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PNAC SLIME Never really left. These arrogant inhuman creatures want to plunge the world into complete war with Libya just another stepping stone towards their dream of American domination of the globe. Since most of these men serve Israel first, do the math!

"No stages," he said, "This is total war. 
We are fighting a variety of enemies. 
There are lots of them out there. 
All this talk about first 
we are going to do Afghanistan, 
then we will do Iraq ~ 
this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. 
If we just let our vision of the world go forth, 
and we embrace it entirely 
and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy,
but just wage a total war.

Our children will sing great songs about us
years from now."
~ Richard Perle, PNAC founding member

These men are crazy delusional and who the HELL put them into power? They are our ENEMIES, enemies of all of humanity, let alone the American people. And you can bet neither they nor their sons have ever picked up a weapon of war in conflict!

For the past few days I have been doing a wind up to explaining PNAC because, although it seemed dated, still affects our lives incredibly. Then I see that a few of the founders were at Bilderberg a few weeks ago…. And now I find this at Prison Planet. An article by Tony Cartalucci, one of the more insightful writers on the net today is here for you, Dear Readers, to take in. And when I return home tonight, I will wind up the piece on PNAC and get it posted for your learning, or reminding. As Tony puts it, the PNAC sleaze is back and pretending to be repackaged.

But as soon as I post this, I am going out to the country for puppy therapy. One of our ladies just gifted us with 9 perfect puppies and, in my books, NOTHING can be more healing than holding soft puppies, smelling their milky breath, stroking their velvet skin. Coddling the proud mother.... this is just what I need…. I know it sounds silly, but those are the situations that make my life worth living…

War criminals from the Foreign Policy Initiative 
implore House Republicans 
to ignore the people & the Constitution 
for continued war with Libya.

Tony Cartalucci
June 25, 2011

For those that want a list of who is responsible for what ails America and the world, one could get a good start by examining the signatories of the Foreign Policy Initiative’s latest signed confession.

Titled, “An Open Letter to the House Republicans” they implore House Republicans to not only support the un-Constitutional war being waged in America’s name on the Fortune 500′s behalf, but to “achieve the goal of removing Qaddafi from power.” Apparently we were all lied to when we were told the goal of our intervention in Libya was to “protect civilians.” As reported in May, Libya will be won at any cost, and the initial lies used to tip-toe us into the conflict were but a temporary pretense for a war of total domination.

Recycled PNAC sleaze: Now calling themselves the Foreign Policy Initiative, they constitute a full-time corporate and government subsidized war lobbying organization. Many of the signatories of FPI’s latest letter include members of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Not only has the slaughter of those very civilians at the hands of NATO contradicted NATO’s stated purpose for intervening, so has the fact that the US and NATO are supporting rebels who are admittedly terrorists, who are photographed on a daily basis using the same indiscriminate weapons such as grad rockets the West has accused Qaddafi of using, and committing on record the same atrocities Qaddafi is baselessly accused of committing.
Now apparently the real architects behind the operation, fearing that their bloodbath may be coming to a premature end, have revealed themselves and the true “finish line” for the war in Libya.
The letter exclaims,
“We should be doing more to help the Libyan opposition, which deserves our support. We should not be allowing ourselves to be held hostage to U.N. Security Council resolutions and irresolute allies.”

Utterly unfazed by not only casting aside the very international law they claim is giving them the right to murder Libyans in the first place, and having already cast to the wayside the US Constitution they are all accountable to, they reveal that indeed, they see themselves as accountable to no one.
Such is the very despotic barbarism the corporatocracy, through their feckless puppet politicians and media organizations have convinced thousands of brave Americans to go overseas and fight.

The letter concludes,
“The United States must see this effort in Libya through to its conclusion. Success is profoundly in our interests and in keeping with our principles as a nation. The success of NATO’s operations will influence how other Middle Eastern regimes respond to the demands of their people for more political rights and freedoms. For the United States and NATO to be defeated by Muammar al-Qaddafi would suggest that American leadership and resolution were now gravely in doubt ~ a conclusion that would undermine American influence and embolden our nation’s enemies.”
In reality, Libya is meant to serve as an example to other nations targeted by these meddling, thuggish, unaccountable global despots.

Failure in Libya would not “embolden our nation’s enemies,”
but rather embolden those seeking justice
against the signatories and architects

The following names represent not only Libya’s real enemies, but America’s as well.

These traitors need to be watched, reported on, arrested by law enforcement, and put on trial for their crimes.

Additionally, the corporations they do business with and represent need to be brought to their knees through a merciless full-spectrum boycott, and every senator or representative that shakes their hands, deals with them, or heeds their calls (Lieberman, McCain, Graham, to name a few), voted out of office forever.

Look at these names; each one has a long history of treason and betrayal against the great American Republic that could fill a book.

After reading each name, please contact your representatives in Congress and politely tell them that should they heed this letter from these degenerate, treasonous war mongers, they will be unemployed next election.
Ah, yes, I was just running through this list of criminals last night! How very familiar these monsters’ names are. And interestingly, since the founding of PNAC others bearing the same name, mostly Zionist Jews, have popped up in government positions. Carrying on family dynasties…

Elliott Abrams,
Bruce Pitcairn Jackson,
John Podhoretz,
Ash Jain,
Stephen G. Rademaker,
Max Boot,
Karl Rove,
Ellen Bork,
Robert Kagan,
Randy Scheunemann,
Scott Carpenter,
Lawrence Kaplan,
Gary Schmitt,
Liz Cheney,
Dan Senor,
Seth Cropsey,
Robert Lieber,
Michael Singh,
Thomas Donnelly,
Tod Lindberg,
Henry D. Sokolski,
Colin Dueck,
Michael Makovsky,
Marc Thiessen,
Eric Edelman,
Ann Marlowe,
Kurt Volker,
Jamie Fly,
Kenneth Weinstein,
Joshua Muravchik,
John Hannah,
Martin Peretz,
William Inboden, and
Danielle Pletka.

Now maybe I am wrong but there are a few names missing here. Let me fill in the gaps.
Dick Cheney
George Bush
Richard Perle
Donald Rumsfeld
Douglas Feith
John Bolton
Jeb Bush
William Bennett
Dan Quayle
Henry Rowen
Vin Weber
George Weigel
Zalmay Khalilzad
Norman Podhoretz
Paula Dobriansky
Steve Forbes
Aaron Friedberg
Francis Fukuyama
Fred C. Ikle

Tony Cartalucci is the writer and editor at Land Destroyer Report

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