Saturday 18 June 2011


June 18, 2011

For those of you who want to monitor the World situation in these precarious times:

RSOE Edis AlertMap – Global map  Current World Emergencies

Global Incident Map  Everything from Earthquakes to Forest Fires, Amber alerts, Hazmat & Disease Outbreaks

USGS – Real time earthquakes  Latest Earthquakes in the World

Idealist.WS   Very comprehensive discussion of fallout at this site.

USGS – National Geomagnetism Program Real-time monitoring of the Earth's magnetic field; Data for research and practical application

IRIS Seismic Monitor

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center  NOAA's National Weather Service

Tropical Atlantic Headquarters  Tropical Updates

SOHO – Real time images  Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

SID Monitor data Hlohovec  Real time SID Monitor data from Hlohovec

Moscow Neutron Monitor

Magnetosphere simulation  Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation

Global Jet Stream Wind

GDACS  The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

EMSC  Centre Sismologique Euro-Méditerranéen

BRI neutron monitor program

ARTIS SolarIMG  SolarIMG's Almost Real Time Image System


Last Yohkoh Images from NASA/SDAC and from Montana University
Links to other magnetometers and more from (Geophysical Institute of Alaska Fairbanks)
Space Weather Resources from Rice University
Space Physics Resources from Southwest Research Institute
Space Weather:A Research Perspective (Tutorial and Resources)
Real-time Science Data Access Page (Montana State University)
Links to real-time data and another useful things from Oulu (Finland)
Various solar-geophysical data and predictions from Australian Forecast Center (IPS)
Short description of cosmic rays at World Data Center A (USA, Boulder)
South Africa neutron monitor data (Potchefstroom, Tsumeb, Hermanus, Sanae)

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