Tuesday 21 June 2011


 Celestial Shore by Adam Scott Miller

Thank you Peter of Lone Tree for recommending this viewing pleasure.  The last video I posted left me so very depressed and then I watched this A MESSAGE OF HOPE. I do believe I will be watching this more than once! I know that what I write about daily, what I post, is tough to swallow, it is so easy to throw up your hands and give in to despair. 

Somehow I manage but I know I pay the price. This movie is elevating and pure, its message so simple. And it reminds me that... our bodies are no more than envelopes for our souls, to be dropped off and replaced as need be. This I have known since I was a child and was one truth I could never give up, no matter what "religion" I had given myself to; that is one truth I have always carried within, that feeling of timelessness. And I know that long long ago, the human family has faced horrors before and triumphed.

 Let this movie elevate your soul and freshen your spirit.

Remember these truths in the days to come. This, dear Readers, is not all that there is. There is so much more! Remember to look beyond the illusions and touch again the reality behind it all.

What is, never dies.

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