Friday 10 June 2011


 What the weatherman sees: what the viewers see.

You must see this!

It should make you wonder how much news footage from prominent world events is fake?

How much fake news are we fed?

Dictators, terrorists, riots, revolution beamed into our living rooms as part of on-going psychological warfare against the masses?

Is this a conventional war of tanks and guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or is it really all part of a sustained psychological war on the minds of every single person on the planet?

Someone even commented that this could be how 911 was pulled off... hmmm, that one does not ring true, but war stories, heck yeah!

If you have not wondered before, now is the time and this video will give you a mild idea of what can be done. I have seen faked war photos before, photoshop is a breeze... but this, dear Readers, is something else.


  1. spies who loves us and US use high tech to Espinoza on their citizens

  2. I first noticed this when I was scheduled to do a short piece on TV right after the newscast in 1987; the weatherman was standing and delivering from in front of a blank screen (I recall it as "blue") and I said, "Huh?", and one of the tech guys working the set explained it to me.


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