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I have not made a peep about the Strauss-Kahn affair, until now that is. I detest the IMF, what it stands for, what it does, and its power to bring the world in under a single banking system,  with a passion, and smelled a honey pot set-up right from the beginning of this whole scenario.

The Elite have been screwing the world on all levels for centuries, so why on earth was THIS story hitting the MSM?  In this case, the victim, Strauss-Kahn, was entangled in an elaborate scenario to bring him down.

He was hooked by one of the oldest methods in the book to silence an enemy ~ slandered to the judgmental "moral masses' to discredit him completely in the eyes of the world. It is fast and relatively painless for everyone but the victim. Yes, the man is an odiferous thief, but the whole situation stinks to high heavens, rather like a fresh skunk’s corpse rotting on the highway in the noonday sun.  Slander works… sex sells. News with titillation.

And now they have set up the same scam on an older devout Muslim man who possesses information on this mammoth theft? Give us a break! Well, you know those Moozlims, the uninformed masses will believe it is entirely possible once the MSM sells its spin. When will the world catch on to these absurd pernicious lies?  I suppose, when people want to hear the truth is the answer to that question, so it may not be for some while, if we last that long!
These criminals, those behind this horrendous scam, will go to the ends of the earth and beyond to prevent the world, especially the American public, from learning the truth of the matter. And the truth is that a secret, heretofore known only by a select few, is about to burst open and when it does, all hell and then some, will break loose.

The thing to note about all of this is, what has been going on regarding the "gold plated tungsten" has been floating around and reported on Wall Street and in banking circles for at least 8 years. In fact, I ask the question, what happened to the tons of gold beneath the World Trade Center on that fateful day? There have been many rumors about a string of trucks seen leaving the basement just prior to the event. 

Why has the news regarding Fort Knox not hitting the MSM? Well, you know why, I know why, so no need to go there. Meanwhile the American people are under the illusion that their country has a vault of gold saved for a rainy day. America even had the chutzpah to try to palm large batches to China!

This, my dear Readers, is greed and the evil that attends such things.  The gold is now in private vaults, and I am betting that the Vatican and the Rothschilds at least have a huge share of the precious metal.

It is one thing to counterfeit a twenty or hundred dollar bill. The amount of financial damage is usually limited to a specific region and only affects dozens of people and thousands of dollars. Secret Service agents quickly notify the banks on how to recognize these phony bills and retail outlets usually have procedures in place (such as special pens to test the paper) to stop their proliferation.

But what about gold? This is the most sacred of all commodities because, since antiquity, gold is considered to be the most trusted, reliable, and valuable means of saving wealth.

A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his discovery that all of the gold held in the United States Bullion Depository located at Fort Knox was ‘missing and/or unaccounted’ for.

According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become “increasingly concerned” earlier this month after the United States began “stalling” its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of gold agreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 that were to be sold to fund what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an alternative to what are called reserve currencies.

Upon Strauss-Kahn raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he was ‘contacted’ by ‘rogue elements’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who provided him ‘firm evidence’ that all of the gold reported to be held by the US ‘was gone’.

When Strauss-Kahn received the CIA evidence, he made immediate arrangements to leave the US for Paris, but when contacted by agents working for France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that American authorities were seeking his capture he fled to New York City’s JFK airport following these agents’ directive not to take his cell-phone because US police could track his exact location.

Once Strauss-Kahn was safely boarded on an Air France flight to Paris, however, he made a ‘fatal mistake’ by calling the hotel from a phone on the plane and asking them to forward the cell-phone to his French residence, after which US agents were able to track and apprehend him.

Within the past fortnight, Strauss-Kahn reached out to his close friend and top Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar to retrieve from the US the evidence given to him by the CIA. Omar, however, and exactly like Strauss-Kahn before him, was soon charged (May 31, 2011) by the US with a sex crime against a luxury hotel maid, a charge the FSB labels as ‘beyond belief’ due to Omar being 74-years-old and a devout Muslim.

In an astounding move puzzling many in Moscow, Putin, after reading this secret FSB report today, ordered posted to the Kremlin’s official website a defense of Strauss-Khan becoming the first world leader to state that the former IMF chief was a victim of a US conspiracy. 
Putin stated,
“It’s hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives but I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn’t sit right in my head.”
Whether Putin was aware or not, a discovery in October of 2009 has been suppressed by the main stream media but has been circulating among the "big money" brokers and financial kingpins and is just now coming to light. This is why Strauss-Kahn is in the place he is in. It appears that the gold in Fort Knox ~ the US Treasury gold ~ the equity of America’s national wealth is fools’ gold. Millions of gold bars are fake!

Top Congressman, and 2012 Presidential candidate, Ron Paul has long stated his belief that the US government has lied about its gold reserves held at Fort Knox. So concerned had Congressman Paul become about the US government and the Federal Reserve hiding the truth about American gold reserves he put forward a bill in late 2010 to force an audit of them, but which was subsequently defeated by Obama regime forces. This is understandable since Obama serves Wall Street and the bankers most likely behind this horrendous crime.

When directly asked by reporters if he believed there was no gold in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve, Congressman Paul gave the incredible reply,
“I think it is a possibility.”
Also interesting to note is that barely 3 days after the arrest of Strauss-Kahn, Congressman Paul made a new call for the US to sell its gold reserves by stating:
Given that the high price gold is now, and the tremendous debt problem we now have, by all means, sell at the peak." 
Bizarre reports emanating from the US for years, however, suggest there is no gold to sell, and as we can read as posted in 2009 on the ViewZone.Com news site:

Politicians like Congressman Paul have been demanding that the Federal Reserve be more transparent and open up their records for public scrutiny. But the Fed has consistently refused, stating that these disclosures would undermine its operation.

Yes, it certainly would!

In an unprecedented defeat for the Federal Reserve, an amendment to audit the multi-trillion dollar institution was approved by the House Finance Committee with an overwhelming and bipartisan 43-26 vote on Thursday afternoon despite harried last-minute lobbying from top Fed officials and the surprise opposition of Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who had previously been a supporter.

The measure, cosponsored by Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), authorizes the Government Accountability Office to conduct a wide-ranging audit of the Fed's opaque deals with foreign central banks and major U.S. financial institutions. The Fed has never had a real audit in its history and little is known of what it does with the trillions of dollars at its disposal.

The manufacture of fake gold bars goes back years and, because of this, it is not likely that the originator of this scheme will ever be revealed or brought to justice. Meanwhile the world is just beginning to learn that much of its national reserves of gold may be fake. If more testing reveals that this gold was guaranteed by Fort Knox and the US Treasury then perhaps they will demand an exchange for "real" gold ~ wouldn't you?

This is all happening at a time when the US economy is at its lowest and most vulnerable. The effects nationally and internationally could be devastating.

Some investors are already selling gold commodities before these facts are widely known. They are investing instead in silver ~ the next best metal. This will undoubtedly drive silver prices up.


In October of 2009 the Chinese received a shipment of gold bars. Gold is regularly exchanged between countries to pay debts and to settle the so-called balance of trade. Most gold is exchanged and stored in vaults under the supervision of a special organization based in London, the London Bullion Market Association (or LBMA).

When the shipment was received, the Chinese government asked that special tests be performed to guarantee the purity and weight of the gold bars. In this test, four small holes are drilled into the gold bars and the metal is then analyzed.

Officials were shocked to learn that the bars were bogus containing cores of tungsten with only an outer coating of real gold. What's more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!

At first many gold experts assumed the fake gold originated in China, the world's best knock-off producers. The Chinese were quick to investigate and issued a statement that implicated the US in the scheme.


Roughly 15 years ago ~ during the Clinton Administration [think Robert Rubin, Sir Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers] ~ between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten blanks were allegedly manufactured by a very high-end, sophisticated refiner in the USA [more than 16 Thousand metric tonnes]. Subsequently, 640,000 of these tungsten blanks received their gold plating and WERE shipped to Ft. Knox and remain there to this day.

According to the Chinese investigation, the balance of this 1.3 million to 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten cache was also gold plated and then allegedly "sold" into the international market. Apparently, the global market is literally "stuffed full of 400 oz salted bars". Perhaps as much as 600-billion dollars worth.

(And to think that Hillary Clinton has her sights set on becoming the new head of the IMF!)

An obscure news item originally published in the N.Y. Post [written by Jennifer Anderson] in late Jan. 04 perhaps makes sense now.

Manhattan, New York, ~ Feb. 2, 2004. A top executive at the New York Mercantile Exchange is being investigated by the Manhattan district attorney. Sources close to the exchange said that Stuart Smith, senior vice president of operations at the exchange, was served with a search warrant by the district attorney's office last week. Details of the investigation have not been disclosed, but a NYMEX spokeswoman said it was unrelated to any of the exchange's markets. She declined to comment further other than to say that charges had not been brought. A spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney's office also declined comment."
The offices of the Senior Vice President of Operations ~ NYMEX ~ is where you would go to find the records [serial number and smelter of origin] for EVERY GOLD BAR ever PHYSICALLY settled on the exchange. They are required to keep these records. These precise records would show the lineage of all the physical gold settled on the exchange and hence "prove" that the amount of gold in question could not have possibly come from the U.S. mining operations ~ because the amounts in question coming from U.S. smelters would undoubtedly be vastly bigger than domestic mine production.

No one knows whatever happened to Stuart Smith. After his offices were raided he took "administrative leave" from the NYMEX and he has never been heard from since. Amazingly, there never was any follow up on in the media on the original story as well as ZERO developments ever stemming from D.A. Morgenthau's office who executed the search warrant.

Are we to believe that NYMEX offices were raided, the Sr. V.P. of operations then takes leave ~ all for nothing?

The revelations of fake gold bars also explain another highly unusual story that also happened in 2004:
LONDON, April 14, 2004 (Reuters) ~ NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd., the London-based unit of investment bank Rothschild [ROT.UL], will withdraw from trading commodities, including gold, in London as it reviews its operations, it said on Wednesday.

"Why is Rothschild leaving the gold business at this time my colleagues and I conjectured today? Just a guess on my part, but [I] suspect something is amiss. They know a big scandal is coming and they don't want to be a part of it... [The] Rothschild wants out before the proverbial "S" hits the fan."  ~ Bill Murphy, GATA, LEMETROPOLE, 4-18-2004;
Gold fixing at NM Rothschild and Sons began in September 1919
In London, the price of gold was 'fixed' twice daily at 10.30 am and 3.00 pm
at the premises of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, whose representative acts as chairman.
(Credit: courtesy NM Rothschild)

The Gold Antitrust Action Committee (GATA) is an organization which has been nipping at the heels of the US Treasury Federal Reserve for several years now. The basis of GATA's accusations is that these institutions, in coordination with other complicit central banks and the large gold-trading investment banks in the US, have been manipulating the price of gold for decades. 

GLD is a short form for Good London Delivery. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has defined "good delivery" as a delivery from an entity which is listed on their delivery list or meets the standards for said list and whose bars have passed testing requirements established by the association and updated from time to time. The bars have to be pure for AU in an area of 995.0 to 999.9 per 1000. Weight, Shape, Appearance, Marks and Weight Stamps are regulated as follows:
Weight: minimum 350 fine ounces AU; maximum 430 fine ounces AU, gross weight of a bar is expressed in troy ounces, in multiples of 0.025, rounded down to the nearest 0.025 of a troy ounce.

Dimensions: the recommended dimensions for a Good Delivery gold bar are: Top Surface: 255 x 81 mm; Bottom Surface: 236 x 57 mm; Thickness: 37 mm.

Fineness: the minimum 995.0 parts per thousand fine gold. Marks: Serial number; Assay stamp of refiner; Fineness (to four significant figures); Year of manufacture (expressed in four digits.)
 After reviewing their prospectus yet again, it becomes pretty clear that GLD was established to purposefully deflect investment dollars away from legitimate gold pursuits and to create a stealth, cesspool / catch-all, slush-fund and a likely destination for many of these fake tungsten bars where they would never see the light of day ~ hidden behind the following legalese "shield" from the law:
"Gold bars allocated to the Trust in connection with the creation of a Basket may not meet the London Good Delivery Standards and, if a Basket is issued against such gold, the Trust may suffer a loss. Neither the Trustee nor the Custodian independently confirms the fineness of the gold bars allocated to the Trust in connection with the creation of a Basket. The gold bars allocated to the Trust by the Custodian may be different from the reported fineness or weight required by the LBMA’s standards for gold bars delivered in settlement of a gold trade, or the London Good Delivery Standards, the standards required by the Trust. If the Trustee nevertheless issues a Basket against such gold, and if the Custodian fails to satisfy its obligation to credit the Trust the amount of any deficiency, the Trust may suffer a loss."


Earlier this year GATA filed a second Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Federal Reserve System for documents from 1990 to date having to do with gold swaps, gold swapped, or proposed gold swaps.

On Aug. 5, The Federal Reserve responded to this FOIA request by adding two more documents to those disclosed to GATA in April 2008 from the earlier FOIA request. These documents totaled 173 pages, many parts of which were redacted (blacked out). The Fed's response also noted that there were 137 pages of documents not disclosed that were alleged to be exempt from disclosure.

GATA appealed this determination on Aug. 20. The appeal asked for more information to substantiate the legitimacy of the claimed exemptions from disclosure and an explanation on why some documents, such as one posted on the Federal Reserve Web site that discusses gold swaps, were not included in the Aug. 5 document release.

In a Sept. 17, 2009, letter on Federal Reserve System letterhead, Federal Reserve governor Kevin M. Warsh completely denied GATA's appeal. The entire text of this letter can be examined at 


The first paragraph on the third page is the most revealing.
"In connection with your appeal, I have confirmed that the information withheld under exemption 4 consists of confidential commercial or financial information relating to the operations of the Federal Reserve Banks that was obtained within the meaning of exemption 4. This includes information relating to swap arrangements with foreign banks on behalf of the Federal Reserve System and is not the type of information that is customarily disclosed to the public. This information was properly withheld from you."
The above statement is an admission that the Federal Reserve has been involved with the fake gold bar swaps and that it refuses to disclose any information about its activities!


If you are going to print fake money you need to have the special paper, otherwise the bills don't feel right and can be easily detected by special pens that most merchants and banks use. Likewise, if you are going to fake gold bars you had better be sure they have the same weight and properties of real gold.

In early 2008 millions of dollars in gold at the central bank of Ethiopia turned out to be fake. What were supposed to be bars of solid gold turned out to be nothing more than gold-plated steel. They tried to sell the stuff to South Africa and it was sent back when the South Africans noticed this little problem.

The problem with making good-quality fake gold is that gold is remarkably dense. It's almost twice the density of lead, and two-and-a-half times more dense than steel. You don't usually notice this because small gold rings and the like don't weigh enough to make it obvious, but if you've ever held a larger bar of gold, it's absolutely unmistakable: The stuff is very, very heavy.

The standard gold bar for bank-to-bank trade, known as a "London good delivery bar" weighs 400 troy ounces (over thirty-three pounds), yet is no bigger than a paperback novel. A bar of steel the same size would weigh only thirteen and a half pounds.

According to gold expert, Theo Gray, the problem is that there are very few metals that are as dense as gold, and with only two exceptions they all cost as much or more than gold.

The first exception is depleted uranium, which is cheap if you're a government, but hard for individuals to get. It's also radioactive, which could be a bit of an issue.

The second exception is a real winner: tungsten. Tungsten is vastly cheaper than gold (maybe $30 dollars a pound compared to $12,000 a pound for gold right now). And remarkably, it has exactly the same density as gold, to three decimal places. The main differences are that it's the wrong color, and that it's much, much harder than gold. (Very pure gold is quite soft; you can dent it with a fingernail.)

A top-of-the-line fake gold bar should match the color, surface hardness, density, chemical, and nuclear properties of gold perfectly. To do this, you could start with a tungsten slug about 1/8-inch smaller in each dimension than the gold bar you want, then cast a 1/16-inch layer of real pure gold all around it. This bar would feel right in the hand, it would have a dead ring when knocked as gold should, it would test right chemically, it would weigh *exactly* the right amount, and though I don't know this for sure, I think it would also pass an x-ray fluorescence scan, the 1/16" layer of pure gold being enough to stop the x-rays from reaching any tungsten. You'd pretty much have to drill it to find out it's counterfeit.

Such a top-quality fake London good delivery bar would cost about $50,000 to produce because it's got a lot of real gold in it, but you'd still make a nice profit considering that a real one is worth closer to $400,000.

According to Jim Willie, 24 year market analyst and PhD in statistics,
"The bust cometh and it will be spectacular. The stories told in the press will be peculiar, since not told objectively. The headlines might be a comedy, with phony reports of foreign subterfuge, when the perpetrators are home grown."
This is yet another story in the decline of America and capitalism ~ a decline based on greed, deception and fraud, in this case on a massive scale.



By Patrick A. Heller


Recently, the German television station ProSieben ran a news story covering W. C. Heraeus in Hanau, Germany, the world's largest privately owned refinery. In the story, Wilfried Harner, the head of the gold foundry, shows a 500 gram bar (16.0755 troy ounces) received from an unidentified bank. The bar had the right physical dimensions to be an authentic gold bar, but one of the Heraeus employees suspected something funny. After the bar was cut in half, you can see that the inside is tungsten, with only a coating of gold on the outside.

You can watch this news story on You Tube, where it was posted February 28, 2010, at  

Last fall, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics in Toronto reported that China’s central bank had discovered some 400-ounce gold-plated tungsten bars among those it had recently received from bonded warehouses. It was later learned that at least four counterfeit bars were found and that all had come from sources in the United States.

As suspicions grow about counterfeit bars among those held in bonded warehouses for delivery against either COMEX or London Bullion Market Association contracts or shares of exchange traded funds, investors could panic. So, you can understand that there has been almost a total blackout on news coverage on this


To the final fate of Strauss-Kahn, it is not in our knowing, but new reports coming from the United States show his determination not to go down without a fight as he has hired what is described as a ‘crack team’ of former CIA spies, private investigators and media advisers to defend him. It will be fascinating to see what they turn up and what becomes of this situation. It might be wise of the man to hire a top quality group to guard him and his life because a lot rides on the investigations and murder is the usual ultimate solution taken by these thieves to protect their scams.

As for the practical effects on the global economy, should it be proved that the US, indeed, has been lying about its gold reserves, Russia’s Central Bank yesterday ordered the interest rate raised from 0.25 to 3.5 percent and Putin ordered the export ban on wheat and grain crops lifted by July 1st in a move designed to fill the Motherlands coffers with money that normally would have flowed to the US.

The American peoples’ ability to know the truth of these things, and as always, has been shouted out by their propaganda media organs leaving them in danger of not being prepared for the horrific economic collapse of their nation now believed will much sooner than later.



  1. Very excellent research and article. Thanks for your hard work and posting it.

    However, unfortunately, the situation regarding gold and silver may be even worse than the salted gold bars (the real gold is somewhere ...so will be recovered when the world wakes up and finally goes after the criminal syndicate) due to massive market fraud by - you'll never guess who...

    In short - the COMEX (US commodities exchange where gold, silver and other commodities are traded in the US markets, but controlled by The City of London (i.e. Rothchilds) is likely near to defaulting (if not already in default) because it does not have enough physical silver in its vaults to cover contracts traded on the exchange. Meaning if too many silver contract holders demand their physical silver, the COMEX will not have enough.

    " For First Time Total Comex Silver Drops Below 100 Million Ounces; Physical Deliverable Silver Under 28 Million Oz"



    Silver scandal is almost as big as gold's (but so far no discoveries of fake silver)

    PAPER to physical silver and gold ratios and market manipulation of prices via COMEX, GLOBEX silver and gold markets; a.k.a. yet another massive ponzi scheme.


    The ratio of paper to physical silver (1 ounce) for market operations is minimum 50 to 100 to 1 (that's 50-100 ounces of "paper" silver to every 1 ounce of real silver);

    btw: ratio of 100 paper gold ounce to 1 physical gold ounce was only recently, publicly (accidentally) confirmed by a market insider...

    This massive market manipulation is being conducted by all the usual suspects...




    This was suspected long ago (circa 1990s), however a market insider turned whistle blower finally made public confirmation of the scam for silver (gold manipulation was admited to as "business as usual" around the same time).

    The day after going public, an assassination attempt was made on the life of the "whistle blower", Andrew Maguire (and his wife).


    Regarding gold held in the USA;
    James Rickards advised Pentagon officials in December, 2010 to send a special operations team to NYC FED

    (professional bio here
    http://outerdnn.outer.jhuapl.edu/Speakers/BiographyMrJamesRickards/tabid/149/Default.aspx )

    to "appropriate" 6,000 tonnes of gold (all foreign owned, stored in USA), and transfer to West Point, whereupon the USA can then switch to a gold standard ...)

    see minute 09:00 of this video:

    Jim Rickards - Economics and National Security - Part 6


    Russia seems to have some fake gold problems of its own (i wonder if the Russian guy in the video is still alive):

    Counterfeit Government Gold? Rusty Russian Coins


  2. very useful and in detail i add link in post too thanks


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