Tuesday 28 June 2011


By Noor al Haqiqa
June 28, 2011

There has been a huge fuss raised by various Jewish organizations concerning the issue of SanFrancisco holding a referendum on circumcision on children under the age of 18. The goal is to make it an option for the child himself, not have this forced upon them. If the reader goes to the site SEX AS NATURE INTENDED IT you will understand and see why this is a good idea for more reasons than the humane one of halting unnecessary pain inflicted on a child.

And yes, I feel this way about it for both genders, but at this time, we refer to the mutilation of male children.

From a Jewish religious perspective, the medical evidence is largely beside the point: Circumcision was ordered by God, so it requires no independent justification. Likewise for Muslims, who also circumcise per religious tradition.

The San Francisco measure would only prevent the circumcision of minors within city limits, and the practice would likely endure even there. 
“Circumcision is not going to go away because of this small, determined, angry group,” said Dr. Samuel Kunin, a Los Angeles-based urologist who promised that if the ballot measure passes, he’ll travel north to perform the first San Francisco circumcision.
The law also wouldn’t prevent a Jew from being circumcised as an adult, though that’s a much tougher procedure. To be sure, that didn’t stop thousands of Soviet Jews who were circumcised after they escaped persecution and arrived in Israel, the United States and elsewhere. Many of these immigrants found it more difficult to give up pork!

Still, circumcision doesn’t make a Jew a Jew. Family lineage or conversion (for which only the Orthodox widely requires circumcision) does that. But, like baptism for those Christians who believe it is essential, circumcision is a declaration of a man’s covenant with God ~a physical seal on that part of the body that passes traits to the next generation. No law, constitutional or not, can change that.

Note: there is no comparison between water sprinkled on the forehead that evaporates within seconds than a ritual that affects the recipient’s pleasure for life while creating great pain and risk in the moment. 

Right here in the first issue,
the full scope of targets is listed
and Jews are just part of a series. 
They are mentioned not because they are Jews 
but because they do this thing to infants.

As mentioned before, the cartoon series by Matthew Hess, centering around the efforts of Foreskin Man to save Jewish infants from the evil rabbi are being tossed about as anti semitic. To be honest, there are errors in the whole thing that cannot be missed by anyone who knows anything about the Jewish culture.

In the comic, the blond superhero takes on “Monster Mohel” ~ a bearded, black-hatted man wearing a prayer shawl, obviously Chabad. In the traditional Jewish community, a mohel is a person trained to perform circumcisions. The “Monster Mohel,” who leers as he sets after a baby with bloody scissors, is flanked by gun-toting henchmen dressed in the traditional clothes of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

I do believe that the gentile doctors have even more to complain about if the matter breaks down to stereotypical propaganda.

Most of the “good” characters in the book have blond or light-brown hair and features that might be termed Aryan.

So the ADL has gone off on the usual anti semitic bender. I suppose that, since the mohel looks to be Chabad they have a point there. However, what I do not understand is why the issue of circumcision as an attack on Jewish rites took to Issue TWO of the Foreskin Man series. There was not a mention of Jews in the first, but there certainly was demonization of the medical practice. I am sure by now you have seen BOOK TWO. If not it can be found here.

Please go HERE to see Foreskin Man vs. the Medical profession. This was Book One that slid right under the radar until Hess decided to take on the rabbis.

Then ask yourself why is it only now that the ADL has become involved.

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