doors, promoting androgyny or debasement.

As for the banksters and promoters at the top of all this filth, I know the Oscar I’d give them. I’d give them a pair of handcuffs, a straight jacket and a muzzle.

I know the Grammy Award I’d give them. I’d give them life in a secure unit for the sadistically and criminally insane and keep them out of harm’s way. I’d take a ship to the open sea and throw away the key.

The point is the psychopathic elites own, and run the weaponised culture in which we live. We have been squeezed and shoehorned into a dependent lifestyle with no access to land, pure water, or food. They call it interdependence.

In a word, we are serfs, slaves.

They own us.

You have to hand it to them they ARE clever.

Why would the elites want to do this, to expunge the natural instincts of both men and women and turn us into non-men and non-women?

They do it to sterilize us, both male and female, to stop us having children, and educating them about the elites’ plans to reduce the world’s population to a size manageable, by them, the world control-freaks.
When men protect women and women support their men, that ‘s a natural way to live, and two people living together in such a loving strongly-bonded symbiotic relationship is a force to be reckoned with, which is a damn nuisance, an annoyance to the New World Order plans.
Standing together, standing up for, and fighting to protect each other and for family, friends and tribe means survival and strength.
This is why we had to be re-engineered into the androgynous mass. We needed to be weakened, and broken down like wild horses in need of domestication. The elites of course will not alter themselves, as they need to retain their wildness, to be our masters, and lord it over us all and domesticate us into total obedience.
This is what sustainability really means. 
They want to retain and sustain their superiority over us and have us believe we are nothing more than animals, insects or as some say, maggots. The sanctity of human life has been knocked off its pedestal, kicked off its perch. This debasement means life is no longer sacred and genocide is acceptable and can proceed as ‘normal’.
The elites push homosexuality and same-sex marriages to justify in-vitro fertilization, the real purpose of which is to justify designer baby production, to produce obedient, non-complaining happy designer slaves to use for their own purposes in their coming New World Order New Age utopia.

The futurists are now upgrading us as slaves for their trans-humanist and post-humanist world order.

The New ‘Man’ of course will be a self-fertilizing, self-birthing hermaphrodite.

Genetics is good old-fashioned eugenics, nothing more, nothing less. The great sales pitch is equality, liberation, human rights. It is a lie.
The elites want to depopulate the world so that we cannot give our children a proper education on the subject of survival and our most basic birthright ~ access to land, clean water, pure food and fresh air.

Who gives them the right to dictate to us how many or how few children we should have?

It’s none of their damn business.

This gender modification and sterilization has to stop right now.
Homosexuals and lesbians should be up in arms ~ not about equality and openness. The elites are playing them like a violin on that one, separating them for divide-and-rule purposes, as they do with all margin groups. They should be furious about what the elites are deliberately doing to them… deliberately… as should we all. I call it gender modification.

If you haven’t seen the CBC film The Disappearing Male have a good hard look at it now.

The elites must keep us distracted, entertained, ambitioned, sterilized, fluoridated, vaccinated, dumbed-down, irradiated, under surveillance, GMO’d, chemtrailed, pesticised, brainwashed, indoctrinated, propagandized, amused, bemused, blamed, moneyed, sexed-up, drugged down, pumped full of Bisphenol A, Pthalates, Melomines, medicated. Why? Because if enough of us woke up from our induced coma, including military police and lawyers etc., and got wise to our mass-extermination through the weaponisation of culture by the psychopathic elites, guess what!

We might just all join forces, gang up and go after them!


  1. Revealing, succinct, and all with a little flavour of Henry thrown into the mix.

    A good post to wake up the drones!

  2. Wow I still wear jeans and tennis shoes. Well some walmart shorts also.

  3. There have been many brilliant women over the course of history. Their legacy stolen, "appropriated", borrowed, and co-opted by men. Identical to you, they were, as usual, threatened.

    All women are not and shall never be "Momma", so pull yourself up, face the facts, accept reality, and stop shitting your pants.


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